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Taffy Man Stick E-Liquids

Taffy Man are an American E-Liquid manufacturer. At present the range currently consists of three flavours; TR4 Blu, H20 BRY and Gr8ape. We review two of them here.

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Taffy Man E-Liquid

Taffy Man brings us E-Liquid which is wholly unique. Taffy flavours which we all know and love are blended expertly with other familiar flavours such as strawberry and grape to create something quite wonderful.

Taffy Man are an American E-Liquid manufacturer. At present the range currently consists of three flavours; TR4 Blu, H20 BRY and Gr8ape. We review two of them here.

Enclosed in colourful boxes the glass bottles are 30ml capacity and feature bright, eye catching labels. All of the typical information you might expect is shown such as nicotine strength and warnings. The bottles have child proof dropper top caps and the juice is mixed to 70VG/30PG so you can certainly expect excellent cloud production!

The juice is available in three nicotine strengths: 6mg, 3mg and 0mg. I tried both of these juices in my Achilles II RDA which has a 1.2ohm Kanthal coil build wicked with Japanese Cotton. My device of choice was the Sigelei 150W TC.


Gr8ape is an expertly blended mixture of saltwater taffy and succulent grape.

This one is rather unusual since while I happen to like grape a lot I am not so sure about taffy. The main flavour is the very noticeable American candy like taffy which lingers on the lips as you exhale. It makes for an extremely sweet vape but not to the point of being sickly if you are only vaping it in short sessions. The grape is very natural taste and works in the undertones of the mix. Ideally I think that I would prefer more of the grape and less of the taffy.  If you are a fan of American sweets than I am sure you will really enjoy this. Personally I think it is very well mixed and it does grow on me somewhat the more I vape it but I don’t think this is a flavour I would go out of my way to choose. Of course that is just down to my personal taste and I find it just that little bit too sugary.

For reasonably high VG juice I have to say that flavour is very good and not at all washed out. Vapour production as expected for this kind of mix ratio was excellent. Throat hit was quite a surprise and quite strong in 6mg strength. Some of that can be attributed to my Achilles II RDA which does tend to result in a stronger throat hit but this juice is certainly far more potent than many others.

H20 Berry

H2O Berry by Taffy Man is a mouth-watering surge of sweet and crisp watermelon taffy with a fresh undertone of strawberry. We would say it's perfect for summer, but it's actually perfect all year long.

H20 seemed much better balanced to me because while it is still sweet it is not quite as in your face as Gr8ape. The main watermelon flavour is rather refreshing and there is a nice hint of strawberry which adds an ever so slight sharpness that is noticeable on the exhale. The salty taffy flavour is still noticeable but not as dominating as it is in the Gr8ape. I personally found this juice rather enjoyable and if I was asked to choose between one of these liquids I would definitely pick this one.

Vapour production was once more excellent. I found the throat hit to be medium but some people might find it borders on strong.


One thing that can be said about these juices is that they are both quite unique and if you are after something very different then should appeal. If you don’t care for very sweet flavours then you would be wise to avoid Gr8ape (unless of course you love sweet American candy flavours) but the H20 Berry is highly enjoyable and would probably make a decent all day vape!

Many thanks to Grey Haze who sent this juice to Planet of the Vapes for us to review. If you are interested in trying these juices they can be purchased from Grey Haze. They are priced at £15.99 for 30ml which is quite reasonable for American made E-Liquid.

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