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Nostalgia Shortfills by Ohm Brew

Ah the good old days! Ohm Brew are taking us right back with their Nostalgia range of shortfills

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I’m getting old! I’m not looking for sympathy, just stating the fact. I wake up tired and achy with pains in places I didn’t know existed, I don’t know what is happening in the music charts anymore, and police officers all look underage, it’s not good. I put on a golden oldies radio station the other day and it was playing stuff from the early 2000s, and I cannot get my head around the fact that it was nearly 25 years ago. I am also sure that things were genuinely better in the good old days. We are quite an old skool loving household so I am surrounded by classic stuff, from vintage computers to classic BMXs, we could probably open a museum of cool stuff. But there are some areas where things have improved over time, smokefree alternatives for a start. So when Ohm Brew asked if I would like to check out their new Nostalgia range of shortfills, I knew I was going to be in my element.

It feels like Ohm Brew have been around forever, although I have a feeling that might be my age again, the old memory starts to play tricks and time also seems to do strange wavy things to confuse me even further! But regardless of that, they have a really solid reputation for making banging e-liquids which are seriously packed with flavour, so I was really looking forward to doing this review. The Nostalgia range, as you might be able to guess from the name, covers a load of retro flavours from the very best classic sweets back in the day, in the time before Haribo came in and wiped the floor with our old 10p mix childhood favourites. If you have a seriously sweet tooth, stick around as this is the range for you.

Although these are retro flavours, these are thoroughly modern shortfills. The presentation is suitably groovy, bright, bold, and seriously cool. The artwork is really eye-catching with a vintage modernist design which feels both classic and futuristic at the same time. They have an almost Scandinavian cool feel, if a famous Swedish furniture brand designed e-liquid bottles, they would look like this. Bonus points go to the actually bottles as they are the brilliant ones that have a flip up nib so you can add your nic shots without risking breaking your nails!

Inside the groovy bottles, is the good stuff. They are 100ml shortfills which have space for you to add your nic shots so you will end up with 120ml of e-liquid. The bit that really jumped out though was the ratio, whilst most shortfills are designed for cloud chasers, these are 50PG/50VG so will be perfect for all you MTL vapers out there. Not only that, but they are also perfect in a pod kit set up, such as Ohm Brew’s very own Refill Bar. This alone makes the Nostalgia range a very attractive option. Mix this up with the double concentrate strength, these are a strong contender for the best value disposable killing e-liquid on the market.

Nostalgia Shortfills by Ohm Brew vape on


The flavours

There are currently eight flavours in the Nostalgia range covering some classic sweets along with a few slight curveballs to keep things interesting. As I said earlier, these are mixed at double strength and they really do pack a flavour punch, there is nothing subtle going on here, and there doesn’t need to be when they taste this good.

Bubblegum Squash Chew

“Indulge in the taste of bubblegum candy, drawing inspo from the beloved squishy confections. Our goal was to craft an e-liquid flavour that would tantalize your taste buds with the same playful delight!”

This is the first of two bubblegum flavours in the line-up, no bad thing as I have a bit of a love for this particular type of e-liquid. I’d say this one is more of your traditional variety, like a bazooka type. It is thick, sweet, and juicy, all the taste of bubblegum without the embarrassment of having to peel sticky burst bubblegum residue off your face after blowing a monster bubble.

Golfball Candy

“Experience the exquisite taste of Golf Ball Candy, a delightful fusion of refreshing spearmint and invigorating chewy candy. Resulting in a taste experience that perfectly captures the essence of these classic sweets.”

I didn’t think I knew what golfball candy was until I filled up my tank and had a puff, and I recognised it instantly. It is sweet and minty, unmistakably spearmint. The texture is nicer than the original sweets and the flavour lasts longer as they always seem to fade off quickly. This is strong enough that it remains fresh and full flavoured, and I loved being reminded of a sweet that I’d completely forgotten about. That is a pretty good testament to just how good these juices taste.

Nostalgia Shortfills by Ohm Brew Golfball Candy and Sour Cherry & Apple Squash Chews

Iron Chew Bar

“Our rendition of these retro sweets inspired by the popular Scottish beverage. A fruity explosion of flavours enveloped in a blast of chewy candy, leaving a delightful lingering taste”

This was a big argument in my school playground, were you team wham bar, or were you team iron brew chew. I loved both, but I think the later sticky orange chew just nudged it for me. I used to love the drink too until they poisoned it nasty sweeteners, but that is a rant for another time. This is bang on the money again, sweet and syrupy with that unmistakeable flavour. I’m now quite gutted that they haven’t sold the sweets for years, but this is definitely the next best thing.

Juicy Froot Bubblegum

“The unmistakable retro bubblegum now in an e-liquid! A moreish blend of tropical fruit flavours wrapped up in a chewy gum that will keep your tastebuds wanting more”

Here is the second classic gum flavour, this time the Ohm Brew take on juicy fruit. You can still get a version of juicy fruit gum now, but they have changed it to those tablet sized gums instead of the classic stick, and it just isn’t the same as it doesn’t have the light sugary coating. This e-liquid manages to replicate the original flavour back before sugar was a dirty word. Both gum flavours have that distinct chewy mouthfeel which is always a winner in my books.

Nostalgia Shortfills by Ohm Brew Orange & Lime Sour Worms Bubblegum Squash Chews

Orange & Lime Sour Worms

“Delight in this blend of orange and lime infused with a perfect balance of sweet and tangy gummy flavours, capped off with a generous sprinkling of fine granulated sugar”

I have to confess that as much as I love gummy worms, I always preferred the strawberry flavoured ones with the white other half. This is a case where I prefer the e-liquid version to the original sweets, and that doesn’t happen very often. The citrus flavours are always going to work well together, but the real winner here is the sour note which adds a sharp freshness making this very moreish.

Pear Drop Fizz

“Experience the timeless appeal of a cherished fan favourite with our classic candied pear e-liquid. Crafted to capture the essence of the beloved old-school boiled sweet, this flavour envelops your senses in a fizzy, delightful nostalgia”

We are going proper old school here; I would imagine there is a whole generation at least who has never had the pleasure of a real pear drop. It is a strange flavour really, almost medicinal in a weird way. They don’t even really taste of pears, they are their own thing. I blooming love them. I’d go and buy a 50p bag of these and a 50p bag of cola cubes…heaven! Once again Ohm Brew have totally nailed the flavour, this is absolutely accurate. If you want a real nostalgia trip, you will absolutely get it here.

Nostalgia Shortfills by Ohm Brew Juicy Froot BubbleGum and Iron Chew Bar

Sour Cherry and Apple Squash Chew

“Embark on a journey of delectable indulgence with our blend of apple and cherry, expertly infused into a soft and chewy foam treat. Crafted exclusively for vapers who like it sweet”

Everything was going so well, but I guess we can’t all like everything, and this is one that just didn’t work for me, I found it to be a little too chemical tasting. I think it could have been more to do with my hardware as it settled much better in a pod with a mesh coil, my usual tank seemed to enhance the wrong notes leaving a bitter aftertaste. Maybe it is just too much flavour for one tank to handle!

Strawberry and Kiwi Spacerocks

“The perfect fusion of popping candies, where a delightful mix of Strawberry and Kiwi dances on your taste buds. A truly harmonious combo of flavours”

Back on form for the last flavour, this is a cracker…or should that be a popper. I love popping candy, but it was a surprising choice for an e-liquid as you can’t get that feeling in a juice, but there is a definite fizz to it. Strawberry and kiwi is tried and tested but the texture is what makes this so good. Randomly I also had the best popping candy I’ve had for years last night, how’s that for a coincidence (tiger brand if anyone wants to treat themselves, it’s almost violently explosive!).

Nostalgia Shortfills by Ohm Brew Pear Drop Fizz and Strawberry and Kiwi Space Rocks

Final Thoughts

Now I consider myself to be a woman of refined tastes who likes the finer things in life, but underneath that, I’m just a big kid who still loves sweets and misses the days of the 10p mix. My grandad would give me 50p to go to the corner shop to buy sweets and I would feel like the luckiest kid around coming back home with my white paper bag filled with all sorts of sugary treats that have probably all been banned now for having dangerous additives, so when I first heard about the Nostalgia range, I must admit I got a bit misty eyed at the prospect, and Ohm Brew have managed to almost completely deliver on their mission to bring “the magic of the sweet shop straight to your vape”. I love this range and if you are just a big kid at heart, you’ll love it too.

Ohm Brew don’t sell direct so if you want to give these a try, you will have to find a stockist. Luckily, there is a handy store locator on their website so you can find a local stockist either local to you or online. Prices vary from store to store, so it is worth clicking on a few and shopping around a bit for the best bargains. Wherever you manage to buy the Nostalgia range from, you are going to be in for a real, old fashioned treat.

Many thanks to Ohm Brew for sending these in for review, it has been a real pleasure.

Nostalgia Shortfills by Ohm Brew range

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