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ShortLiQ E-liquid by Vapoholic

A shortfill designed just for salts vapers? Vapoholic have you covered with their new ShortLiQ range

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Vapoholic have fast become a favourite site to pick up e-liquid thanks to their fantastic flavours and unbeatable value for money. It still blows my mind that they can produce such high quality juices for the prices they sell them for, it’s insane quite frankly, but I’m not complaining.

As well as producing some superb recipes, Vapoholic also like to spot trends and gaps in the market, and that is where their latest range comes in. ShortLiQ is a shortfill range that has been specifically designed with nic salts users in mind. Now there are already quite a few e-liquids available where you can choose between freebase nic shots and salts, but that feels more like an afterthought, but ShortLiQ is salts only and has been designed from the ground up to provide the best vape for that particular style of vaping.

Why is this a big deal. Well the main game changer is the price. You can buy a regular 10ml bottle of nic salts for around £3, but if you buy a bottle of ShortLiQ, you are getting 60ml of e-liquid for £7.99. So for the price of two regular nic salts, you are getting three times the juice. This makes ShortLiq the most cost effective way to vape salts, and not only that, but they are also some of the tastiest recipes too. 

When you get your order through, you will get one bottle of ShortLiq which contains 30ml of super strength base flavour, and three bottles of 20mg nic salts which you need to add to the main bottle to make it 10mg altogether. Give it a good shake to mix things up and you are good to go. Its dead simple and is the same principle as regular longfills.

There are five juicy ShortLiQ flavours to choose from at the moment, and they will be familiar enough for people who have come from disposable vapes. They are all a step up from those generic bar type flavours that rely on sweetener and ice to cover the simple and often lazy juice design, these have much more depth and detail. They are still very sweet, and ice has also been used, but the flavours feel much more crafted by people who actually care about flavour. Trust me, it really does make a difference, and it will up your vaping experience. If you have been a disposable vaper, these will give you a real taste of how diverse and interesting vaping can be.

Red Berries

Red Berries - Treat your taste buds to the fruity concoction of floral and sharp red berries, from strawberry to raspberry to cherries and cranberry!”

This is so chock full of berries, it’s amazing the cap can stay on as the flavour really bursts out. There is a sweet jammy type of strawberry, mixed with a richer cherry to add depth and richness, and the cranberry is an interesting addition as it brings a dry tartness to the mix. I don’t get much raspberry until the exhale, and then you it in get a lingering aftertaste. There is a slight iced touch, which is very welcome as it keeps things fresh and clean. This is not a shy flavour at all, and it works really well with pod kits with mesh coils.

Mango Chilled

Mango Chilled - The sweet and succulent mango flavours dance on your tongue whilst the tropical, cold aftertaste leaves you craving more”

There are so many different takes on mango out there, so I was interested to see which way this would go. It is more of a slightly green mango, rather than a sickly, over sweet version which adds a certain realism. I think the ice is a bit too strong as there is a hint of bitterness that detracts a bit from the fruit, but if you pair it with the right kit, it can balance out. I have to say, it isn’t one of my favourite mangos, but it also is far from the worst.

Strawberry Kiwi

Strawberry Kiwi - A mouthwatering blend of juicy, sweet strawberries infused with the taste of tangy, fresh kiwis features inside the Strawberry Kiwi by ShortLiQ”

This in theory is a simple mix of two fruits, but it is the balance that sets this apart from the rest. The sweet jammy strawberry is back, but this time it is mixed with an unusually robust kiwi which adds real texture, and the contrast of the two flavours is really nice. There is also a slight ice again, which just finishes it off leaving your mouth feeling clean and fresh, ready for the next vape.

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy - Allow this flavour to take you back to the days of waiting eagerly for the pink sugary delight to wrap around a stick!”

This is an interesting one. At first it just tastes of sweetness, very pleasant, but I was a little underwhelmed. But the more I vaped it, the more I noticed little details that make this a great flavour. It is hard to explain, but there is a certain and very specific almost caramelisation you only get with proper fresh fairground candy floss, and somehow Vapoholic have managed to replicate it in this e-liquid. This is a bit of a sleeper hit for me.

Apple Raspberry

Apple Raspberry - Apple Raspberry captures the fresh and sweet essence of green apples swirling with the flavours of the sweet and tangy raspberries”

This smells incredible even before you have loaded up your pod, and it tastes just as good. Once again, it is the balance of the two flavours that really shines. You get an equal hit of sweet, fresh apples and an almost fragrant but deep raspberry. It is quite floral, but in this mix, it works well. 


It is great to see a company that isn’t content to stick to safe, known options, this is something new which should fill a gap in the market which maybe not many brands will have spotted yet. If you are a salts vaper, this is a great option if you want great flavour at a much more pocket friendly price. Hats off to Vapoholic for breaking the mould with the ShortLiQ range.

  • Very strong flavours
  • Unbeatable value for money
  • Less waste thanks to the larger bottle size
  • Unique idea
  • Not really a con, but these are a very specific product so won't be for everyone
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