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Ripe Vapes

Close to the US capital of Craft Vapes, Los Angeles, you'll find Ripe Vapes- a small artisan juice maker based out of Camarillo, California. Ripe Vapes take inspiration from the fruit growers that populate their surroundings, and aim to provide a constantly evolving range of juice that offers a full bodied, sophisticated and unique experience.

Ripe Vapes offer some incredibly unique and exotic juices, such as Coconut Thai - inspired by Thai Cuisine, and Pear Almond - based on a traditional French marzipan dish amongst others. They scour the world for the best flavourings and ingredients for their juices, and an immense amount of skill and craftsmanship goes into each juice to make sure the blends are perfect. 

The exact mix formulas of each Ripe Vapes juice is a secret, however the standard base is believed to be in the region of 70VG 30PG, with max 100% VG used for Coconut Thai. Nicotine strengths are available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg. Ripe Vapes juices have been generating quite the buzz on both sides of the pond so let's have a look at what they offer!



VCT starts with a great rendering of the familiar vanilla custard flavour; rich and creamy, this would be a great vape on its own. They haven’t stopped there though. After the smooth custardy inhale comes a sophisticated finish of mature tobacco with just a hint of toasted almond.

VCT is a superb vanilla custard vape on its own, thick, luscious and deliciously creamy, but the little touches Ripe Vapes have added just make VCT stand out from the others. A hint of woody tobacco in the background gives VCT more robustness, and a hint of almond on the exhale just keeps you coming back for more. It's a little on the sweet side too, which really surprised me, and overall VCT is a very cleverly blended vape where all the flavours contained just work so well together!

Monkey Snack

Starting with a thick layer of creamy peanut butter, it then adds in fresh, sweet banana to create something so good you’ll want to put it in a sandwich. The contrasting flavours are perfectly balanced to create a real taste sensation that deserves to be a big hit.

Monkey Snack takes a delicious, incredibly creamy and smooth peanut butter inhale and blends it with a realistic ripe banana exhale. The peanut butter has got to be one of the most realistic representations of peanut butter I’ve ever tried, they have it bang on here- almost like a mouthful of the real thing. Rather than the artificial, foam sweet tasting banana, Ripe Vapes have nailed the taste of a ripe banana perfectly together. The two flavours contrast together perfectly, with the peanut butter flavour on the inhale and banana on the exhale playing off against each other, and a dash of sweetener just rounds off an exceptional vape.

Coconut Thai

Selected flavours carefully blended. Starting with smooth, creamy coconut milk, it then brings in fresh aromatic lemon grass and finishes off with a hint of Thai basil. The result is a vape like nothing else you’ve ever tasted. If you enjoy Thai food you absolutely have to try this.

Coconut Thai is a vape very much unlike anything you would have ever tried before. It evokes the essence of Thai cuisine with a heavy lemongrass and Thai basil flavouring, mixed in with coconut milk and a hint of sticky rice in the background. The 100% VG blend brings an amazing smoothness and huge vapour production, and helps to tone down the lemongrass and basil notes to prevent them becoming overpowering. It's an exotic vape, and a monumental one at that, Coconut Thai is one of the most unique and incredibly flavourful juices I've ever tried.

Honeysuckle Apple Crisp

A seasonal flavour that aims to capture the sensations of spring and summer, this liquid brings you an unusual honeysuckle aroma. It’s startlingly refreshing, and pairs perfectly with the cool, tart apple that accompanies it. Finally, just to balance things with a touch of sweetness, there’s a hint of rich cream as an after note.

Honeysuckle Apple Crisp is a very unique vape from the Ripe Vapes team, it's certainly the first time I have experienced Honeysuckle present in an Eliquid, and I'm sure it will be the first experience of it for many of you too! What the Honeysuckle does is add floral overtones to a sweet Apple and cream vape, the Apple coming in quite heavy on the inhale with notes of cream on the exhale. 

It's definitely refreshing, it's a little sweet for me to be an all day vape but as the occasional treat, it's absolutely delicious. Mesh fans will really get on well with this as it performs exceptionally well on mesh, the Apple taking on a whole new level of realism.

Key Lime Cookie

The name basically tells you everything you need to know; it’s a base of sweet but tart Key lime juice, blended with fresh warm cookies. If the pie is too creamy for you this could be just what you need, because it’s a perfect balance of citrus and bakery notes. This makes a fantastic and unique all day vape.


Key Lime Cookie provides me with a sweet and zesty Lime inhale, with a cookie background, and notes of cream on the exhale. It's a juice that seemed to linger on my tongue for long after I'd finished vaping it, and the more I increased the wattage on my device the more sweetness and bakery notes I got from it. It's a very realistic vape, almost like having a mouthful of the real thing, and the lime has some bite too!

I’ve got to make a special mention about just how delicious I found Key Lime Cookie to be on mesh. It really brought out the zingy Key Lime element of this juice and toned down the cookie notes slightly, making for an incredibly mouth watering vape.

Pear Almond

Inspired by traditional French baking, this gourmet treat combines rich, sweet marzipan with lightly poached pears to evoke the sophistication of a picnic by the Eiffel Tower. It’s perfect for adding some class to your coffee break, or as an all day vape.

Marzipan haters look away now- this juice is not for you! Pear Almond is very heavy on the marzipan, much like traditional French bakery itself, with the taste of baked pears and almond notes on the exhale. The marzipan is ever present in this juice and helps to bind together a quite unique and incredibly tasty dessert juice, that has a nice throat hit too coming from the almond and marzipan. Ooh La La!

I couldn't help but feel amazed with the classy and incredible flavours on offer from the Ripe Vapes range. From the delectable Monkey Snack, to the exotic Coconut Thai, to the gorgeously creamy VCT, the entire range of Ripe Vapes was just immensely enjoyable for me from start to finish. 


Truly a groundbreaking and special line of juice. Ripe Vapes is a line of incredible juices that really have it all!

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