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Juice Jury Slush from Vapable

Vapable have sent us in the Slush Range from Juice Jury to try out. Being massive flavour chasers, we couldn't say no!

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Juice Jury Slush from VapableSlush by Juice Jury from Vapable

One of the reasons I love vaping is flavours! I know I am not alone here either, so I am always on the hunt for new ranges which can set my tastebuds alight and stimulate my senses. So I was delighted when Vapable reached out with a new range for us to try. That range is Slush from Juice Jury, and they claim they are “Guilty of giving you a cool, refreshing Hit”. A wise person once told me never to feel guilt over something that gives you pleasure, a mantra that has stuck with me.

There are four flavours in the range at the moment, with the common link of being cool and refreshing. The choice of flavours is very cohesive, and I like it when juice lines which feel carefully curated. So many brands seem to stick random flavours under one banner, but I guess I like a certain orderliness so a focus on flavour profiles always ticks my OCD boxes!

They are all 50ml shortfils with space to add your nic shot to make them up to 60ml. It doesn’t give the vg/pg ratio on the bottle or the website, but I suspect they are the usual 70/30. They certainly produce a good balance between clouds and flavour!

The branding has a certain class, with a smart leather/denim hybrid backdrop and the name in a distinctive font. Each flavour has its own colour, making it easy to spot which bottle you are grabbing if you are in a hurry. There is also a picture guide to removing the lid and mixing in the nic shot, along with the ingredients and usual warnings. The lids have tapered tips so should fit most tanks and pods, but they are the type that mean you have to remove the whole top, so sharp fingernails or a shortfill lid removing tool are a must.

Juice Jury Slush from Vapable full selection

Blue Slush

Blue Slush Juice Jury is the sweet cooling taste of the classic flavour of blue raspberry, mixed with a refreshing cooling hit

As soon as you crack open the bottle, you cannot mistake the strong smell of juicy raspberry, it is mouth-wateringly strong. Definitely a good sign as it makes a great first impression. Even better, the smell is not just there to tease, the flavour is just as good. If you love a slush puppy on a hot day, you are on to a winner here. Straight away, I was taken back to my favourite festival, chilling out in the sun to some good music with a giant sized cup of slush. The real bonus is, unlike the drink, the flavour doesn’t get watered down by the time you reach the bottom! The cooling part is really nicely done, I really am not a fan of super frosty juice as it distracts from the flavour, but here there is a nice, light chill which is very smooth and compliments the flavour perfectly.

Juice Jury Slush from Vapable Blue

Cola Slush

"Cola Slush Juice Jury is the refreshing taste of sweet cola flavour with a hint of cooling to brighten up the palate

I am not a fan of the big brand colas, but I love the more traditional types so I was curious which way this one would go. Thankfully, for me, this is very much the latter type and not the sugary but unsatisfying type that so many colas end up being. Think fentimans or botanical colas and you are getting there. It is deep, rich and full of dark, syrupy goodness. They certainly haven’t skimped on the amount of flavour that they have packed into the bottle. Again, the cooling element is perfectly balanced, and the freshness really helps even out the flavour to cut through the sweetness. I have yet to find a cola which doesn’t hit your coils hard, this is no exception, but it didn’t gunk things up as fast as some. I could get a tank full without needing fresh cotton, but any more than that is pushing it. That is pretty good as with some colas, you are lucky to get quarter of the way through before your tastebuds are begging for mercy!

Juice Jury Slush from Vapable Cola

Green Slush

Green Slush Juice Jury is the refreshing flavour of fresh lime mixed with a hint of cooling. The lime is a strong and bright flavour, it is authentic and is not a chemical or candy style flavour

Out of the four juices, this was the one I was slowest to warm to, but now it is the one I keep getting drawn back to. It is probably the most subtle of the quartet, and the inhale is almost subdued in comparison. But the exhale is where the magic happens as the tangy but juicy lime really kicks in. The cool texture adds to the lime zing. Whereas the others have it as a seperate element, in this one it becomes an integral part of the flavour and blends seamlessly. It is one of those flavours which really does make your mouth water. The description is spot on when it says it isn’t chemical or candy, it is a very fresh, natural citrus flavour and is a very good juice indeed.

Juice Jury Slush from Vapable Green

Mojito Slush

Mojito Slush Juice Jury is the fresh mix of white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint. With a cooling hit to help lift that mint. Refreshing, full of fruity flavour

Mojito juices can be a bit marmite, you really do either love them or hate them. Luckily, I fall on the loving them side, which is more than I can say for marmite! But finding good ones is very tricky as most are either too minty, too sharp, too sugary, or just a bit of a mess. To make a good cocktail flavour, you have to understand flavour on a deeper level, or it just tastes like you’ve thrown random stuff together. This one is a good one though, you can tell it was mixed by someone who probably makes a mean real mojito and has managed to translate it really well. Each element is there, although the rum is set back a little. The lime and mint are very well matched with the perfect balance of fresh, sweet and sharp, and the sugar is just right, not overpowering but enough to give it just the right lift. Add in the light, refreshing cool buzz, and you’ve got the perfect, grownup cocktail.

Juice Jury Slush from Vapable Mojito

Final thoughts

Juice Jury Slush range is a really good, focused range. It isn’t trying to appeal to everyone and that is a good thing. It shows that it is better to concentrate on getting things right rather than overreaching and losing the magic. By sticking to a common theme, this family of juices is a very strong range with no weak spots and nothing that lets the side down. If you like desserts or tobaccos, obviously you are in the wrong place here, but if you like strong, sweet flavours with a well-controlled freshness, there is a lot to like here.

If this has tantalised your tastebuds, you can pick these up from Vapable. Prices range from £11.99 for 50ml to £17.99 for 100ml, and even better, they come with free nicshots too. Many thanks to Vapable for letting me try the Juice Jury Slush range.

Juice Jury Slush from Vapable full range

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