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Moliq Dripper Line

Moliq are a large Polish based supplier of Eliquids and DIY juice supplies, and they also supply the well known Chemnovatic bases, which promise to be amongst the cleanest and purest nicotine bases around, with 99.9% pure USP/EP nicotine, a water free base for higher density and better vapour production, and there is also no oxidised nicotine or oxygen present to give the base a better shelf life as well as cleaner flavour.

They also supply their own in house developed juices too, and the Moliq Dripper line is a new range from the Moliq team that is also pleasingly free of diacetyl, acetyl propionyl and acetoin, meaning that the juices you are vaping here are certified as being free of any potential nasties. It’s available in a 70VG 30PG mix ratio, meaning its perfect for drippers or sub ohm tanks, and available in nicotine strengths of 3mg and 6mg….


A mix of our exclusive RY-4 Tobacco, caramel, banana and hazelnut flavours plus just a pinch of our secret ingredient and there you have it - a true delight. Great opportunity for customers seeking for new taste inspirations.

I was actually overwhelmed by the quality of Moliq Delight, despite initially being overwhelmed by the overpoweringly strong smell of artificial banana when I first opened the bottle! Undeterred, I dripped a couple of drops of Delight into my Aeolus Lite and I’m pleased I did, because this really is a fantastic RY4 juice with a twist, and I’m a huge tobacco/RY4 fan. On the inhale I definitely get the banana, but rather than artificial banana it’s reminiscent of a real fruity ripe banana, and it blends together so well with the tobacco, caramel and hazelnut exhale. I also pick up a hint of milky chocolate in there too, and this really is a delightful vape!



We at admit that we have no idea how to dance lambada but we definitely feel the vibes. Remember that sun is never enough so no matter if you live on a sunny Italian coast or in a chilly Norwegian wilderness you should try this new exciting flavour. It has some great tastes that will take you to the ocean beach in a nick of time, let's just mention banana, pineapple and our famous coconut all covered in a subtle scent of vanilla.

Lambada reminds me of a Pina Colada, with it’s juicy blend of banana and pineapple held together with coconut and a creamy vanilla in the background, it’s all blended together to make for a delicious fruity and exotic flavour. It’s really packed full of strong flavour but unlike other similar vapes I never once felt overwhelmed by it, it holds just the right balance of flavour to keep its appeal to my tastebuds.


Moliq EscapeCitrus, strawberry, red fruit berries & well balanced liquorice & anise. All to make you feel blown away by the perfect combination of carefully selected flavours. Seat back, relax and enjoy... your escape.

Escape is a juice that makes for a perfect summery vape, there’s a delicious fruit cocktail inhale where I pick up a mouthwatering blend of lemons, limes, strawberry and a hint of raspberry, and liquorice and anise come in on the exhale to refresh your tastebuds and prime them ready for your next inhale. A real expert blend!



Moliq BombasticBombastic, absolutely fantastic! Amazing combination of sweet & juicy watermelon, crispy in every bite with loving passion Strawberry, topped with freshness & happiness. Perfect for Dripping & tanks!

I do love a bit of watermelon- however not the candied version! Thankfully I got more of a fruity and crisp watermelon flavour from Bombastic, which is rounded off with juicy strawberries and a tasty sweet exhale, I also picked up what I believed to be a hint of citrus on the sweet exhale. Bombastic I actually enjoyed vaping at slightly lower wattages and in a tank, as at higher wattage it got a little too sweet for me, however at more moderate power it was a really enjoyable, very well balanced vape.

New York

Moliq New YorkNew York, New York, a city that never sleeps, just like our staff that constantly develops new tastes especially for you. Of course it has to have a legendary American bubble gum flavour in it complimented with some of our finest fruits flavours. Which ones? This is for you to discover.

Now imagine a juice that is a mix of Hubba Bubba bubblegum mixed with a mouthful of candied strawberry and watermelon, and you might be halfway to cracking what this juice has to offer! I get candied strawberry, watermelon, citrus and a hint of berry on the inhale, and a lovely bubblegum exhale that almost had me blowing bubbles!

Lemonade Blush

Moliq Lemonade BlushBlend of zingy lemonade, hint of lime & lemon together with touch of red fruits, with magnificent note of Raspberry. Subtle combination of tangy freshness and soft sweetness. Perfect base combination for Cloud chasers and user of mechanical mods.

We Vape

Lemonade Blush offers an inhale that to me is reminiscent of Sprite, with zesty and sharp lemon and lime on the inhale with the slightest touch of raspberry on the exhale. It has a delicious sweetness that isn’t too overpowering for your tastebuds, and this juice brings the taste of summer to you at any time of day!


The Moliq Dripper Line is packed with juices bursting with flavour that work very well not just in an RDA, but are great in tanks too, I really enjoyed these juices in both RTA and RDA, and was really impressed with the smoothness from the juices too, with not a hint of any artificial edge to them. There are some real expert blends on offer here, and the 70VG 30PG mix ratio makes for nice and thick cloud production to satisfy your cloud chasing needs!

Price wise, the Moliq range is wallet friendly too, with these juices along with the rest of the Moliq range available at very competitive prices through and - shipping is free for orders over £60!  The team at Molin Shop have kindly given us the whole of their Dripper Line in 30ml at 3mg strength to give away - check out the competition here! Competition ends 12th June 2016.

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