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OhmBoyz Drip City Short Fill E-Liquids

OhmBoyz Drip City are a range of short fill E-Liquids developed by the mixologists known as the OhmBoyz Mod Club and produced in Canada. They use only the best ingredients sourced from Canada and the United States.

All the flavours are within a 70% to 80% VG range making them ideal for Sub Ohm setups. The juice comes in large plastic bottles with removable nozzle lids and child proof top caps. They feature really colourful labels with all warnings clearly marked. Since the bottles contain absolutely no nicotine they are fully compliant with the EU’s TPD regulations.

You will have to purchase some QuickNic or its equivalent (sold separately), remove the nozzle lid and squeeze in the nicotine, it’s a good idea to do this over the sink. The bottles are apparently 60ml capacity, but they seemed more like 70ml to me because after using a single 10ml bottle of 18mg QuickNic to achieve a 3mg nicotine strength it was not enough to completely fill the bottle. I dare say that if you would prefer 6mg nicotine strength there should be enough space in the bottle to take two 10ml 18mg bottles of QuickNic.

Keep in mind these juices are intended for use in an RDA. I know it might be very tempting to put them in a tank, but in my case I found that just led to losing a great deal of the subtle nuances of the individual flavour profiles. They might be satisfying enough in a Sub Ohm tank with a suitable Clapton Coil but for best results I would definitely stick to using them in a dripper.

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I received five different juices for review and vaped them in my Titanium Mods Ukraine Achilles II RDA which was fitted with a 1.0ohm coil, wicked with Kendo Vape Cotton. My device of choice was the Lost Vape Therion 166.


Honey, Pistachio Nougat and Almond Meringue e juice. 70VG/30PG.

This particular juice offers a pleasant taste of sweet honey on the inhale which then gives way to a small amount of pistachio, before your taste buds are finally greeted with a hint of almond meringue on the exhale.

As dessert flavours go this one is light and enjoyable, but the overall balance is quite delicate. The diversity of ingredients is really quite delightful and makes for a very unique combination. In my opinion this would make a great all day vape!

The throat hit was very mild with the juice mixed to 3mg nicotine strength. Vapour production was good but pretty standard for this kind of mix ratio.

The Electronic Cigarette Company


Lemonade, sweet and sour Tropical Fruit, Cucumber and Limoncello. 80VG/20PG.

Now this was a really different flavour to vape. In fact it’s so odd I feel it would be absolutely perfect for someone seeking a really unique E-Liquid. On the inhale you get a traditional lemonade flavour combined with tropical fruit. In fact that aspect of this juice reminds me a little of Lilt. This then gives way to cucumber of all things… but for some bizarre reason it works! Finally you get a delightful sweet Limoncello (Italian Lemon liqueur) on the exhale.

I’ll be totally honest with you I never expected to like this flavour, but after a few vapes it’s totally grown on me. The ingredients taste delicious and I really enjoyed the variety of flavours which helped to kept it interesting. For sheer uniqueness it really does deserve to be tried out!

I found the throat hit mild to medium with the juice mixed to 3mg nicotine strength. Vapour production was very good.

Smur's Squirt

Blueberry Acai with a Balkan Yogurt created from Canada. 75VG/25PG.

Vape Club

At first glance this juice’s green colour reminded me of watered down Fairy Liquid, but rest assured the actual flavour is absolutely delicious! It offers an acai and blueberry combination. Now for those of you out there who might be interested acai was once touted as super fruit which was rich in anti-oxidants, yet the irony is that scientific evidence shows blueberries achieve far more in that department. As far as this particular juice goes with both ingredients present I suppose you might even say that this is twice as good for you, at least if they were actual fruits and not just tasty concentrates.

In all seriousness it is deliciously sweet and fruity with very natural flavours and it offers a creamy yogurt taste on the exhale. I found it highly enjoyable, but I am something of a blueberry fan. Providing you enjoy fruity flavours I see no reason why you wouldn’t love this!

The throat hit was mild with the juice mixed to 3mg nicotine strength. Vapour production was good.


Ripe Strawberries, Marshmallow Ice Cream, and a Balkan Yogurt straight from Canada. 75VG/25PG.

This juice offers a deliciously sweet and natural fresh strawberry on the inhale which is then complimented by a marshmallow ice cream, before finally offering just a hint of yogurt on the exhale.

Premier Ecigs

Personally I thought it was a really lovely flavour to vape and if you’re a fan of strawberry you definitely need to try this out. All of the ingredients were nicely balanced and extremely natural in terms of taste. I feel this would make a very pleasant all day vape!

I found the throat hit mild with the juice mixed to 3mg nicotine strength. Vapour production was decent but quite typical of the mix ratio.

Apple Pleased

Green apple lightly drizzled with cinnamon spiced butter.

I found this to be an extremely enjoyable E-Liquid. A fresh and very natural green apple flavour is beautifully balanced with just the right amount of cinnamon spiced butter. With a good amount of heat applied it gives a lovely apple fritter style taste experience.

It is very straightforward and would make a highly suitable all day vape. The throat hit was mild to medium with the juice mixed to 3mg nicotine strength. Vapour production was typical of the mix ratio but did not disappoint.



I thought this was a great range of well mixed E-Liquid with a pleasant amount of variety so there will certainly be something which will appeal. This range also offers some interesting new flavour profiles with the Jabane and Yucatan juices, which would be well worth trying out if you are seeking something different.

Many thanks to ohmboyzdripcity.ca who kindly sent this juice to Planet of the Vapes for us to review. These flavours are stocked in the UK by Vape Club, where they are priced at £17.99 for 50ml.

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