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SteamWorks E-Liquid 

SteamWorks are based out of Manchester, and were founded by a group of like minded individuals that have extensive experience within the vaping industry, with a sales force comprised of professionals from multinational FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) companies around the world. SteamWorks define themselves through their brand values, which are seven words they believe that capture the essence of the brand, and are the foundation on which SteamWorks is built. These seven words are innovation, involvement, perfection, excitement, rewarding, responsible and inspiring…

SteamWorks e-liquids themselves are crafted in Manchester, using the finest Swiss grade pharmaceutical nicotine, within an OEM manufacturing facility under the strict authority and guideline of SteamWorks themselves. They are produced and bottled within an ISO class 5 pharmaceutical grade clean room, using 100% traceable ingredients, and they have been going through the TPD notifying process. 

Raw Dandy

Starting off with a nice light taste of fresh watermelon, you soon find yourself enjoying the sweetness of Lychee infused with watermelon to create a smooth and pleasant vape fit for a warm day…


I’m always wary of watermelon based e-liquids, as I’ve tried many that feature an artificial watermelon flavouring, which is something I don’t enjoy. Thankfully Raw Dandy delivers an authentic fruity tasting watermelon, blended with a sweet Lychee flavour, with both of these combining to offer a delicious exotic taste!

Original Rudeboy

Original Rudeboy is our Fresh orange flavour which gives you a pleasant orange vape which leaves you with a brilliant fizzy aftertaste…

Abdul at SteamWorks had described this flavour to me as being an Orange Sherbet flavour, and he wasn’t wrong- Original Rudeboy nails orange sherbet down to a T, even with the fizzy aftertaste that lingers on your tastebuds. Original Rudeboy was so popular at Vape Jam recently, that SteamWorks actually ended up selling out of this particular flavour!


We Vape

Yuppie features the sharp and refreshing taste of lemon, which bursts into your mouth and leaves a long-lasting fizzy aftertaste on your tongue...

When vaping Yuppie, I couldn’t help but liken it to Lemon Sherbet sweets, but with a slight twist as I picked up a hint of mixed berries in the background. There’s the sour taste of lemon present, and an aftertaste that definitely fizzes around on your tongue, as well as the hint of red berries as an undertone. It’s a tasty sweet treat for sure! 

Grime Time

Grime Time is a brand new take on the old Tobacco flavour by complementing it with a swirl of Cocoa and a dash of Cream. Vaping Grime Time will open your senses to the Rich Burley Tobacco initially before you find yourself discovering a taste of cocoa mixed with cream revealing itself pleasantly at the end…

As a big fan of tobacco e-liquids, Grime Time was the e-liquid I was looking forward to trying the most from the SteamWorks range. The trademark taste of Burley tobacco is without a doubt the most prominent flavour note present in Grime Time, full bodied from start to finish, with a slight chocolatey hint of cocoa in the background and a light creamy note present. Grime Time is an e-liquid I can quite happily vape all day long!


Mods Clash

A mellow mango flavour that's brought to life with the blending of mint that comes to fore the more you vape, creating a truly delectable vape which will have you vaping non-stop. A smooth flavour for all palates to enjoy...

Mods Clash was one of my favourites from the SteamWorks range, and when it arrived for review I was going through a big craving for mango e-liquids, so it arrived at just the right time! I wasn’t let down by Mods Clash either, there is a juicy, sweet and authentic tasting mango flavour present, and a refreshing minty wallop to your tastebuds after! I’ve not tried a mango/mint combo before in e-liquid form, but Mods Clash was a fantastic blend of the two flavours. Highly recommended!


After speaking with Abdul from SteamWorks, I saw just how professional the SteamWorks set up is, and that these guys are here to stay post-TPD. The six e-liquids that I was sent to review were formulated specifically for this, and are all fully TPD notified. I have got to say, I hugely enjoyed every e-liquid I was sent to review by SteamWorks, the quality was absolutely on point, and SteamWorks is one of my favourite ranges of e-liquids I have tried in 2017.

There are some fresh and exciting flavours to be found within the SteamWorks range, that have a very clean and authentic taste to them, and these are easy on your coils as well. The flavour blends are pretty exceptional, working very well in my preferred set up at the moment (Billet Box Rev4 with Exocet) as well as drippers and tanks too. I for one will definitely be returning to the SteamWorks range for more!

Many thanks to Abdul and the SteamWorks team for sending in the full range for review, you can purchase SteamWorks e-liquids from If you are interested in wholesale opportunities with the SteamWorks range, you can contact Nilufer Lazenby on 07927 179 664 and via email on [email protected].


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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
Dan was an early adopter of vaping as a way to quit smoking and has seen and done pretty much all there is to see and do in the vaping world! From Ego batteries to mechs and from rebuildables to pods there isn't much that Dan hasn't tried.
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