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Supergood Butter Range

Pugs has been let loose again, and this time he's been checking out the Supergood Butters range! He's put his big boy judgemental diva pants on to find out whether or not these liquids are in fact….Supergood!

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Now this may come as some surprise to you all, but I am in fact, a massive diva when it comes to e-liquid….ok…maybe not that much of a surprise..ahem! However, I have been stung in the wallet by that mischievous little bullshiz wasp when buying retail e-liquid more times than is deemed acceptable, which is particularly strange when you consider that I actually mix my own liquids. I know what I like, and it’s rarely available to buy over the counter so just how I like it?

There’s been some exceptions, I’ll grant you, but for my personal flavour profile, over the course of the last couple of years I could literally count the ones that I would actually be happy buying on one hand. I mean let’s be honest, the market now compared to what it was five or six years ago is positively sodden with liquids that claim to be something spectacular, only for me to discover that they are in fact utter shite.

So what makes me tick the boxes when I am indeed on the hunt for something different because …

A- I’ve been exceptionally lazy lately and gotten behind on my mixing/steeping schedule, which happens more than it should, or 

B- As I am now approaching the big 50 (sobs) and have spent the majority of my youth testing the limits of my brains durability, my memory is now basically swiss cheese, and I could be at any given destination before I realise that I have actually been flashed by Will Smiths memory wiper and forgotten, well, everything….

So I go into my local bricks and mortar store and see what will get me through the day, and my checklist is as follows..

Dessert, ice cream, popcorn, dairy, cereal, custard, cake, cookie, caramel and butter….and fruit IF it’s in conjunction with any of the first ten….see what I mean….Diva!

You would be surprised to know how many retail liquids there are to choose from with that profile. You’d be even more surprised to know how many I’ve tasted that are so full of promise, yet fall flat on their lying arses.

So when asked to review a line of liquids from the company I am reviewing today, where each profile for each liquid is written right there on the bottle, and these profiles could not only be written by me, but for me, well I had no option but to put on my big boy judgemental diva pants to find out whether or not these liquids are not only as good as they promise to be but are in fact…. Supergood.

Shall we…

Welcome back once again to my finest, fluffy throwing, sub-ohm soiree (?). Back again with another juice review for your ever wanting pleasure, and who knows, maybe even my own, stranger things have indeed happened. So who are they? Well, they go by name of ‘Supergood’, local guys for me as it turns out, being only ten miles down the road from my good self, fellow Cheshire set, Poynton to be exact, a very beautiful part of the country that most of us will never be able to afford to live in, darling.

They’ve been on the liquid scene for a couple of years now and have put all their efforts into two specific ranges, both of which are available in short-fill and nic-salt guises. Their cocktail range, which covers everything from Pornstar Martinis darling to Blue Pom Mojitos darling, (no…’darling’ isn’t part of any of these names, but they’re from Cheshire darling, so every name ends in darling…darling….it’s basically the law….darling..).

And the other range, the range I am reviewing today, is the one that I hope is going to give my taste buds Superwood (not even sorry) with the Supergood Butter Range.

Supergood Butter Range from a different angle

First Impressions

Straight off the bat, you can tell these guys understand the industry. Putting the full flavour profile in large letters right there on the label is something that all of us will appreciate. Sure, calling your liquid ‘Resplendent Riotousness’ sounds ….well…ridiculous, but you have no idea what the flavour is, which you know, is kinda important when you think about it, so they all have a number, 1 to 6, and a list of exactly what to expect in the flavour…love that!

Supergood Butter Range bottles

Also, high quality black Chubby Gorilla bottles, something I always look for. These things are expensive, and it gives a good impression of just how much pride has gone into creating the range.

So enough with the waffling on with myself, you know the back story, you kinda have the gist of what to expect, but all this means nada if it falls at the next hurdle.

So let’s see what these Cheshire darlings have come up with, do they live up to the almost egotistical label of ‘Supergood’, do they reach the medium level of ‘Supermeh’, or did they hit the lowly level of ‘Superdud’. Let’s stuff this mother Hubbard with some fresh cotton, and get my vape on, it’s Diva buds time…

Butter 01

Mango, Passionfruit, Meringue & Cream 

Supergood Butter Range 1

I don’t know which mango concentrate they use in this mix, but man it’s sooo good, and very prominent in the mix, and the Passionfruit carries in alongside on the exhale offering an extra zing to the mix. It’s all fruit on the inhale with a creamy fullness on the exhale. So well balanced, not too sweet, but sweet enough to hit the spot for anyone with a sweet tooth, a really excellent fruit dessert, big fan of this one.

Butter 02

Jam, Biscuit, Meringue & Cream

Supergood Butter Range 2

Now this one, for me, is mind blowing. By far my favourite one in the Butter range, I wouldn’t even know where to start should I try and emulate this mix. They have managed to get the strawberry jam absolutely spot on, totally nailed it. It’s almost like taking a bite out of one of those biscuits your mum used to make with a big blob of strawberry jam in the middle, sublime.

On the inhale, the jam is front and foremost, with the strawberry being a really authentic flavour, and a second later you get the biscuit, which is not dry at all, really sweet with a fresh baked flavour. Then just as you exhale, you get the creamy mouthfeel, and the meringue boosts the overall sweetness. An absolute masterclass in mixing, hands down one of the best retail liquids I’ve ever tried, and I’ve got to be honest, it didn’t last very long (sad face) but I will definitely be buying more of this.   

Butter 03

Lemon, Blueberry, Sponge & Cream

 Supergood Butter Range 3

Lemon and Blueberry? I can safely say that’s not something I have thought of putting together myself, but it actually goes really well together, especially with the sponge cake. On the inhale, it’s all fruit. You get a real authentic tasting lemon, but more of a sweetened lemon than bitter, but then you get a slight bitterness from the blueberry. It’s very confusing but in a very good way, and it only takes a second for the sponge cake to make its presence known which kind of binds it all together as a fruity, fresh baked, sweet cake taste, and then you get that creamy full mouthfeel on the exhale, something that the mixers at Supergood are clearly a fan of. A fantastically well balanced mix, there is nothing in this profile that isn’t perfectly measured, my second favourite of the range.

Butter 04

Choc Cookie, Sweet Cereal, Ice Cream & Milk

Supergood Butter Range 4

Straight away, you can tell the sweet cereal gives this one a super sweetness that is far and away the sweetest of the bunch thankfully, however, without the usual coil killing tendencies that sweet liquids are known for. And along with this super sweetness, the chocolate cookie is carried on the inhale, and it’s not until the exhale that you get the creamy fullness from the ice cream, not the cold ‘style’ you get from some companies who think that giving it a koolada kick constitutes as ice cream, there’s no ‘cold’ at all, just a thick dairy mouth feel. Now I don’t tend to like mixes with chocolate in, they just don’t do it for me, but it’s so mild and so milky, that it’s actually quite alright for me. It’s probably not something I would buy myself, which is odd given the profile, but I like really strong flavours and this is kinda mild. That being said, it’s still extremely well balanced flavour wise.

Butter 05

Marshmallow, Custard, Vanilla Cream & Cinnamon

Supergood Butter Range 5

I’ve got to be honest here, this one was the first bottle I reached for when they arrived on my doorstep, hey I see ‘Custard’. I become a frenzied drooling custard cretin, I can’t help it, I put Capella Custard V1 in about 80% of my own mixes, I’m just plain crazy for the stuff. So to say I was excited to try this is something of an understatement


This was not what I was expecting at all. If you go for this because you a huge vanilla custard fan such as myself, then I think you may well be disappointed. I mean, I could barely pick out the custard in this mix, and that’s all down the cinnamon. It seems to overpower any custard that’s in there for me. I get the lovely creamy mouthfeel on the exhale, and it feels sweet and full bodied, but the cinnamon just gives it a dry taste that I wasn’t a fan of, but then I’m not really a cinnamon fan, not in e-liquid anyway. For me personally, I would of preferred this mix without that, and more of the custard, but hey, taste is subjective right? If you dig a sweet cinnamon then you’ll love it, and that’s clearly the demographic that this mix is aimed towards, I just don’t think the vanilla from the vanilla cream and custard is prominent enough. 

Butter 06

Blueberry, Candyfloss, Cookie & Cream

Supergood Butter Range 6

A straight out blueberry cream with a touch of cookie, I can see this one being very popular knowing how many Blueberry fans there are out there, because this one is mixed exceptionally well. On the inhale, you get a sweet blueberry with that touch of bitterness, very authentic tasting and not too strong. It doesn’t overpower, it’s just about right and, like the other cookie and cake mixes in the range, the bakery taste comes a mere second later, again not too strong, just enough, and the candyfloss adds the sweetness to the whole thing and binds it all together. A very nicely blended fruit cookie mix for blueberry lovers.

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on the Supergood Butter range would be thus – I’ve spent a LOT of time over the past five or so years surrounded by, in my opinion, some of the most talented mixologists out there. They don’t do it for business, most of them do it for themselves, but the effort and creativity they put into their mixes are in some cases awe inspiring, and you can tell as soon as you taste any of the flavours in the Butter range that the guys and gals at Supergood are just as passionate, just as creative and just as talented as any that I know of. In short, these guys are mixologists through and through, they understand their flavours, they understand their quantities, and they sure as heck know how to put flavours together with top tier quality concentrates and bases.

As we all know well enough, taste is utterly subjective, and a couple of these didn’t hit the spot for me personally, but that doesn’t mean they were bad, they just weren’t for me and my diva-esque taste buds, and even though they didn’t suit my personal profile, you could still tell the quality was there, and I know full well that some people will dig them to death.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Supergood Butter range to everyone. Read the label because that’s what you’re gonna get, and the whole package from the appearance, the retail presence, the flavour profile transparency, straight through to the end taste result is top notch, right up there with some of the best I’ve ever tasted and that is not only rare…but Super-rare (ahem)

You can find the full Supergood ranges on their own website here…


They are also stocked by a wealth of bricks and mortar shops and online sellers.

They’re priced the same as many liquids at £20 per 100ml. Believe me, I’ve spent that on retail liquids that have been poured straight down the sink, so I can’t fault their price point, you get what you pay for.

I’d like to personally thank Supergood for supplying the liquids for this review. It was my absolute pleasure, and I for one will be keeping a close eye on what these guys come up with next.

Until next time


Supergood Butter Range parting shot

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