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Ginger Rogers by Vape-licious

Another juice review for the exciting Vape-licious eliquids. Their new offering might just have you craving something sweet.

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Another liquid from the fantastic Vape-licious is always an exciting thing. Virtual Doughnut, Virtual Custard and Angel Blood are firm favourites of mine so I was really pleased to hear about this addition to the line up and jumped at the chance to review it!

About the liquid

Ginger Rogers is a 50% PG/50% VG eliquid described by Vape-licious as a rich gingerbread with added coconut and a sweet, creamy butterscotch aftertaste. Sounds good doesn’t it? Now I want you to take a look at the image above. Go on, I’ll wait…

Vape-licious doesn’t get caught up with elaborate bottle designs and packaging and instead focuses 100% on flavour and quality. With this is mind I have sourced the above image based on my impressions of how this smells and tastes. Yes! It smells like that yummy looking cake above and if that’s not enough, it’s tastes like it too!


Where to start? Rich, sticky ginger stem cake with caramelised bits sat in a perfectly balanced butterscotch sauce? What about your favourite grannie's best old-style ginger cake, comforting on its own but even better when smothered in rich, sticky and just-the-right-amount of sweet toffee sauce? Unfortunately, I don’t think that these descriptions or indeed the image above do justice to the amazing depth and range of this eliquid. I don’t know how Steve manages to mix such well thought out flavours. I wasn’t even aware of the coconut until it was pointed out to me as it just adds another layer of intense goodness to the well-blended whole. I believe that a good marker of a premium liquid is when the vaper is unable to pick out individual flavours without sitting down and really thinking about it. Everything about this liquid is balanced and perfected and leaves you wanting more. The ginger flavour will not bang at your tastebuds and burn your throat: it is a superb balance of ginger that cleverly hints of something stronger without being too in-your-face. Instead of making the horse bolt, it would make it more likely to try and lick its own bum!

According to Vape-licious you don’t normally need to steep their liquids but this one benefits from a week of sitting quietly. I definitely found that perfection continued to improve (how that’s possible, I don’t know!) over the course of vaping this bottle. Perhaps the air enabled the flavours to intensify or something? However it happened, it just added that extra flavour hit to an already beautiful eliquid.

Throat hit

A well balanced throat hit complements the flavour of this juice perfectly. A slight tickle on the throat adds to the effect of eating real stem ginger cake and provides a warm, pleasant experience that heightens the experience for me. As ever, so many factors affect the intensity of a throat hit like nicotine level, tank/dripper, coil/wick and voltage/wattage but this sits fimly in the “happy zone” which allows the user to tweak to their own personal preference.

Vapour production

For a 50/50 mixed liquid, vapour production on this is pretty good! The main thing about blowing clouds with this juice is the number of people that tend to appear around you sniffing the air. It’s one of those that smells so good after exhalation that you’ll feel like you’re starring in your very own old-school Bisto advert. Lot’s of “mmm”s, “aahh”s and “can I try that”s will follow you around for the duration of the bottle. I can’t promise it will make you friends but it will certainly give you the opportunity to strike up random conversations about cake! Cake: the great starter of impromptu friendships. Could this liquid get you laid you ask? Maybe, just maybe…. but concentrate, this is important stuff!!


Once again Vape-licious hit it out of the park. From a home-run juice manufacturer that only produces small batches, the consistency and quality of these liquids is second to none. I find myself impatiently awaiting his next fabulous creation and thoroughly recommend that everyone try this liquid. It may just change your life (and get you laid).

If ginger isn’t your thing I would still urge you to give this a go. If you really can’t bring yourself to do it, try one of the other liquids in the Vape-licious range. You deserve it!

Where to buy

Ginger Rogers is currently only available from the Vape-licious online store in 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg. As Steve only does this part time it can be a bit touch and go finding them open but well worth checking back regularly. As a general rule of thumb, the shop is open for business from Friday through to Sunday and new liquids are always announced on the Vape-licious Eliquid Facebook group. Enjoy, be patient and stay steamy ;)

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