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Naughty Juice by Dispergo Vaping Naughty Juice by Dispergo Vaping

Dispergo Vaping are back with another sweet, dessert based range of shortfills, and these sounded right up my street. There are some flavours which are stone cold vaping classics and could well be considered landmarks of their time. I would go so far as to say you can tell how long someone has been vaping by which of the classics was their first love. For me, it would be Dekang RY4, the only tobacco flavour I have truly loved. It was rich, smooth, and sweet and not like more traditional tobaccos which at the time were more like licking a stale ashtray. Most of the rest of the Naughty Juice range are nods to the greats but done Dispergo Vaping style, but there are also some more unique flavours too.

As you would expect from Dispergo Vaping, the labels really pop, and they will really shine on the shelf of any shop wise enough to stock the Naughty juice range. The graphics tell you all you need to know about the flavours inside, but of course you will also find all the usual disclaimers and information too. The bottles have just the right amount of squish.

All the range are 70VG/30PG, 100ml with space in the bottles for your nicshots which are included in the price. Because they are high VG and are all on the sweet side of things, they are better suited to subohm set ups, they really shine with mesh coils which pull every last drop of flavour out.

I will say that initially the flavour of some of the bottles didn’t feel quite right so I put them aside for an extra week and that did the job, so I am guessing my review bottles were super fresh and the extra steeping time made a huge difference so I would recommend putting them away initially to make sure you are getting the very best from them. Trust me, it will be worth it.


Naughty Juice range


Milkmaid Shortfill E-liquid 100ml by Naughty Juice is a ripe strawberry flavour topped with smooth cream”

This is as good as any strawberry milkshake e-liquid, a rich creamy base laced with sweet, juicy berries blended perfectly. It is thick like a shake but still manages to be light enough to be an all day vape. The balance is spot on, and it does exactly what it says on the bottle.

Naughty Juice Milkmaid

Vanilla Custard

Vanilla Custard Shortfill E-liquid 100ml by Naughty Juice is a sweet and silky vanilla custard flavour e-liquid”


If there is one flavour that has gained legendary status, it is the humble vanilla custard. Whilst it may not be as common as it was a few years ago when you’d be hard pushed to get anything that wasn’t custard based, it is still massively popular. This ticks all the boxes and should satisfy even the fussiest custard lovers. It has that wonderfully rich depth of flavour that separates the winners from the also rans.

Naughty Juice Vanilla Custard


RY4 Shortfill E-liquid 100ml by Naughty Juice is vanilla tobacco flavour with a helping of smooth sweet caramel”

Now here is one that will split opinions as those who remember the old RY4s will know that they were all different from each other, some quite dramatically so. The Dispergo version stays on the safe side with a light and fairly subtle tobacco and a bolder caramel. It is highly vapable, but it may lack a bit of the complexity that could take it to another level. But this is purely subjective as I prefer a more challenging take on the flavour. This may sound like I am being quite negative; I really am not as this is still very tasty; I can just see that a bit of experimenting could make this a real standout flavour.

Naughty Juice RY4


Lemon Meringue

Lemon Meringue Shortfill E-liquid is a dessert blend of zesty lemon and sweet, crisp meringue”

This is where Dispergo Vaping really excel, layers of flavour, depth, and strength. This is the perfect blend of sweet but delicate meringue with heavy cream and a wonderfully sharp lemon which cuts right through. I do love tart citrus flavours as they can really lift things. This would have been a very different flavour without that almost sour bite, but that twist really makes this a winner.

Naughty Juice Lemon Meringue

Strawberry Macaroon

Strawberry Macaroon Shortfill E-liquid is a dessert blend of sweet strawberry jam and french meringue”

We are stepping away from the tried and tested classics now with another flavour that Dispergo have already proved themselves with. Now last time I reviewed a macaroon flavour, I hadn’t tried one in real life but I was given some for Christmas so I feel I can say with a level on confidence that this e-liquid is far nicer than the real deal. The meringue base is just sweet enough without being sickly and compliments the jammy strawberry well. It is quite a heavy juice, but it works.


Naughty Juice Strawberry Macaroon

Butterscotch Yum Yum

Butterscotch Yum Yum Shortfill E-liquid is a dessert blend of sweet butterscotch and twisted dough”

This was the one that really needed that extra steeping time as initially it was a bit too doughy. Once things had time to mix better, the butterscotch came forward to smooth and sweeten things and I found myself getting through the bottle a little too fast which is always a good sign. So once again I will say make sure you give this one the time it deserves, and you will be very well rewarded with a delightfully sweet treat of an e-liquid.

Naughty Juice Butterscotch Yum Yum

Final Thoughts

Dispergo Vaping have come up with a consistently tasty range with the Naughty Juice range, if you have a sweet tooth, you will really enjoy this new line. Pair them with the right hardware and your tastebuds will most certainly thank you for it.

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If you want to give the Naughty Juice range a try, you can buy them direct from Dispergo Vaping for £14.99 a bottle or 2 for £25 which is a great deal, especially as you get your nicshots included in the price. What’s more, they are covered by the Dispergo Satisfaction Guarantee so if you find they aren’t to your liking, you can swap them for something else free of charge.

Thanks once again to Dispergo Vaping for sending the Naughty Juice range of shortfills on for review.

Naughty Juice full range

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