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Six Licks Salts

We check out the new fabulously fruity flavours in the Six Licks Salts range!

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Six Licks is well known and popular with their 70/30 Shortfills range, this time round we get to check out some of the Nic Salt range with three of the latest flavours.

Six Licks Salts 10ml podium finish

The full flavour range is quite large with some quirky wordplay names and some interesting flavour blends. I was only sent the three newest ones to try, but the rest sound very tempting as you read the flavour descriptions.

  • Passion8
  • Elderpower
  • Berried Alive
  • Cherry On Top
  • Bite The Bullet
  • Bluemania
  • Liquid Gold
  • Love Bite
  • Melon On My Mind
  • Truth Or Pear

My latest flavour tester for nic salts is the superb Drag Nano 2 as you get the full flavour and that makes it ideal for reviewing nic salts. I used a fresh pod for each flavour and tested the whole 10ml of each to see if they were an all-day vape or just a treat.

Six Licks Salts 10ml with VooPoo drag Nano 2

This nic salt e-liquid has a VG/PG ratio of 50/50 making it ideal for use with pod kits or pen style kits. They will provide optimum levels of nicotine and excellent flavour delivery.

Six Licks e-liquids are manufactured in the UK with a focus on creating bold and memorable fruit flavour profiles.

  • Bottle Size: 10ml
  • E-liquid ratio: 50VG/50PG
  • Device Required: Pod Kits / Starter Kits / Mouth to Lung
  • Strengths: 10 and 20mg


Passion8 Nic Salt E-liquid by Six Licks features a ripe blend of Passionfruit and Pear which dance between sweet and smooth fruit notes hit after hit.

I love it when flavour descriptions are so accurate, but it makes it trickier to describe as a reviewer without repeating the official blurb, but this was just that. Passion fruit was dominant on the inhale but the pear was a stroke of genius for me as it really kicks in on the aftertaste. It’s quite sweet overall but smooth as they say. Overall a lush and very tasty flavour, and one I would definitely repeat buy. ADV? Maybe but I think I would alternate with another flavour to avoid becoming bored of it.

Six Licks Salts Passion8


Elderpower Nic Salt E-liquid by Six Licks features a fresh fruit flavour blend between fragrant Elderflower, zesty Oranges and the sharpest Lime tangs.

Unlike the PASSION8, I can’t compare the description as I haven’t a clue what elderflower tastes like. I’m still none the wiser as it is blended with orange and lime, but I can say it does makes the orange and lime far more smooth and subdues them a touch but still has a bit of a tang which is pleasant. I wish I could describe the elderflower properly as it seems to be the dominant flavour on the inhale, but it all adds up to a sweet, smooth and tangy flavour overall. ADV? Definitely yes, and another I would happily repeat buy.

Six Licks Salts Elderpower


Berried Alive Nic Salt E-liquid by Six Licks combines the freshest Strawberries with exotic Guava notes before being rounded off by a soothing Watermelon exhale. A daring blend of fruits perfect for all-day vaping!

Well this was a pleasant surprise! When I saw the name, I was expecting typical berries but no, what I got was my favourite out of the three. Strawberry and guava are just so interesting together and the guava calms down the strawberry perfectly which makes it less sickly. The watermelon is subtle on the inhale but perfect in the aftertaste to keep the three flavours lingering in your mouth. It’s like nothing I have tasted before, but it’s simply delicious. It ever so slightly reminds me of ‘Fruit Salad’ chews. ADV? Yes, and I can’t see me getting too tired of this one as the flavour isn’t overpowering.

Six Licks Salts Berried Alive

Since I only had three bottles, then Three Licks will have to do for now (Polymer Clay Doggies made by myself and available for just £18,423.68 each)

So my first tasting of the Six Licks Salts range was a full success, three out of three flavours that all make it onto my must re-buy list, and all of them make suitable ADVs. They are all on the sweeter side though, but that’s just how I like my fruity flavours.

Judging by these three, I think the rest of the range should be a safe bet as Six Licks sure know how to blend unusual flavours.

Six Licks Salts, tail waggingly good

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