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Lout Shortfill Range

E-Liquids.com sent over their new range of shortfills, the fabulously fruity LOUT!

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E-liquids.com asked us to take a look at a new range they have in, the LOUT shortfill range. After reviewing some of their other juice lines, I was looking forward to trying these ones as I know they only stock the very best juices available.

LOUT comes from Komodo Vape, a real up and comer in the UK e-liquid market. I have only heard great things about their mixing team. They are not new to the e-liquid scene and have already made a name for themselves with their Cider Farms and Jungle Juice brands, but Komodo Vape is a relatively new venture. I am always excited by new additions to the UK juice market, I really do believe we have some of the most talented juice makers in the world and I am not shy about shouting about it!

There are five flavours so far, all fruit based. They come in 100ml bottles and are all 70VG/30PG. E-liquids.com very helpfully add a nic shot guide to help you add the correct amount to get 3mg strength which is perfect for all the cloudchasers out there. I have to say the lids were on very securely so there is no change of anything leaking in transit but it also meant that I ruined my nails opening them up and I ended up rushing through a quick click and collect order with my local vape shop to get a shortfill bottle opener. To save the pain, you might want to pick one up in advance, I don’t really know how I’ve managed without one all this time as it made the job so much easier!

Once opened, and nic added, I left them for a day to steep, and then we were off:

Blue Raspberry Prowl

Blue Raspberry Prowl Shortfill E-liquid by LOUT is a flavoursome mix of Sharp Raspberries and Blueberries, creating a smooth and refreshing e-liquid”

I am getting this one out of the way first as I hate to admit that I really struggled with this juice. I found that whatever set up I used, it just seemed to burn really easily. I tried my usual vapesnail, my kayfun prime, my kizoku limit and my vaporesso Luxe with various coils, builds and temperature combinations, and the results were the same every time, a quick blast of raspberry and then just burnt flavour. The most I managed was about half an average tank full before the wicks were too gunked up and needed changing. Before the coil got too bad, there was a nice raspberry flavour although it didn’t seem that strong, and I got even less from the blueberry. It is very sweet and that is where the problem lies. If they tone down the sweetness a bit, I am sure this would be a very pleasant vape, but as it is, it is just too much work to make it an enjoyable vape.

Lout Shortfills Blue Raspberry Prowl


Honeydewcumber Shortfill E-liquid by LOUT is a smooth yet flavoursome blend of Honeydew Melons on the inhale, complemented by a slice of fresh Cucumber. Creates a refreshing and flavoursome e-liquid with every hit.”

After the first bottle, I was a little apprehensive about continuing, but a girls got to do what a girls got to do, so I filled a fresh tank and dived in. Thankfully this didn’t suffer from the same issues and we were back on track. This is a light juice but don’t mistake that lightness for a lack of flavour. Both melon and cucumber are mellow flavours and this could easily have been a wash out, but they have cranked it up to eleven and the flavour came through loud and proud. The sweet honeydew melon is very authentic and deliciously sweet. It was absolutely freezing on the day I tried this for the first time, but I was able to escape to a tropical paradise in my head thanks to the exotic flavour of this juice. Creeping in on the back of the initial burst is the cucumber. Whilst it may not be the first flavour many people reach for, they are missing out as it gives a wonderful, clean, mellow note which is easy to blend and really polishes things of superbly. If you like melon flavours, this one is definitely worth checking out.

Lout Shortfills Honeydewcumber

Cactus Berry

Cactus Berry Shortfill E-liquid by LOUT is a distinctive and unique flavour profile, blending luscious Blackberries and Blackcurrants with just a hint of Cactus”

This one had me intrigued, I wasn’t too sure what to expect from cactus although I do occasionally drink aloe vera juice so I figured it would be very similar. It turns out I was right but the cactus is more of a blending flavour with brings the berries together and smooths things out. It manages to get the balance of floral blackberries and the tartness of blackcurrants right and there is almost a touch of a sherbet type zing to the combined mix. It is also one of those juices which changes depending on you build or set up, a bit more power brings out the sharper elements whereas backing things off a bit lets the blackberry shine. I preferred the tarter side of things so powered up a bit and was well rewarded with a very tasty berry mix.

Lout Shortfills Cactus Berry

Vanilla Blood Orange

Vanilla Blood Orange Shortfill E-liquid by LOUT is a delicious yet bitter blend of Blood Oranges, layered with a generous helping of Vanilla to create a decadent and smooth flavour profile”

This was another one I was nervous about. I still remember being a little kid trying to make an orange milkshake by mixing squash and milk to make a nausea inducing curdled mess which to this day has put me off anything that combines cream and orange. But you know what? This is blooming lovely! It is creamy orange, no escaping that, but the blend of the two main flavours is perfect and it really works so well. I think the reason it works as well as it does is due to the vanilla being fairly subtle, it just takes the edge off of the loud, in your face orange and leaves you with a very smooth citrus vape. Try it as you may be surprised!

Lout Shortfills Vanilla Blood Orange

Dragonfruit Whipped

Dragon Fruit Whipped Shortfill E-liquid by LOUT is a delicious blend of Dragon Fruit and Guava, creating the most tropical of flavour profiles”

This is a bit of a weird one as it takes a little bit of time for it to settle. Obviously for reviews I use a fresh coil and wick for every flavour so I did my regular rebuild, saturated things and did my normal test burns to help break things in, put everything back together, filled my tank, and sat back ready for my first vape. I hit fire, took a nice lungful and bleurgh! This was most unexpected so I took a second mouthful and still it wasn’t good. But I soldiered on as I always give new juices the best chance I can and things improved a lot. It turns out that this juice, for some strange reason, really doesn’t like fresh wicks. I am very careful with my cotton as I don’t want anything to colour the flavour so I very deliberately choose wick material that is neutral and has a very fast break in time so the initial results were a real surprise. After about a quarter of a tank, things had settled and I finally got to really taste the flavour properly. It is a subtle but refreshing juice. I would be hard pushed to identify guava in there, but the dragonfruit is quite distinct, although I am not entirely convinced it is a strong enough flavour to take main billing. It is very light and has a teasing sweetness which sits right in the middle of your tongue. It probably isn’t going to impress anyone looking for fierce flavour, but if you like a more subtle juice, this will be a good choice. Just remember to give it time to settle down.

Lout Shortfills Dragonfruit Whipped

Final Thoughts

The LOUT range is a selection that shows potential but is a little inconsistent. When it is good, it is very good, and a few of the juices really surprised me, especially the Vanilla Blood Orange. But the consistency isn’t quite there and the misses do stand out when there is some obviously quality mixing going on with the brand. I also found them to be quite sweet so my wicks needed to be changed more often than usual, that is not a complaint as I like sweet flavours but it is something to be aware of.

The other thing that is definitely a positive is the price. You can pick up 100ml for £14.99 so they represent very good value for money. It is not unusual to spend £13-16 for 50ml so you are getting a lot of juice for the price and I am always glad to find a bargain!

Many thanks to E-liquids.com for sending these in. If you like the sound of this range or want to try some other top quality juices, definitely pop over and check out their fantastic range of e-liquids.

Lout Shortfills full range

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