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Rad Salts

Si rips out a totally tubular e-liquid review as he checks out the new Rad Salts range...gnarly dude!

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Supplied by Vape Superstore UK for review
£4.95 each or any 5 for £20

Nic salts are my thing so naturally I put my hand up to review the new RAD Salts range when Vape Superstore offered them up.

Rad Salts nic salts

Here’s the official bumf:
"Discover Rad Salts a fresh new line of nicotine salt e-liquids, brought to you from UK brand RAD e-liquids. Rad nic salts are mixed to a 50/50 concentration, utilising a premium salt nicotine formula, more readily absorbed and even more satisfying. Some of the most bright and flavourful flavours to hit our store, it's time to try some of the raddest liquid you'll ever likely to try!"

These are available in a 5mg, 10mg or 20mg strength. The main thing we need to know is the 50PG/50VG mix and that they are nic salts which make them suitable for MTL tanks and pods. There are six flavours to choose from:

  • Vimto Breeze
  • Watermelon Breaker
  • Berry Boomer
  • Green Apple Barrel
  • Bubble Billow
  • Candy Kahuna

Rad Salts nic salts range

You can pretty much guess the type of flavour from the name, but each one has a twist which creates some rather nice and sweet flavour profiles. I decided that the best way to sample each e-liquid was to use an MTL RTA so I could fresh wick it each time and not cross-contaminate the flavours, my weapon of choice is the Digiflavor Siren V3.

Rad Salts nic salts with Digiflavor Siren V3

The Rad Salts come in a standard 10ml bottle with a twist lock seal, and the artwork is a rather bold two colour design which hints of the flavour. The actual flavour name is a tiny font underneath the ‘RAD’ logo.

Rad Salts nic salts labels

Berry Boomer

RAD Salt's Berry Boomer nic salt e-liquid features zesty lime submerged into a base of sweet mixed berries. An indulgent note of sharp and sweet berries on the inhale, before a rising tide of zingy lime surfaces on the exhale.

Flavour Notes: Mixed Berries, Lime

I always love it when the basic flavour description is accurate and I was off to a great start with this one; a sweet mix of berries on the inhale and the added kick of lime made all the difference as it toned down the sweetness. The result was a quite refreshing, sweet, fruity vape and it suits an ADV (All Day Vape).

Rad Salts nic salts Berry Boomer

Bubble Billow

RAD Salt's Bubble Billow nic salt e-liquid delivers a surge of sweet and tangibly chewy bubblegum. The fruity notes smoothly rise throughout the inhale with the classic taste of bubblegum coming through in waves on the exhale.

Flavour Notes: Bubblegum

Guess what this tastes like? It’s simply a very good replication of bubblegum, Hubba Bubba style. The singular flavour is the same on the inhale and exhale but it leaves that nice, freshly chewed bubblegum aftertaste. I rather enjoyed this one as a treat compared to an ADV though.

Rad Salts nic salts Bubble Billow

Candy Kahuna

RAD Salt's Candy Kahuna nic salt e-liquid combines an eclectic mix of fruit with a fizzy candy coating. Bright and colourful fruit candy notes tingle on the inhale, followed by an almighty wave of citrus fizz.

Flavour Notes: Fruit, Fizzy Candy

A bit of trivia since I had to google it: Kahuna is a Hawaiian word that refers to an expert in any field. Historically, it has been used to refer to doctors, surgeons, and dentists, as well as priests, ministers, and sorcerers.

So let’s just call it a Candy Sorcerer as they have conjured up a rather nice tangy ‘fruit’ treat with this one. I couldn’t detect a dominant fruit and it was more like berries to me, the fizz element was interesting and again it toned down the sweetness to make it suitable as an ADV.

Rad Salts nic salts Candy Kahuna

Green Apple Barrel

RAD Salt's Green Apple Barrel nic salt e-liquid is a vibrantly sweet and sharp single noted green apple flavour. Crisp and tangy notes break into a sweeter base note of fresh green apples.

Flavour Notes: Apple

No need to go dunking your face into a barrel of apples, just vape it instead, Apple is a tough one to get right but RAD have done a good job with this one and has a slight sour tang on the exhale (in a good way), I did find it quite sweet though and I’m 50/50 whether it would be an ADV, either way it’s one I would rebuy.

Rad Salts nic salts Green Apple Barrel

Vimto Breeze

RAD Salt's Vimto Breeze nic salt e-liquid cocoons a handful of red and dark berries into a cool and breezy ice edge. A mouth-watering sweet and tangy note bursts on the inhale, before a wave of ice softens the exhale.

Flavour Notes: Mixed Berries, Ice

Another mixed berries and ice but distinctly different to the Berry Boomer, that ‘Vimto’ taste is clear and it became my favourite out of the RAD range. The ‘ice’ was subtle but gave it a refreshing aftertaste, it’s still sweet but is suitable as an ADV.

Rad Salts nic salts Vimto Breeze

Watermelon Breaker

RAD Salt's Watermelon Breaker nic salt e-liquid is a crisp and fresh combination of watermelon and candy. Sweet delicate notes of freshly sliced watermelon plunge into a sugary candy.

Flavour Notes: Watermelon, Candy

This definitely has that lush Watermelon dominant flavour but for me the ‘candy’ is a bit too much as this is the sweetest out of the range, it was much too sweet for my tastes but for those with a sweet-tooth you may enjoy it more, for me I would have preferred a Watermelon Ice version.

Rad Salts nic salts Watermelon Breaker

Final Thoughts

All in all, five out of six were a success for me, this is quite unusual as I think a common ratio of brands I’ve tried has been closer to 50/50. I’m not sure I would call these flavours ‘radical’, but I would say they are very well formulated and authentic flavours. They are all on the sweet side though which might not suit some, me? I prefer the sweet flavours.

Conclusion: Just my cup of Tea.

Rad Salts nic salts our cup of tea

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