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Psycho Bunny by Eco Vape

Psycho Bunny features five juices that are packed with sweet fruity flavour, that will definitely get your taste buds going!

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Psycho Bunny by Eco Vape

Based out of Nottingham, Eco Vape currently boast five different eliquid lines plus a CBD range, with a broad spectrum of different juice profiles on offer to appeal to all tastes. Good manufacturing practices (GMP) are adhered to during the manufacturing process of Eco Vape juices, and these are the practices required to conform to the guidelines recommended by agencies that control authorization and licensing for the manufacture and sale of food, drug and active pharmaceutical products. These guidelines provide minimum requirements that a pharmaceutical or food product manufacturer must meet to assure their products are of the highest quality and pose no risk to the consumer or public.

Eco Vape eliquids are produced in an ISO 9001 certified laboratory facility to GMP, using USP grade monopropylene glycol, EUR/BP/USP Kosher vegetable glycerin, organic EP/USP grade nicotine and the finest quality flavourings. No ethanol, alcohol, diacetyl, allergens or additives are present in Eco Vape eliquids, and their juice is fully steeped to enjoy immediately, as well as being TPD compliant.  

Today I will be looking at the Psycho Bunny range from Eco Vape, which comes in childproof glass dropper 60ml bottle sizes, mixed to an 80/20 VG/PG ratio and in 3mg nicotine strength, with awesome label designs featuring the Psycho Bunny itself and relevant warning information clearly printed on the labels. 

Blue Retro

A delicious pick ‘n’ mix favourite bubble gum sweet from the 80’s...

When opening the bottle of Blue Retro I am met with a very strong scent of bubblegum, which sets the tone for proceedings! This is a strong bubblegum vape, giving the same mouth feel as chewing a hubba bubba bubblegum, and there's a juicy hint of blueberry present the whole way through. It's all delivered to your palate smoothly, with no discernible throat hit present.


An orgasmic vape of blue raspberry, grape and bubblegum mix with a fresh little twist...

Grapegasm smells very strongly of, yep you guessed it, grape, but more akin to the black grape sodas. Grape is absolutely the most dominant flavour here, with a blueberry note in the background and an undertone of bubblegum, and on the exhale there is a light note of cooling menthol. It's a devilishly good blend of candied fruit with a menthol twist and a nice nip of throat hit, and that menthol helps keep your palate fresh ready for the next puff!


A sweet, mouthwatering melon with a splash of lemonade to tickle the taste buds...

A pleasant scent of melon was the first thing I noticed when opening the bottle, not an overwhelming scent either but just like a fresh melon. I get a sweet honeydew melon on the inhale that is met quickly with a sweet lemonade taste, pretty decent throat hit and a little zing on the exhale. The melon and lemonade flavours combine together really well indeed, and provide a tasty and refreshingly sweet vape!


An all round morning favourite of a sweet and full flavoured orange juice...

O.J had a faint smell of orange peel upon opening the bottle, and throughout the vape I get a lovely, zingy orange juice flavour that is reminiscent of a glass of Tropicana, just minus the bits! It has a very similar mouth feel to what a glass of orange juice provides, and it's a very smooth vape with minimal throat hit. Out of the five juices present in the Psycho Bunny range, I found O.J to be my favourite, my 30ml bottle definitely didn't last long at all!


A twist of sweet and zesty citrus fruits from a loved summer classic...

Upon opening the bottle of Twister I got the sweet zingy lime scent you'll get from opening a Twister ice lolly, and it's a very strong smell too. When vaping Twister, I get a very strong candied lime flavour that is dominant throughout, from inhale to exhale, and that is where the similarity to a Twister ice lolly ends for me. I pick up a hint of lemon in the background, but no cream or raspberry like you would expect from a Twister, that being said as a predominantly candied lime/lemon vape this is very good indeed, I'm a fan of citrus vapes and this one definitely hit the spot for me, there’s a fairly strong throat hit here as well provided by the lime flavouring. 


If fruit flavoured eliquids are your thing, then the Psycho Bunny range from Eco Vape will appeal to you massively. Psycho Bunny features five juices that are packed with sweet fruity flavour, that will definitely get your taste buds going! An 80/20 mix ratio means that Psycho Bunny is packing some serious cloud production, and means the flavour is also delivered smoothly to your palate. I found a dripper ideal for these juices and 40W plus really brought out the best in each juice. 

If you are looking for some sweet cloudy treats then check out what the Psycho Bunny from Eco Vape has to offer, as there are some great quality straightforward fruity flavours on offer here that I really enjoyed vaping! 

Many thanks to Eco Vape for sending the Psycho Bunny range in to review, these can be purchased from www.eco-vape.co.uk, priced extremely well at £9.99 for 30ml! One lucky reader can win the whole range in our competition here - https://www.planetofthevapes.co.uk/competitions/win-the-psycho-bunny-range-from-eco-vape.html.

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