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Repeeled by Dispergo Vaping

Looking for a new fruit based ADV? Repeeled from Dispergo Vaping might be right up your street

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"This e-liquid is a tangy grapefruit based flavour with sweet raspberry."

I was testing in alphabetical order and sods law that the first flavour was the only one I didn’t like the sound of, I frikkin hate grapefruit and the bulldog licking piss off a nettle expression it gives me! BUT it turns out grapefruit makes a great e-liquid flavour, and I didn’t get any of the nasty sourness as the raspberry toned it down perfectly. The grapefruit is clearly dominant but you can pick out the raspberry throughout the inhale and exhale. The aftertaste is really pleasant and lasts well.

ADV (All Day Vape) - Absolutely

Dispergo Repeeled Range Grapefruit and Raspberry

Lemon and Apricot

"This flavour is a fruity blend of citrusy lemon and sweet apricot for a perfectly balanced vape."

Lemon and Apricot is exactly what you get with this one. There’s no mistaking the mix of these two fruits in one flavour, and they appear to balance equally which makes the apricot less sweet and the citrus kick of the lemon really works. I enjoyed how this flavour was consistent throughout the vape but especially the aftertaste which lingered well.

ADV - Yes

Dispergo Repeeled Range Lemon and Apricot

Lime and Cherry

"This flavour is a delicious blend of citrussy lime and fresh cherries. A simple but tasty all day vape."

Lime is the dominant fruit in this blend but the cherry kick is still distinctive and acts as a side note to calm down what would have been an overpowering citrus flavour. I couldn’t help but be reminded of a fizzy drink but for the life of me I couldn’t recall which? Dr Pepper maybe, but either way I did enjoy this flavour and I liked the clever contrast.

ADV – Maybe, but definitely worth a treat.

Dispergo Repeeled Range Lime and Cherry

Mango, Pineapple and Orange

"This flavour is a citrussy delight; fresh mango, sweet pineapple and juicy orange zest. Whats not to love?"

This is my overall favourite, it’s lush, and you can’t help but admire the balance of the three flavours, and I mean balance literally as it feels like an equal third of each flavour which messed with my head, especially in the aftertaste as I tried to pick out each. Dispergo have found three fruits that complement each other perfectly for an e-liquid and I think the orange made all the difference to the other two fruits that can be a little overpowering on their own.

ADV- Hell yeah.

Dispergo Repeeled Range Mango, Pineapple and Orange

Raspberry, Tangerine and Cranberry

"This flavour is a juicy mix of tangy raspberry, sweet tangerine and tart cranberries for a perfectly balanced fruity vape."

This wasn’t what I was expecting at all, fruit salad chews stuck in my head and I couldn’t get past that impression. This was by no means a bad thing as I bloody love those sweets, and despite so many other brands promising that flavour, this is actually the closest I’ve come across. As the aftertaste lingers, you do start to pick out the individual fruits more though, especially the cranberry, but again this is a clever little mix of fruits.

ADV – Yes

Dispergo Repeeled Range Raspberry, Tangerine and Cranberry

Overall I think Dispergo have done it again as they have knocked out another superb e-liquid range with Repeeled, not only are they well balanced and the right amount of sweetness for fruits, but I think the mix of fruits is pretty clever and just tasted nothing like I had tasted before.

Dispergo Repeeled Range clockwork orange

If you are a fruit fan then all five flavours are more than worth a punt, I’ve tried hundreds of fruit 70/30 e-liquids in my time, but these stand out as possibly the best I’ve experienced and will stay on my shopping list for sure.


Dispergo Repeeled Range labels

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