Strawberry Burst E-Liquid by Vampire Vape Review by Tim Jones

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Strawberry Burst by Vampire Vape

Strawberry Burst by Vampire Vape

We are taking a quick look at the new Strawberry Burst e-liquid by Vampire Vape. Vampire Vape are one of the U.K’s leading e-liquid manufacturers and have a reputation for producing high quality flavours. They are home to the famous Heisenberg, and they continue to release ever more fantastic flavours into their range.

Today though is all about the new Strawberry Burst which comes in 10ml bottles in the following strengths and VP/PG ratios:

0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg – 40VG/60PG

3mg – 50VG/50PG


This is definitely an MTL liquid due to the VG/PG ratio, but all strengths are covered so whatever level of nicotine you prefer, you’ll be able to get one to suit you. I was sent the 12mg version as that’s my sweet spot for strength. I was intrigued to taste this one as I must admit I’ve never actually been a fan of Heisenberg or Pinkman at all, but I love a good strawberry vape. On opening the bottle, I took a good sniff and it smelled like strawberry laces which I absolutely adore! How does it vape though?

Strawberry Burst by Vampire Vape uncapped

They say - “Strawberry Burst e-liquid brings you a classic gummy strawberry taste highlighted by sprinkles of sugar. The inhale delivers a classic rich strawberry flavour with hints of fresh citrus, complimented with a sweet and refreshing exhale”

I say – If Eric from 29 Acacia Road had eaten a strawberry instead of a banana, would he have become Strawberryman rather than Bananaman? That’s not important right now but it is worth thinking about. What I can say for certain though is that Strawberry Burst is an absolute delight. The strawberry is definitely from the candy shop, it’s like wrapping strawberry laces around a strawberry chewy sweet. There’s a citrus hint underneath which adds a bit of zest to it, it’s difficult to pick out exactly which citrus fruits they’ve used but it is definitely welcome. What they didn’t mention in their description is the cooling hit though which caught me a bit off guard, but it’s beautifully balanced, you know it’s there but it isn’t overpowering and just adds to the experience. It would have been so easy to just be another candied strawberry vape, or they could have added too much cooling to the point where it detracts from the flavour, or the cooling could have been too minty, but this is not the case here. It all just blends together so beautifully, it’s sweet but not too sweet, the cooling is spot on, and the citrus just rounds it all off with aplomb. What Vampire Vape have created with Strawberry Burst is an absolute taste of summer in a vape, and I love it.

You can pick it up direct from Vampire Vape for £3.99 or in their 4 for £12 deal.

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