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The Dairy Divergent by Manabush

A whole new range from Manabush? Count me in! We take a look at the Dairy Divergent e-liquid range

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Ok, I was meant to be doing the second part of the Base Zero range next but as I was getting things ready, a package arrived which put a spanner in the works. Inside that parcel was the all-new Diary Divergent range along with a little Brucie bonus from the Valentine specials, and I just couldn’t wait to see what Manabush have been working on. So, I put the original plans on hold and bumped these up the list. I guess we all like to try the latest things and that definitely includes e-liquids so sorry (not sorry!).

I have to say, I was also really curious as the Dairy Divergent range sounded like a bit of a departure from what you might expect from Manabush. It is, as the name suggests), a creamy, dairy based range, some flavours that are used in other blends, but it wasn’t a direction I would have expected. But I also know Manabush well enough to know that these wouldn’t be the standard types of flavours, and I was right in that assumption. Whilst they may not sound all that revolutionary, they all have the Manabush signature style which gives things an interesting twist.

I was sent the 6mg versions, which means you get 20ml of super boosted 0mg e-liquid with space for a nic shot to bring things up to 30ml of 6mg juice. Manabush really do know how to keep us MTL vapers happy. These are 60VG/40PG so your final results will depend on whether you use PG or VG nicshots, you can go cloudier or bolder depending on your personal preferences. They also come in the brilliant flip top bottles which make adding your nicshot a breeze. I really do wish more juice companies would use this style bottle as they really are the best option out there.

My only complaint is the font on the label. I’m not as young as I was and my old eyes can’t see as well as they used to, so I did find it a little tricky to read the names, especially with some of the longer ones. Luckily, they are also colour coded, but I really needed a bright light to read the text. Getting old really isn’t fun!

Very Vanilla Cream

Very Vanilla Cream : This was a cream we initially developed as the top notes for “Creme Corona” in the “Twisted Leaf” Tobacco range. This luxuriously creamy and .. well very vanilla cream has a really thick flavour and outstanding mouth feel”

So, as you can see, fans of Crème Corona will instantly be at home here. But for the uninitiated, this is a silky-smooth vanilla cream. It isn’t a custard in disguise, but obviously it shares some similarities in that it is very vanilla. It has a deep richness to it whilst still remaining light. It reminded me almost of homemade fudge and I can see it working really well with many other flavours. In fact, Manabush also offer it as a concentrate, another first, and it will be really interesting to see what the DIY community can do with this as I can see it becoming a bit of a cult classic.

The Dairy Divergent by Manabush Very Vanilla Cream

Long Eaton Mess

Long Eaton Mess - This is meringue with fresh strawberry and raspberry held together with our highly thick tasting Very Vanilla Cream - a spirited recreation of the Manabush owners all-time favourite dessert.”

I love a loaded bowl of proper Eton mess, but not the crap you can buy in the supermarket which tends to be a total sugar overload. Dumping cheap meringue, tinned summer fruit, and squirty cream does not make an Eton mess, it just makes a nasty mess. Long Eaton Mess is the real flavour, sweet but not sickly and with nuanced layers of flavour and texture. The Very Vanilla cream really works it’s magic here and brings everything together to make a smooth and sophisticated vape.

The Dairy Divergent by Manabush Long Eaton Mess

Coffee Crème X

Coffee Crème X - Tried our Toffee Creme X ? This is similar, but we removed the Toffee, made it extra creamy and then topped it up with Coffee and just a smidge of Mocha”

Normally coffee vapes deserve a special place in hell in my opinion. As I am sure you have already realised from my reviews, I have very discerning tastes when it comes to food and drink, or as my other half would say, I’m a picky bugger! I love good coffee and I just don’t see the point of bad coffee. But give me a nice single origin blend, fresh ground beans with a perfect crème, and I’m a happy bunny. Coffee Crème X is about as authentic as you can get without bursting the gaggia out. You can almost taste the grind; it is that good and it even has the slightly “dirty” note you get with a perfect dark roast. This really is coffee heaven.

The Dairy Divergent by Manabush Coffee Creme X

Caramel Kiss

Caramel Kiss : This UK Made Butterscotch and Salty Caramel Cream E-liquid Shortfill is like something you would get drizzled over a sponge pudding in a posh restaurant.”

Once I stopped laughing at the name (nothing wrong with it, but it is the least goth name you could possibly get), I really enjoyed this one. Now I know I am sounding like a bit of a broken record here, but this is not a commercial caramel. If you have ever made your own caramel, it tastes like this, warm and rich. The slightly salty note gives things a nice twist which sets it apart from other similar flavours. It has a real darkness to it too, it has an almost a molasses edge which I love. It also leaves a deliciously sweet aftertaste which just makes you want more.

The Dairy Divergent by Manabush Caramel Kiss

Skull Island Mess

Skull Island Mess : We took the classic Eton Mess E-liquid removed the berries and infused it with a rich Banana - if banana is your thing, if you would stay up at night for just another toke on Nanabozho or Bozho or Banoffee Custard - this … right here is going to float your boat”

Manabush have carved out quite a niche when it comes to their banana flavours, and Skull Island Mess follows that tradition. It is fresh and bold and feels almost made for the Very Vanilla base, the sweetness mixes so naturally with the creamy vanilla. It may not be one I’d reach for as an all-day vape, I’d save it more for when I want a fix for my sweet tooth, but if you love banana flavours, this is up there with the best. I can also see this mixed with other flavours to make other banana treats, straight away I could imagine adding a nutty note to make a banana split.

The Dairy Divergent by Manabush Skull Island Mess

Powwow Caramel Kiss

Powwow Caramel Kiss - We have stripped the custard out of Powwow totally and using our our newer Tribute Sweet Tobacco base have totally rebuilt the top notes with our soon to be released Butterscotch, Salty Caramel and Luxurious Vanilla Cream - This creates a truly sublime and deep version of powwow sauce with a fantastically creamy mouthfeel, and notes of Butterscotch and the overall caramel flavour of the base is intensified by the Salty Caramel in the "Caramel Kiss" Cream.”

Now I did say there was a Brucie bonus, and here it is. Every now and again, Manabush release some very limited-edition flavours and they don’t stick around for long. This is the valentine’s special this year, and it is a more than a little bit special. Powwow Sauce is probably the most famous Manabush flavour, it is a stone-cold classic. Now you may think that you can’t really improve on perfection, and usually that would be true, but this twist on the classic takes things to new heights of depth and creaminess. It tastes so familiar and yet feels like it is new at the same time. If you love the original, you owe it to yourself to give this limited variant a try. But you don’t want to sleep on it as it won’t here forever. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Powwow Caramel Kiss Manabush

Final Thoughts

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but this cat’s had the cream and really enjoyed it! From the general description of the range, it sounds like there will be more to come from the Dairy Divergent range and that can only be a good thing. So far, each flavour offers a delicious twist on some classic recipes, but they all still have those strong Manabush genes which make it a very unique range. The 6mg versions are currently £5 a bottle (nicshot not included), and there is a multibuy offer at the moment. You can also get a 3mg version for £8.99. Bear in mind these are the introductory prices though so you might want to grab them whilst they are hot. Finally for the DIY fans, you can pick up 10ml of the Very Vanilla concentrate for £3.60. I would love to know what amazing creations people come up with so don’t forget to pop over to the forum and let us know what you create!

The Dairy Divergent by Manabush range

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