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Six Licks Sub Zero Shortfills

We might not get a visit from Frostie the Snowman any time soon, but Six Licks are bringing the chill with their new Sub Zero shortfills range

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As I said last week in my review of the Six Licks Tongue Twisters range, there would be more to come, and I do like to keep to my word, so this time round we are going to take a frosty dip into the second new range, the Sub Zero shortfills.

Six Licks are predominantly masters of fruit blends, so this is a slight diversion for them. They are all still fruit based flavours but this time they have added a twist of ice to them to give them a fresher edge. Now I am always a little hesitant when it comes to iced flavours as they can be a bit too cold to the detriment of the flavour, but thankfully these have been sympathetically done so whilst they have a refreshing vibe, they are smooth and gentle and slide down easily.

The presentation holds no secrets, just looking at the design of the labels makes you want to reach for your warm winter coat. The blue colour palette also makes it very easy to grab the bottle you want if you are in a rush and need to fill your tank or pod in a hurry. I am always in favour of anything that can make my life easier when I am late for work and don’t have the time for subtlety. Each individual flavour is represented by a different colour banner along the bottom of the bottle and they are all pretty common sense, which makes the grab and run even more instinctive. I’m a simple girl with simple tastes so these score well in that area.

Each bottle contains 100ml of 70VG/30/PG e-liquid ready to add a couple of nicshots to bring them up to 3mg strength. As you can guess from that ratio, these are aimed more at sub ohm, direct to lung vape set ups. Although they are all sweet, almost disposable levels of sugar, my coils still lasted a surprising amount of time. How much of this is the e-liquid and how much is the latest generations of mesh coils, I am not too sure. The newer coils are certainly much better suited to super sweet juices though. But rest assured, you won’t be going through your hardware any faster than usual if you try the Sub Zero range.

Six Licks Sub Zero full range

The Flavours

There are six new flavours to try. As I said, I am a simple girl and I find it strangely satisfying that Six Licks bring their new ranges out in sixes, it has a nice symmetry. They are all fruit based with a twist, and they fit nicely into the brand’s profile.

Blue Slushy Ice

Blue Slushy Ice Shortfill E-liquid by Six Licks Sub Zero provides a deliciously refreshing blue slush flavoured e-liquid that is brought to life with an icy cool menthol kick, making it even closer to the real blue slush we all love so dearly”

It almost feels wrong to vape this in winter as blue slush is pure summer to me, there is nothing better than being out on a scorching hot day and stopping for a cup of slush. Man, I am missing summer! But this e-liquid is helping to lift my spirits through all the gloom. This tastes like a good cup of slush, you know, when the person behind the counter puts in an extra squirt of syrup. I like my slush like I like my vapes, super strong!

Strawberry Watermelon Ice

Strawberry Watermelon Ice Shortfill E-liquid by Six Licks Sub Zero makes the delicious fruity pairing of strawberry and watermelon even more refreshing than it already was”

Strawberry and watermelon are already a classic pairing, and watermelon also works well with an extra refreshing hit of ice, so all paired together, this makes for an instant classic combination. The strawberry really brings out the natural sweetness of the watermelon, and the watermelon stops the strawberry from getting too sweet, they just really complement each other effortlessly. Throw in a slight hint of ice, and this really isn’t strong, and this becomes an addictive mix.

Six Licks Sub Zero round 1

Mango Passionfruit Ice

Mango Passionfruit Ice Shortfill E-liquid by Six Licks Sub Zero takes the delicious flavour pairing of mango and passionfruit to a whole new level by blending it perfectly with a delicious icy cool menthol kick”

Another ice cold classic combination, you just can’t go wrong with these two titans of the tropical fruit world. The balance is spot on with the sweetness of the mango being kept in check by the tangier passionfruit. Both fruits are well represented with an authentic juiciness, and the ice brings them both together.

Berry Lemonade Ice

Berry Lemonade Ice Shortfill E-liquid by Six Licks Sub Zero might be one of the most refreshing fruity e-liquids on the market. The delicious blend of mixed berries with zesty lemonade is complemented perfectly with an icy cool menthol kick”

Iced lemonade, it doesn’t get more refreshing than that! But the berries add an extra pazazz to the proceedings. It is a great berry blend too, sweet but with enough layers to make things interesting. Again, this is all about the balance and the berries do an excellent job of taming the sharp kick of the lemon.

Six Licks Sub Zero round 2

Apple Blackcurrant Ice

Apple Blackcurrant Ice Shortfill E-liquid by Six Licks Sub Zero perfectly blends the classic fruity duo of apple and blackcurrant with a delicious frosty kick of ice, making for a unique and pleasant vaping experience”

This one is a bit more of an interesting choice as these are flavours that conjure up images of autumn so I wasn’t sure how well they would work with a hint of ice, but it does work. I think the more subtle ice really helps as it seems to lift the crispness of the apple on a complimentary level. It is a tool rather than a feature which is some clever mixing.

Grape Ice

Grape Ice Shortfill E-liquid by Six Licks Sub Zero is a fantastically fruity grape flavoured e-liquid with a cool twist. The sweet grape flavour is complemented perfectly with a cool menthol kick”

This is predominantly a rich purple grape juice so that will please a lot of people as it really is a very popular flavour type. Open up a carton of branded grape juice, and this is the flavour you get. Icing it is a good call though as it stops the tastebud fatigue from setting in making it a good all day vape.

Six Licks Sub Zero round 3

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the kind of e-liquid that will take your breath away and possibly strip your tastebuds of any sensation, well you won’t be interested in the Sub Zero range, but if you are looking to some well-crafted fruit flavours with just the right of ice to compliment the recipes, these should be a pretty safe bet. These are simply strong fruity flavours that are smooth and fresh, nothing too complicated or overly clever, just great quality honest flavour with no obvious weak spots. There is a lot to enjoy if these fit your taste profile.

As with all of the Six Licks ranges, these can be picked up at E-liquids.com. Individual flavours are £14.99 but you can double up and grab two bottles for £25. This offer isn’t restricted just to the Sub Zero range though so have a nose around as E-liquids.com have some of the best selections of shortfills around.

Many thanks to E-liquids.com for sending in the Six Licks Sub Zero range for review.

Six Licks Sub Zero vape on

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