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The Milkman E-Liquids

If you enjoy milky vapes then check out our review of two juices from The Milkman.

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The Milkman E-Liquids

For anyone who enjoys milky vapes it is certainly a good idea to try these juices from American vendor, The Milkman. The juice comes in 30ml PET dropper bottles with child proof caps with all typical information clearly marked on the bottle as well as warnings. In addition the bottle is well protected inside a cardboard box that is cunningly disguised as a milk carton, just make sure not to stick it in your fridge!

Milkman e-liquids will suit anyone who loves lots of clouds because they are 99% VG making for an exceedingly smooth vape! The juice is available in the following nicotine strengths: 6mg, 3mg and 0mg.

I tested these juices in an Origen V3 dripper with a dual coil build that had a resistance of 0.7ohm. The coils were wicked with Japanese cotton and my device of choice was the iPV4s.

The Milkman

Imagine a warm, toasted fruit tart. Now throw that in the blender with some vanilla bean ice cream and milk. That's the Milkman. A toasted fruit tart milkshake!

This is a really nice juice but like me you may find it doesn’t have the strongest taste. I wouldn’t say it was exactly muted but it is quite subtle in terms of flavour. It is described as being some fusion of ice cream, milk and fruit tart but that is not what I get from it. To me it tastes exactly like Milk Bottle sweets and since I love those I found this juice highly enjoyable! I can certainly detect fruity notes but they seem to be very much in the background and it’s really the vanilla and milk that tends to dominate the mix. This is a very smooth vape and being rather high in VG it does put out some awesome clouds. If you like milk type vapes then this will be right up your street! In 3mg strength this was very mild in terms of throat hit.


The decadent, warm, fried churro flavor in Churrios coupled with creamy fresh milk and honey nut cereal delivers the vaping perfection we've come to expect from The Milkman. It's another tantalizingly complex vape that bridges the gap between breakfast cereal flavours and dessert flavours with unbelievable expertise. This is definitely a flavour you don't want to miss!

This one is seriously nice! This tastes exactly like Churrios with a noticeable sweet wheat flavour with just a slight edge of cinnamon. I also get a slightly malty taste which I find rather tasty! The creamy milk is noticeable as a background note and once again this makes for a very smooth vape. Unlike the Milkman which was a little muted for my tastes (but still enjoyable) this one has a flavour that tends to linger slightly in the mouth and considering I don’t typically enjoy cereal style vapes this one actually surprised me because I liked it a lot!

Overall it is a very balanced mix with no particular flavour dominating. I think this one would make a rather pleasant all day vape so it is well worth trying!

Throat hit was very mild and once again due to the high VG content this really does put out some good clouds.


These are two very pleasant e-liquids with flavours that should appeal to most people. The real standout for me is the Churrios but the Milkman is seriously nice despite being a slightly muted flavour and I find it an excellent recreation of milk bottle sweets as a vape!

They are priced at £14.95 for a 30ml bottle and I think that is reasonable for American made e-liquid. If you like the sound of these juices then do give them a try!  We were sent these items to try by No.1 Ejuice, you can check out The Milkman eliquids here.

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