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Kilo E Liquids were founded in the United States in 2014, and since then they have grown into one of the largest and most recognizable E Liquid brands in the industry, garnering numerous rave reviews and a large customer base in the process around the world. 

The Kilo E Liquid range is now made up of 5 distinctive and unique flavour profiles, with the focus on well crafted and expertly mixed juices, offering some outstanding liquids. They have also won a number of best in show awards, with judges impressed with the quality on offer from the range.

Kilo E Liquids are available in 15ml, 30ml and 120ml bottles, in nicotine strengths of zero, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg. Let's see what the range has to offer...

Kiberry Yogurt

A delicious yogurt cream that is infused with a blend of fresh strawberries and a dash of kiwi, forging a perfect harmony between sweet tartiness and our signature cream flavours. Our complex blend produces a candied fruit mixture on the inhale that leaves a creamy yogurt aftertaste...

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Kiberry Yogurt to me is like vaping one of those Yop yoghurt drinks, there's a thick strawberry yoghurt flavour, a hint of fresh kiwi (and by hint, I mean a hint, there's just a teasing note of kiwi) in the background and a delicious yoghurt undertone, and Kiberry Yogurt in my opinion has the most realistic yoghurt taste to it that I have ever experienced. It's very thick and heavy, just like you would expect spoonfuls of yoghurt to be! Kiberry Yogurt is not just my favourite juice from the Kilo range, it's actually one of my favourite juices of all time, and a juice I will happily vape all day everyday.

Cereal Milk

The perfect blend of fruity cereal and milky cream. This nostalgic flavour is reminiscent of the milk after you've finished a bowl of your favourite cereal.

Strangely Cereal Milk doesn't actually remind me of a cereal vape at all, I've vaped numerous bottles off this stuff before in RDAs, RTAs, gennies and sub ohm tanks, as I really enjoy this juice, and I always get a creamy, almost yoghurty orange and citrus flavour from it every time! That may just be my tastebuds, but that is what I get from it, and it's really enjoyable, much different to many of the countless lemon heavy cereal vapes on the market, for me Cereal Milk is one of the few that actually seems like it's trying to do something different!

Fruit Whip

The Mouth Watering Taste Of Fruit Whip!!

Fruit Whip is one of the new releases from Kilo E Liquids, and it's a fruit lovers dream with a sweet avalanche of different fruits, topped off with a whipped cream exhale. People who aren't heavily into their fruit vapes may find this a little too sweet and overpowering, as it is really full on and packed full of sweet fruit, that being said I've found it to be a juice that really shines on a mesh wick, unlocking the multitude of different fruit layers. I get both red and green apples, strawberries, kiwis and mixed berries, and that smooth whipped cream exhale to top it off. Definitely a tasty vape for summer!


Dewberry Cream

Dewberry Cream is an exquisite honeydew cream flavour with light hints of mixed berry that is every bit as delicious as it is smooth. Striking the perfect balance between fruity and creamy.

If you love the taste of melons, then Dewberry Cream is one of the best melon vapes I have tried. I don't really pick up on the mixed berry, but I do get a mouthwatering and very authentic honeydew melon flavour, with lashings of beautiful and thick cream on the exhale. It's mixed perfectly, tasting just like actual melon, and it's not too sweet either!

Tru Blue

Tru Blue is reminiscent of a perfectly-sweetened blueberry custard, with a balanced creamy-to-fruity ratio that allows for the nuances of both flavours to shine without being overpowering.

Tru Blue is definitely heavy on the blueberry, there's a sweet, almost candied blueberry on the inhale that is so sweet it almost coats your tongue in sugar! The custard felt to me like it was a little more of an undertone, it seems much weaker than the blueberry, and tends to lend more of a creamy exhale after a heavy blueberry inhale. 


I'll confess to being a fan of Kilo E Liquids ever since I received a bottle of Dewberry Cream in one of my Zampleboxes many months ago. This experience spurred me on to try the rest of the range, and ever since then Dewberry Cream, Kiberry Yoghurt and Cereal Milk have been regular fixtures of my own juice rotation. I rate Kilo E Liquids as being some of the very best juice the US has to offer, with their whole range offering quality blends from start to finish.

Kilo E Liquids come highly recommended by myself, if you are looking for a US juice range that has been expertly mixed and offers real class and quality across the board, with bagfuls of flavour and vapour production, then look no further than these juices!  You can buy these juices in the UK from Vape Club here - Kilo Eliquids.

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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