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Revol Vapors E-Liquid

Revol Vapors are an American E-Liquid company. Currently there are only three flavours in the range but I’m sure more will be available in the future. The juice comes in 17ml glass dropper bottles with child proof caps. The labels feature all the typical information you would expect along with clear warnings. This juice range is available in the following nicotine strengths: 6mg, 3mg and 0mg.

All juice was tested in a Raptor RDA with a dual coil 0.4ohm build that was wicked with Cotton Bacon. My device of choice was the Lavabox DNA 200.

Revol juice is mixed to a ratio of 60VG/40PG.

Her Addiction

Her Addiction by Revol is a perfect blend of moist pound cake and sharp lemon taste in very vape.

Now to some people "Her Addiction" might be excessive shopping but in the case of this juice it is a very flavoursome lemon pound cake. The cake is rather tasty and it is rounded out nicely by the added lemon. The lemon flavour is very nautral and is not too sharp or dominating since it just adds a delicious overall sweetness! Vapour production is decent for this kind of mix and despite this being a dessert flavour I find that I can happily vape it all day long because it is not at all sickly. Throat hit in 6mg strength is very mild. I found this one very similar to Pound It that I reviewed recently but it is not quite as sweet. This is certainly a juice that is well worth trying!

Date Night

Date Night by Revol is a pleasure of blueberries and smooth Greek yogurt. This flavour from Revol will drive you insane.

Date Night is a tasty combination of blueberry and yogurt, The blueberry is very natural and the yogurt makes for a lovely creaminess. If you run this in a dripper the yogurt is pushed more to the background and is quite subtle. It is possible that this juice might need additional steeping for the yogurt to fully come through. As an experiment I also tried this juice in a tank and in my opinion the overall flavour balanced much better.  I felt that this juice was enjoyable and it would make a good choice when you don't know what you're exactly in the mood for because it is a very light vape. It might suit some people very well because it is quite neutral in terms of flavour and no particular ingredient heavily dominates. If you pick up some of this I would definitely suggest letting it steep to see if the flavour gets better. As it stands it is a pleasant vape but steeping might make it truly awesome! Vapour production was quite normal for this kind of mix and throat hit was very mild.


FWB by Revol is sweet and sugary perfection to give a delicious treat to your taste buds.

The description of this juice makes it sound almost too good to be true, a sweet and sugary delicious treat, yes please! Sadly this juice simply doesn't work for me, maybe its my tastebuds but it seems very bizarre. I am actually at a loss to tell you what it actually tastes of since I get hints of aniseed and possibly bubblegum but the flavour is very confusing. There is also another element in the mix that I can't put my finger on and in some ways it reminds me of some kind of sour candy but this is balanced out with a sugary sweet taste that I can't identify.  I assume that Revol's idea of a "delicious treat" is some kind of jawbreaker style flavour but since I don't actually enjoy that sort of thing this was sadly never going to get a glowing endorsement from me. 


On the other hand there will probably be people out there who love this kind of flavour combination! There is a certainly a nice sweetness at times with this juice but personally I really don't care for the flavours used. It is certainly mixed well enough so I can't fault it in that regard. It would be worth trying this juice if you enjoy bubblegum style vapes and since it is a most unusal flavour it will likely heavily appeal to some more than others.

If I had a better indication of what was actually in the mix then I could probably judge it better. Vapour production is decent enough and typical for the mix used. I found throat hit to be somewhere between mild to medium.


For 17ml of American made juice, £8.99 is not a bad price at all so it would definitely be worth trying a bottle or two. For me Her Addiction is definitely the nicest out of the bunch but I do feel Date Night has an enjoyable flavour and might benefit a great deal from steeping. FWB is simply not to my tastes but considering how subjective juice is the possiblity exists that someone will love it so don't take my word for it, try some yourself and make your own mind up!

Many thanks to Grey Haze who kindly sent these juices to Planet of the Vapes for us to review.  You can check out this range of juice on their site here

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