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Red Vape Reserva E-Liquids

Red Vape offers several ranges to the customer, one of which is Reserva which features a selection of five NET (Naturally Extracted Tobacco) E-Liquids. Red Vape use only the best ingredients and the production process is designed to retain and develop complex, rich, multi-level flavours.

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Red Vape are a UK based E-Liquid manufacturer. They were founded in 2013 with the intention to create market leading UK-made Gourmet E-Liquid.

Our vision was to develop a range of liquids that used only the finest ingredients and which derived its flavours from natural sources. We we’re also passionate that every aspect of the range be UK made and of the highest quality.

Red Vape offer several ranges to the customer, one of which is Reserva which features a selection of five NET (Naturally Extracted Tobacco) E-Liquids. Red Vape use only the best ingredients and the production process is designed to retain and develop complex, rich, multi-level flavours.

All our Tobacco E-Liquid uses flavours which are naturally extracted from actual tobacco leaves. We never use artificial flavouring as we strongly believe that this degrades the vaping experience and reduces the quality of our Tobacco E-Liquids.

A process known as cold maceration extracts the flavours from the tobacco without using heat. This is considered the best way to bring out the tobacco’s true essence and leads to beautiful rich and robust flavours. What follows is a long ageing and steeping process.

All of Red Vape’s E-Liquids have been independently tested and approved by Labs in the UK and everything is fully TPD compliant. Every juice in the range is mixed to a ratio of 50VG/50PG.

PG and VG have slightly different properties, which is why in most liquids, you’ll find a mix of both. PG is a more effective carrier but has a lower vapour production. VG is less effective at carrying but produces more vapour. At Red Vape our Gourmet E-Liquids are all about delivering the best flavour experience possible and so we use a 50/50 mix of PG and VG. By using this ratio, we ensure that not only do our liquids taste fantastic, but they also deliver a satisfying amount of vapour production.

The Reserva range of Naturally Extracted Tobacco (NET) E-Liquids is available in the following nicotine strengths 18mg, 12mg, 6mg and 3mg. They come in 10ml PET bottles which feature child and tamper proof top caps. The labels are nicely designed and feature very clear information including warnings. In addition the bottles come in protective cardboard boxes which repeat the information and also include a warning leaflet.

There is an absolute ton of interesting background information regarding all of the tobacco flavours on Red Vape’s website so if you’d like any further details do check it out.

I vaped all of these E-Liquids in my Taifun GT III and also in my Titanium Mods Ukraine Achilles II RDA.


Our Reserva collection is an exquisite range of Naturally Extracted Tobacco E-Liquids (NET). At Red Vape we pride ourselves on being tobacco specialists and each liquid in this collection has been lovingly crafted around some of the world’s very finest tobaccos.

Havano Gold

Havano gold is an expertly blended combination of two naturally extracted Corojo tobaccos. We take naturally derived Cuban Corojo and mix this with South Honduran pure Corojo from the famous Jamastran Valley.

Havano Gold is essentially a classic Havana cigar vaping experience. The tobacco is full bodied and quite strong but this mellowed to an extent by an overall smoothness. It offers spicy and peppery notes which you can pick out once in a while when vaping and this does serve to create further interest in the mix. On the exhale you tend to get a slight sweetness. Personally I’ve always enjoyed Havana Tobacco E-Liquids so this one suits me perfectly and it is exactly what I want to vape while enjoying a glass of Talisker for that serious peppery flavour explosion!

Havano Gold will suit anyone who appreciates tobacco flavours and those of you who need a more potent throat hit. The throat hit was strong in 3mg nicotine strength. Vapour production was spot on but very typical of the mix ratio used.


Our Perique E-Liquid blend uses the distinctive Perique tobacco grown exclusively on one small piece of land near New Orleans, Louisiana. The liquid is steeped to give the liquid a subtle vanilla-caramel note. Perique tobacco is perhaps the strongest variety in terms of flavour and is considered by some to be the truffle of pipe tobaccos. Due to its powerful flavour it is never used on its own but instead blended with milder varieties, such as Brightleaf, to provide a spice and strength to the blend.

I first tried Perique tobacco a very long time ago and since it is very distinct and potent, so not everyone immediately appreciates it. I had the opportunity to sample it again when I switched to vaping and I quickly became a massive fan.

What Red Vape’s Perique has to offer is a strong tobacco with very earthy and rich notes. There are distinct undertones of caramel, vanilla and liquorice. The tobacco also has a slight malty quality to it but also some sweetness. It is very complex and as such the range of flavour notes jostling for centre stage offers you plenty of variety. Essentially this is a unique tobacco flavour which offers you a bit of everything but does it in such an exceptional and complimentary way!

Even though I really love Perique I have never found it to be a tobacco which you can enjoy all day long due to its strong flavour and the same is true of this E-Liquid version. Nevertheless for those moments when you want to sit in your favourite chair and unwind this makes for a truly superb vape!

The throat hit was medium to strong in 3mg strength. Vapour production couldn’t be faulted but was very typical of the mix ratio used.

Havano Dark

Our Havano Dark uses natural tobacco flavourings (NET) which are derived from the Dominican Criollo variety. The result is a cigar like taste that is unmatched for taste and quality.

Havano Dark is derived from the Dominican Criollo tobacco which is considered one of the original Cuban tobaccos which dates as far back as the days of Christopher Columbus. It certainly has that Havana taste you’d expect but is subtler and somewhat milder. There is a slight presence of cocoa on occasion and some nuttiness, once in a while there can be a slight peppery aftertaste after exhaling. The overall vape also offers a lovely sweetness but that never competes with the very distinctive tobacco notes. I found it extremely enjoyable and if you want to recreate the experience of a cigar in E-Liquid format this one comes highly recommended!

The throat hit was medium in 3mg strength and the vapour production was very good.


The Reserva Shade E-Liquid uses naturally derived North American Shade Tobacco flavourings. The liquid is then steeped for a month which creates a crisp, medium strength tobacco vape which is pleasantly smooth on the inhale and exhale.

A smooth vape using a medium strength tobacco provide a delicious authentic taste that will keep you coming back for more.

Back in the mists of time when I smoked I sampled a lot of different tobaccos but for some reason I never tried Shade, so I was really looking forward to experiencing this as an E-Liquid. The first thing you notice is how incredibly smooth it is and while the taste is very clean and distinct it is not at all overpowering. There is a touch of sweetness to it and something of a creamy richness and this makes it a perfect all day tobacco vape!

The throat hit was mild in 3mg nicotine strength even when using in an RDA. Vapour production was great but typical of a 50/50 mix ratio.


Our luxurious Appleleaf E-Liquid is the perfect apple tobacco e-liquid combining natural tobacco flavourings, which are derived from the Corojo tobacco variety, with crisp green apples. The liquid is then steeped for a month to develop and enhance the flavours. The sweet, sharp tanginess of the fresh apples elevates the Corojo tobacco to new heights.

At one time my favourite tobacco E-Liquid was El Toro’s Eden but once I dropped to a lower nicotine strength it was no longer an option for me. This was a real shame since tobacco and apple work so effectively with one another. Fortunately Red Vape’s Appleleaf is now a fabulous alternative for me.

What it has to offer is an extremely clean and distinct mild tobacco flavour which is complemented by a sweet, slightly sharp and highly mouth-watering apple on the exhale. Quite simply I couldn’t get enough of it because the taste of the apple just refreshes your palate and as such I got through the bottle in record time!

I think the major reason for that is really just the wonderful harmony between the flavours. It never got old to me or boring and made for a perfect all day vape since it isn’t overly strong and there is no lingering aftertaste. You can vape it with anything, either a coffee, a glass of Pepsi or even your favourite whiskey!

I also think it’s a really good option if you want to go back and try tobacco E-Liquids but aren’t quite ready for a full on tobacco. The throat hit was mild in 3mg strength and vapour production was very good.


In my opinion Red Vape Reserva is a truly outstanding range of NET Tobacco E-Liquids that I do urge you to try for yourself. The quality and variation cannot be faulted so you can guarantee there will be something which to suit every tobacco E-Liquid fan!

Many thanks to Red Vape who kindly sent this E-Liquid to Planet of the Vapes for us to review, they have also offered readers the chance to win £100 of eliquids from their store - you can enter the Red Vape competition here. If you would like to purchase any of the E-Liquids covered in this review you can get them directly from Red Vape. As a massive favour to our readers Red Vape are offering a massive 40% discount on their eliquids, this is a code that can only be used once per customer - use POV40 at checkout to get this discount.  If you enjoy the flavours you can get 10% off from the Red Vape store at any time using the code REDVAPE10 - remember, codes cannot be used for the purchase of unlicensed nicotine containing products or their components.

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