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LDN LIQ Grime, Punk and Electro

LIQ Distribution are one of the largest vaping distributors in the UK, with one of the biggest and busiest online stores in Europe. Today I'm taking a look at three of their own in house developed liquids from the LDN LIQ range!

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Founded in London in 2014, LIQ Distribution are one of the largest vaping distributors in the UK, with one of the biggest and busiest online stores in Europe, and they also operate the UKECIGSTORE stores located in Wembley and Camden.

LIQ Distribution not only stock their own brand products, but also supply numerous E-Liquids and hardware from other manufacturers too, with hundreds of products on offer backed up by a UK based customer service team. At present, they offer a choice of over 600 different E-Liquids!

LDN LIQ is one of the ranges developed in house by LIQ Distribution, and Grime, Punk and Electro are inspired by three of the most popular music genres that London is renowned for. All three of these are available in nicotine shot ready zero nicotine 50ml bottles, and are mixed to a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, with some quite eye-catching and stylish label designs!


Since the early 2000's, London beat heads have been nodding to the sound of Grime. Like a bit of Stormzy? If you know your Wiley from your Dizzee, then come and juice up your life with this fresh burst of lemon and lime...

Grime smells anything but grimy, there's quite a fantastic sweet and zingy smell of lemons and limes emanating from the bottle, which really got my taste buds going and made me want to dive straight into this juice!

I was really impressed by just how fresh and sweet this lemon and lime combo tasted, I've been vaping it almost exclusively on mesh in the Billet Box with the BBGen, which really brings out the best in the lemon and lime notes!


Ever had your head sandwiched between moshing melons and peaches simultaneously? You have now...Punk by LDN LIQ hits you in the face with fresh fruit like a bicycle chain swung by Sid Vicious! This punky little number is sure to leave you smiling...

When I first opened my bottle of Punk, my senses were treated to the inviting smell of fresh peaches, which is a very pleasant scent indeed. Whilst vaping Punk, the most dominant flavour I get is a thick and authentic tasting peach flavour, with a lighter undertone of melon.

Flavour delivery is very smooth indeed, with no detectable throat hit, but plenty of thick and flavoursome vapour! The smoothness of this E-Liquid makes it perfect for vaping at high wattage, as it never tasted either harsh or artificial when I vaped it at 25-100W!


Sirens, whistles, smoke and pounding bass...if you are a clubber then you have to try this! Electro by LDN LIQ sends out a stream of blackcurrants and cherries straight from the speakers and into your vape. Now who said rewind...

Electro has a very strong smell of sweet blackcurrant cordial when I open up the bottle, which actually reminded me of Ribena- an old favourite drink of early 90's Acid House ravers!

A thick blackcurrant cordial style flavour is balanced off very well with an undertone of dark cherry, with the two flavours complimenting each other perfectly. Again flavour is delivered smoothly, with no throat hit present, and plenty of vapour production. I found that this went down extremely well in an RDA with a sub ohm build, and can easily be a contender for an all day vape!


I've got to say that the presentation of these three E-Liquids is absolutely first class, from the packaging right down to the classy and stylish label art on the bottles too.

However there's no style without substance, and Grime, Electro and Punk back it up by delivering some top quality, tasty E-Liquids that really deliver! The fruity combinations found here are absolutely perfect for the coming summer months, and deliver an excellent flavour punch to your palate!

Many thanks to LIQ Distribution for sending LDN LIQ in for review, these can be purchased at UKECIGSTORE or wholesale enquiries can be made at LIQ Distribution.

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