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Kraken e-liquid range from Vape and Juice

The Kraken range is an interesting selection of five short fills based around delicious fruit flavours blended with aniseed and menthol.

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The Kraken range is a selection of five short fills based around delicious fruit flavours blended with aniseed and menthol. Vape and Juice have kindly sent us three of the range to review.

The Black

A berry bursting explosion of delicious ripe hand picked blackcurrants with cooling menthol and aniseed.

This juice's flavour profile really fits within my preferred flavour range.  Often with this type of blend you find that there is way too much menthol or aniseed and it completely overpowers the other flavours. Not so with this juice! I imagine that many hours have been spent perfecting the taste and for me, the balance is just right. A nice juicy, fresh blackcurrant with a dash of Aniseed and the tiniest touch of menthol creates a wonderfully refreshing vape that keeps you coming back for more!

The Red

A berry bursting explosion of delicious ripe hand-picked cherries with cooling menthol and aniseed.

Just like the black above, this liquid has a well thought out and balanced flavour profile. All of the individual flavourings in this liquid work together and enhance the overall taste.  If a gun was held to my head and I was forced to pick between The Red and The Black, I would have to choose The Red. There is something about this liquid that makes your mouth water! A perfect vape to enjoy while sitting outside and soaking up the summer sun. You are sure find this unique offering refreshing, tasty and extremely moreish!

The Purple

Rich grape and juicy watermelonwith a refreshing blast of menthol.

Anyone who has read any of my previous reviews will know that grape flavours are my all time favourites to vape. This is an e-liquid that I had extremely high hopes for, and it certainly didn’t disappoint! On the inhale you get an amazing deep blend of grape and juicy watermelon that sets your tastebuds tingling. This only increases on the exhale to be joined by the slight cooling sensation of the menthol. To say I enjoyed this liquid is an understatement, definitely one to add to my growing list of go-to grape flavours!


All three of these flavours have been a joy to vape and review. As mentioned above, in liquids like these there is a chance that the aniseed or the menthol will overpower the other tastes and create an overly strong juice that tastes jumbled and lost. Not so with this selection. You can really tell that time has been taken by someone with a fantastic palette who really understands how to mix bold flavours together, without ruining the overall flavour profile. This is certainly a juice line that I will be buying again!

If you would like to try The Kraken range for yourself, they are all available from Vape and Juice priced at £19.99 for 100ml! Click here to see the entire range.

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