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REJUICED E-liquids

Based out of Essex, Rejuiced have grown into a large supplier of e-liquids within the UK market, with all of their products fully tested and TPD compliant. They offer all of their range through their website at incredibly competitive prices, and also have a bricks and mortar store located in Southend. 

Rejuiced also have their own custom built laboratory, for the purpose of producing and testing their e-liquids. All of their eliquids are mixed by their on site aseptically trained laboratory supervisor, and all members of their laboratory team have medical based backgrounds to ensure the highest quality standards are adhered to during the manufacture of Rejuiced eliquids. Each bottle is custom made for each customer, and each eliquid is rigorously tested.

A wide range of 23 different eliquids are available on the Rejuiced website, meaning that there's pretty much something for everyone. Rejuiced eliquids are supplied in 10ml childproof bottles, mixed to a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, with nicotine strengths of zero, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg available. I've been sent ten of the Rejuiced range to review, so let's see how they fared!

Pure Eliquids

Unicorn Tears

A delicious mix of ripe strawberries, custard and a touch of cheesecake with a mouth watering creamy milk on the tail end. A huge hit with customer taste trials in the shop!

Unicorn Tears was one of the Rejuiced eliquids that I felt benefited from an extra weeks worth of steeping after arrival, when I gave it a try the day it was delivered I could pick up on the strawberries and a little bit of custard, but not much else. After patiently leaving it for a week tucked away in a drawer, the custard and cheesecake elements also really started to shine through, and I got a deliciously creamy exhale too, delivering a really sublime vape! 

Big Mama’s Custard

A blend of fresh custard, ripe strawberries and banana cream. 

We Vape

Big Mama’s Custard is a very smooth vape, I get the fruity taste of strawberries combined with a light custard undertone, and the taste of banana at the end to round it all off. Big Mama’s Custard was a tasty vape right from the off, however after letting it steep for a week it just gets even better and more well rounded!

Big Mama’s Milk

A delicious mix of four premium creams, with a hint of strawberry on the exhale.

Imagine stuffing your mouth with a huge spoonful of thick cream, then stuffing a strawberry in, and you get close to Big Mama’s Milk! It packs a load of thick cream, with the perfect texture and mouth feel, and the authentic taste of fresh strawberry to round it all off. Big Mama’s Milk is Rejuiced’s best selling eliquid at present, and I can see why, it's very tasty stuff indeed!

Strawberry Jam


A warm vape thick with a mouthwatering strawberry jam exhale.

Strawberry Jam was another Rejuiced eliquid that benefited from a weeks worth of extra steeping, at first I really wasn't getting all that much flavour from it. However after allowing it to steep further, it transforms into an eliquid that provides a pretty authentic taste of strawberry jam, right down to the texture and sweetness. It isn't overly sweet either, but just has the right amount of sweetness present to get you coming back for more!

Dragon's Milk

A blend of whipped cream, milk, ripe strawberries and sweet dragon fruit.

Looking at the flavour profile of Dragon’s Milk I was quite surprised to see dragon fruit present in a creamy strawberry eliquid, however it actually works really well indeed. On the inhale I get a strawberry milk flavour that is quite similar to strawberry nesquik milkshake, then the dragon fruit comes in at the end to add a sharp and sweet edge to it all. It's pretty unique, and tasty too!


Big Mama’s Cheesecake

A mix of ripe and sweet strawberries on a smooth and creamy Big Mama style cheesecake.

Big Mama’s Cheesecake is a very well mixed strawberry cheesecake eliquid, that definitely gets close to replicating the real thing. There is a thick and syrupy strawberry flavour present, with a creamy undertone and thick biscuit edge. Real good stuff, and one of the better cheesecake eliquids that I have tried!

Sherbet Dumbledore

This is a deliciously tangy, sweet and sour realistic fizzy sherbert flavour that explodes in your mouth.


Sherbet Dumbledore is definitely a realistic sherbet flavour, right down to the fizz on the end of your tongue at the end! The blend of sweet and sour is spot on, and it's not overly sweet either, which some sherbet eliquids can be.

Whipped Banana Cream

The Rejuiced signature dish. A sweet yet not overpowering mix of banana and whipped cream. Many consider it a daily vape, whilst others like it as a relaxing end of day dessert.

Rejuiced Whipped Banana cream is like chopped bananas smothered in whipped cream, and the banana flavouring is spot on. Many eliquids containing banana flavouring can trip up by going overboard with the banana flavouring percentages which adds a harsh, artificial banana edge but not so here, the banana is spot on and it's smothered in a blanket of delicious smooth cream!

Creamy Vanilla Custard

The Electronic Cigarette Company

It took the Rejuiced team several weeks to master this juice. A mouthwatering blend of vanilla custard with creamy undertones for a not too sweet thick and silky vapour.

I'm a bit of a custard snob personally, ever since my first taste of custard eliquid three years ago I was hooked, and I've tried many a custard since then. Rejuiced's Creamy Vanilla Custard is pretty spot on, it's a light vanilla custard with a very smooth and creamy exhale, it really hits the spot! For my own personal tastes the vanilla custard could be turned up just a notch, as it felt a little light, but I do like my custard pretty strong. As an easy going and tasty vape this is pretty much ideal!

Lemon Tart

A tongue ticking perfect balance of tangy lemon curd. A sweet and fluffy meringue rounded off perfectly with a very realistic pastry finish. 

Lemon Tart has got a real zingy and fresh lemon inhale, that is neither overpowering nor artificial, and a thick pie crust finish to it. It was one that I found so tasty, my 10ml bottle didn't last me the day! An exceptionally well rounded juice that I found far more enjoyable than certain other over hyped similar eliquids, that is far more deserving of a ‘premium’ tag to it!

Vape Club


Rejuiced are a company that do get talked about a fair amount over on the forum side of POTV at present, and the feedback I've seen on the whole has been very positive from satisfied customers. After sampling ten of the Rejuiced range, I can see why they have generated a decent amount of buzz, as these guys really do offer some high quality eliquid. 

When vaping these eliquids from Rejuiced, I would never have been able to tell that these are priced as ‘budget’ eliquids, available at £2.49 for 10ml or £5.49 for 30ml, these tasted better than a lot of ‘premium’ eliquids I have sampled in the past! They do arrive pre steeped, and virtually all were good to go on arrival, however with a little extra steeping these flavours really do shine. 

There's nothing harsh or artificial about these eliquids, just great flavours available at incredible prices. They are lab made using high quality ingredients right here in the U.K., and it goes to show you can still pick up some real top quality juice at wallet friendly prices, especially with the price of eliquid rising as costs increase due to TPD compliance!

Many thanks to Andrew at Rejuiced for sending in these eliquids for review, these can be purchased from and POTV will get you 7.5% off! Free first class shipping is also included with orders over the value of £20, and keep an eye out for Rejuiced’s ‘eliquid of the week’ deal, where a selected eliquid will be available that week with 50% off, meaning you can pick up a 10ml bottle of eliquid for as low as £1.25!

Andrew at Rejuiced has also very generously provided some of their great eliquids for giveaway - 500ml in total, click here to enter the competition!

Premier Ecigs

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