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Lenola Cream is produced by Kite in Cloud, and since its release last year it has proven to be a wildly popular juice within the US, and it's earned rave reviews and hugely positive feedback from all sections of the market. Described as banana, pies, fruit medley tastes and creaminess for miles, the description alone should be enough to get the tastebuds going!

The guys at Lenola Cream UK kindly provided us with a 30ml bottle of Lenola Cream in 3mg nicotine to review, so let's have a look at one of the most popular juices in the US right now..

Lenola Cream

Lenola Cream has been blended to a 70VG 30PG mix ratio, so alongside the blend we should be expecting some healthy vapour production too! It absolutely delivers on the vapour front, with dense and satisfying clouds, and from the very first puff of this juice I couldn't help noting just how deliciously smooth it is. There isn't much in the way of throat hit to speak of, if any at all, it's a light and smooth vape that I feel is easy going enough to vape all day long. I know for sure that when I first made a start on my review bottle, I couldn't put it down, I found it to perform fantastically well no matter what atomiser I used it in, with it excelling for me in the Kayfun 5 and the NarDA at between 30-35W.

Upon opening the bottle, I was greeted with a very strong and tantalizing smell of fresh bananas, but the smell of this liquid gives nothing away to the overall flavour experience. Lenola Cream comes pre steeped so it is ready to vape right out of the bottle, which is a real plus point. My first inhale was greeted with a light and sweet banana, with just a touch of sweetness, which really threw me as I was expecting a much stronger banana, but this light banana is perfect especially when it blends in with the delicious clouds of cream that come in shortly after that initial banana hit. The pie flavour note for me is just a hint, a very light touch of pie that I pick up in the background, that just lends an added layer to Lenola Cream. 

For me, it is a beautiful banana cream vape, that is easily a contender for an all day vape, with how delicious and smooth it is. I found it to be fairly easy on my coils as well, whereas many similar US juices are packed with sweetener and can be quite aggressive to your coil and wick. The mix is perfect, and this is one delicious creamy blend!


Lenola Cream has taken the US by storm since it was released last year and it has become an exceedingly popular juice in the UK recently, the layered quality of this juice captivating tastebuds everywhere. It's been a much hyped juice but one I feel that truly does deliver on the hype.

It's an immensely smooth juice, with rolling clouds of deep flavour, plenty of vapour to boot and an easy going juice that I find to be an absolute pleasure to vape. The best way I can describe it is a puffy cloud of tasty cream and banana with a touch of pie, and it will lift you up and carry you away with its gorgeously mixed blend!

POTV readers can also get a superb 25% discount to try it with by using the code POTV2016 at checkout!  If you are a vendor and are interested in stocking this juice then give them a shout as they are dealing with wholesale for the UK.  We also have four bottles of Lenola Cream to give away thanks to the team at www.LenolaCream.co.uk - two to give away on the competition page here and two are being given away on the forum here.  This really is a superb juice and well worth trying out, they will be at VapeFest this weekend so make sure you check them out if you are going!

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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