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Listen up fruity fans! We got to try the new Just Juice Bar Salts range, and no spoilers, but these really did hit the spot!

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Our friends over at The Electronic Cigarette Company sent over the new range of bar salts from Just Juice, and now, am I a fan!
Just Juice Bar Salts offers a delightful range of flavours for vapers looking for both variety and quality. Each 10ml bottle is available in 10mg and 20mg nicotine strengths which is ideal for those coming from disposables as you can start on a high nicotine level and lower down as this is the most natural path most of us take. 

The packaging and presentation are quite interesting and effectively reinforce the mission to offer a better alternative to disposable vapes. 

The product comes in a long box, similar to a single-use package. Inside, you'll find a familiar tear-to-open packet, which reveals the bottle of e-liquid. This design might seem excessive, but it aligns with the unboxing experience familiar to those transitioning from disposables. Since both vaping and smoking are ritualistic, details like packaging can be significant, setting the mood and enhancing the experience, especially when trying to move away from disposables 


“This Just Juice Bar Salt flavour is a sweet and creamy ripe banana with a chill breeze”

I'll be honest, I generally do not like banana flavoured liquids but for this one, I can make an exception. This flavour captures the essence of ripe bananas, offering a smooth and creamy vape. 


“This Just Juice Bar Salt flavour is a crisp cherry medley with sweet and frosty undertones”

Rich and sweet, Cherry provides a bold fruit flavour without being overly tart. Perfect for an all-day vape, it’s well-balanced and satisfying. 


“This Just Juice Bar Salt flavour is a refreshing cola taste with a fizzy icy finish”

A refreshing blast of cola flavour that mimics the classic soda. It’s fizzy, sweet, and perfect for those who enjoy unique, beverage-inspired vapes. 

Dragonfruit & Raspberry

“This Just Juice Bar Salt flavour is a vibrant blend of dragonfruit, and tangy raspberry”

This one is my favourites, I've never managed to find a raspberry liquid I like, but the combination of the dragon fruit and raspberry made me a huge fan. I'll definitely be going to order some more of these!
An exotic mix that combines the sweetness of dragon fruit with the tangy burst of raspberry, this flavour is vibrant and well-layered, offering a refreshing vape experience. 

Grape Aloe

“This Just Juice Bar Salt flavour is a succulent grape flavour with subtle tones of aloe vera and an icy inhale”

A unique combination where the sweetness of grape is mellowed by the soothing notes of aloe. This flavour is subtle yet intriguing, ideal for a relaxing vape session. After we finished this bottle, I found my partner going online and ordered a few more bottles! She's definitely a huge fan of this one 

Kiwi Passion Orange

“This Just Juice Bar Salt flavour is a delicious tropical trio of kiwi, passionfruit, and orange”

A tropical blend that offers a zesty and sweet experience. The kiwi and passion fruit provide a fruity punch, while the orange adds a refreshing citrus twist. 

Lemon & Lime

“This Just Juice Bar Salt flavour is a fresh lemon flavour with tones of tangy lime”

This flavour is perfect for citrus lovers. It’s sharp, tangy, and incredibly refreshing, making it an excellent choice for summer vaping. 

Orange & Clementine

“This Just Juice Bar Salt flavour is a citrus medley of tangy orange and juicy clementine”

A citrus delight that combines the zesty flavour of orange with the sweetness of clementine. It’s smooth and slightly tangy, offering a bright and invigorating vape. 


“This Just Juice Bar Salt flavour is a sweet pineapple tropic taste with a cool breeze”

A sweet and juicy pineapple flavour that is both refreshing and tropical. It captures the essence of fresh pineapple, making it a great all-day vape. 


“This Just Juice Bar Salt flavour is a popular juicy watermelon flavour combined with an icy exhale”

This flavour provides a sweet and refreshing watermelon taste, perfect for those hot days. It’s light, crisp, and very enjoyable. 


Each flavour in the Just Juice Bar Salts range offers a distinct and well-crafted vaping experience. The use of high-quality ingredients ensures robust flavours and a smooth nicotine delivery, making these e-liquids a favourite among vapers whilst also feeling familiar for those coming from disposables. Pair this with a nice pod device, and I'd struggle to see why you'd be buying disposables any longer. 

The Just Juice Bar Salt range is available from The Electronic Cigarette Company for just £3.99 a bottle.

  • Great flavours
  • Different strengths available
  • Will help when switching from disposables
  • None
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