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Temple Tiger E-Liquid

In the deepest part of the Indian Kanha forest, you'll find the home of the Indian Temple Tiger. Living in the forgotten ruins of the ancient Sun temple, he spends his days finding and gathering only the finest fruits to use in his gourmet E-Liquids. Some say that on the quietest of nights, you can even hear him squonking...

Temple Tiger E-Liquid is produced by Cosmic Clouds, who have been on a mission since 2013 to produce some of the finest E-Liquids on the market.


On hot summer days, you can find the Temple Tiger lounging in the shade of his favourite tree. The local hunter birds are more than happy to bring him tasty treats in exchange for some of his irresistibly good Melon and Mango E-Liquid...


Recently, I've got really into E-Liquids with mango in them after vaping a lot of (mainly Malaysian) E-Liquid, so I'm always excited to give a new one a try!

This offering from Temple Tiger blends a very juicy melon flavour with a sharp mango, and I find that the two flavours compliment each other perfectly. The juiciness of the melon slightly counteracts the sharpness from the mango, preventing the mango flavour from becoming too overpowering. This bottle definitely didn't last long!


An elephant never forgets...a great E-Liquid! Temple Tiger has created a unique flavour that is sure to cause a rumble in the jungle. A sweet, refreshing take on a classic grapefruit flavour that is sure to set your taste buds ablaze!

I've not tried many great E-Liquids that contain grapefruit, the last one that I really enjoyed was Spinel from Crystal Cloudz, but I was definitely keen to give this one a go!


Rumble has a very strong and dominant grapefruit flavour, that I actually really enjoyed, finished off with a very sweet, almost exotic tasting finish. It's definitely an E-Liquid that had me coming back for more and more!


The Temple Tiger has created a flavour to reflect the many moods of the jungle. Inspired by the colour changing chameleon, Mood is crafted using fresh lemons and tropical lychees to create a flavour as unique as the jungle itself...

Lemon and lychee... I can't say that I've vaped this combination before! When I opened the bottle to pour in my nicotine shot, I was greeted by a delicious smell of lychee and tangy lemon, which got my mouth watering!

I really enjoyed vaping this E-Liquid in the KRMA RDA at 50 watts, the lychee and lemon combination works really well together giving an exotic vibe, and it's quite a smooth E-Liquid to vape too, not once did I feel like either flavour was too strong.

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The Temple Tiger must cross the lagoon in order to collect and harvest the freshest, water drenched Blue Raspberries for his E-Liquids. Guarded by vicious jungle Piranhas, the Temple Tiger must use all of his stealth to get by them undetected...

As the description would suggest, this is a very straightforward blue raspberry E-Liquid, that has a very authentic taste and a pleasing sweet finish. I did find that it would get a little too sweet for me if I vaped it too often, however I did enjoy a good blast on this at different times throughout the day!


The Temple Tiger range is perfect for those that enjoy fruity and sweet E-Liquids, and I felt that each of the liquids were true to their respective flavour descriptions and didn't taste artificial either.

As you would expect from E-Liquid mixed to an 80/20 VG/PG ratio, cloud production is plentiful with these liquids, making them perfect for sub ohm vaping!

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Many thanks to Cosmic Clouds for sending in the Temple Tiger range for review, if you like the sound of these they can be purchased here - if you like the sound of these eliquids you can get 15% off using the code POTV15!  If you want to sample these flavours you will be able to see them at Vaper Expo at the end of the month - more details coming soon! 

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