Okay Orange Shortfill Range Review by Michelle (Purplefowler)

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Okay Orange Shortfill Range

Okay Orange Shortfill Range

We have been sent a new and rather intriguing range of shortfills, the Okay Orange range, which is made by those crazy cats at Dispergo Vaping. They come with the tagline “to taste the orange, you must become the orange”, very enigmatic and mysterious and it certainly got me very interested, especially when I saw the flavours listed….none of them contain any orange or anything even remotely citrusy at all! How’s that for a twist!

I love the branding, it is bright, fun and very eye catching with its hint of an oriental theme. The sense of playfulness is strong throughout the range, all handled with the level of detail I would expect from these guys. The labels don’t give much away though and I had to check on the website to find out the ratio which is 70% VG and 30%PG. All the other warnings are there but they are small and don’t get in the way. These are all 100ml shortfills with space for your nic shots. The lids are very secure so a shortfill opener is a must, but this also means there should be no chance of them leaking in the post.

Other than the graphical theme, there is little linking the flavours. There are only four in the range, but if you like sweeter juices, you are still very well catered for.

Okay Orange Shortfill Range full lineup



“Red Cherries with a sweet liquorice chew”

This won’t be for everyone as I know plenty of people who are not fans of liquorice and this is very much the main flavour. But if you are a fan of the strange black treats, then you need this in your life. I am definitely in the love it camp so I was very keen to try this one. Most other liquorice flavours I have previously tried tend to be more of a mix of liquorice and aniseed, a nice combination but it takes away from the deep, dark flavour which is really what I like. This is the real deal, it could put hairs on your chest. The cherry comes in after and delivers a playful sweetness which works brilliantly at lifting the whole juice. It is very smooth and has real depth. I’m not sure I would be able to pick out what the cherry is in a blind taste test but that doesn’t really matter as it just works so well.

Okay Orange Shortfill Range Cherry Liquorice

Peach and Apricot

“Juicy sweet Peaches with an apricot blast a fruity vape not to be missed!”

The juice delivers exactly what it says it is. It is the perfect balance of sweet, juicy peach and the slightly drier, sharper apricot. It is definitely on for the fruit lovers as it is a very realistic flavour, not a synthetic candy one (don’t get me wrong, I love peach jellies too so would have been equally happy whichever way they went as long as the recipe was good). It is bold and never gets dull or boring. It is a simpler mix but it just goes to show that sometimes you don’t need loads of nuance to make a cracking juice.

We Vape

Okay Orange Shortfill Range Peach and Apricot

Raspberry and Pineapple Chew

“Raspberry and Pineapple mixed together to give a fruity chewy flavour”

If you love retro sweets, as soon as you crack the seal on this one, you will be transported straight back to your childhood. It smells exactly like fruit salad chews! It is a very strong smell too so you can’t miss it. I couldn’t wait to get started here as I love penny mix sweets (although my youngest told me that if you can even find a penny mix these days, you are looking at 5p for a blackjack these days which blew my mind!). At first I was a little disappointed by the flavour, there was a strange bitterness and the individual notes seemed a little strong and not balanced with the usual level of perfection. I was not expecting that at all and I was quite surprised. But I never just use one set up for juice reviews and when I put this in a mesh coiled tank, everything came together and it was a completely different beast. You need to vape this in your best flavour set up and you will be very well rewarded for it. If you treat it right, you will get an almost perfect recreation of that childhood favourite so don’t hold back here.

Okay Orange Shortfill Range Raspberry and Pineapple Chew

Strawberry Banana Bubblegum

“A sweet blend of Strawberry and Banana with a bubblegum spin”

Pure Eliquids

I have saved my favourite till last. This is an amazing flavour. As I said above, I love retro sweets and this hit the target many times over. Foam bananas…check, strawberry chews….check, proper bubblegum…….hubbabubba! Lots of juices already manage good, sweet banana and strawberry flavours, but the bubblegum here is on another level. It is thick, sweet, and oh so chewy. It is the best bubblegum flavour I have ever had the pleasure to vape. The only thing I can find to moan about is that I can’t actually chew it or blow bubbles. On the flip side, real bubblegum loses its flavour over time but this just keeps on giving. This is truly a top class flavour and if you are in to candy flavours, you will be blown away by this one.

Okay Orange Shortfill Range Strawberry Banana Bubblegum

Final thoughts

Once again, Dispergo Vaping deliver and then some. The bottles look great and the flavours are even better. I keep waiting for them to send us a dud but they just don’t seem capable of mixing anything that is even just average let alone bad! But as with all dispergo juices, you can try them worry free as they are covered by the satisfaction guarantee so If you find they aren’t your thing, you can send them back and try something different absolutely free of charge. I can’t imagine anyone would need to take them up on that though, not with the Okay Orange range.

You can buy them direct from Dispergo Vaping for a very reasonable £14.99 or an even better 2 for £25 and they even include free nic shots too…winner!

Okay Orange Shortfill Range full selection

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