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Jack Rabbit Vapes Shortfills

We always get excited when one of our favourite juice makers send us new lines to try, so we were buzzing when we got asked to check out the latest additions to the Jack Rabbit Vapes stable.

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I always get excited when one of my favourite juice makers send us new lines to try, so I was buzzing when we got asked to check out the latest additions to the Jack Rabbit Vapes stable.

For those who haven’t yet come across the Jack Rabbit Vapes brand, they are a premium UK based e-liquid company whose mission is to create top quality, high end flavours which are blended to perfection using the finest flavours and ingredients. Now a lot of brands claim to do this but very few actually live up to the hype, but this guys do all that and more. What really sets them apart for me is the attention to detail they put into each flavour, considering not just the initial burst, but the different tastes and feel on both the inhale and exhale to create juices that really are a complete taste sensation. These are gourmet juices in every sense of the word. Of course you don’t have to be a juice snob like me to thoroughly enjoy these blends, but for those of us that have a passion for complex flavours, these are some of the best around.

They very kindly sent me 100ml shortfills, but they are also available in 50ml bottles. They are 70VG/30PG and the bottles come with all the usual information and warnings. I would advise using a shortfill bottle opener for adding your nic shots as the lids were all on very tightly so if you value your fingernails, get a tool to do the job!

Custard Doughnut

“A new and delicious Custard Doughnut mix. Just like your childhood warm filled doughnuts this flavour will leave you wondering how intensely delicious both notes of Custard and Doughnut are!”

Whilst I was looking forward to trying these new flavours, I was sceptical about this flavour. I absolutely love doughnuts, back when I didn’t have to worry about my figure it was not uncommon for me to buy a bag of 10 and I’d easily sit and eat the lot in one go, yeah, I was greedy but I just love fresh doughnuts! Sadly those days are gone now, not as young as I used to be and I can almost see my waistline expand with each bite so I have to limit things, getting older sucks! But as much as I love the real thing, I’ve never found am e-liquid that even comes close to getting it right, there is always something off. But I had to go in with an open mind, if anyone can get it right, Jack Rabbit Vapes can. Now I must also admit that I’m a bit of a doughnut purist, I don’t really go for custard ones, jam is king. So really the odds were stacked against this flavour from the start. But I had to put personal preferences aside so I filled up my tank and dived in.

Straight away you get a wonderful doughy mouthful, fresh and chewy. They managed to get the level of flavour just right, any more would have been too much and would have ruined it. This actually tastes like a doughnut….mind blown! Following up that wonderful start comes the custard filling, and it is a proper filling as you have to wait for it to kick in just as you would when eating a doughnut and you bite into the middle. It is light and sweet, rich without being sickly, and it balances absolutely perfectly with the freshly fried dough. Really the only thing that is missing is biting into the wrong end and squirting custard down my jumper. It has changed my opinion of doughnut juices, when done this well, it is a fabulous flavour. The only negative is that you will need to keep your wicks fresh, it is a bit of a coil gunker. But with cake flavours and custard flavours combined, you wouldn’t really expect anything else. It is worth the extra maintanence as this Custard Doughnut is fantastic.

Jack Rabbit Shortfills Custard Doughnuts

Strawberry Cheesecake

“On the inhale you get the dreamy whipped cream with sweet touch of fresh strawberries. Following this, during the exhale the hints of a creamy cheesecake base. Deliberately made to be that dessert flavour that you can vape all day.”

I have already had the pleasure of their cheesecake blends before so I already knew this Strawberry Cheesecake would be great. The inhale is all about the cream cheese and the biscuit base. It comes in waves, first the mascarpone type decadent creaminess hits and then the crumbly, almost brown sugar tinged biscuit pops up. It is this kind of layering of flavours that these guys really excel in, it is a masterclass in putting flavours together. The delicate, juicy strawberry has to wait for the exhale to makes their appearance. It is very much its own thing, a highlighting note. It has the wonderful jammy feel of a good quality fruit compote but with the freshness of strawberries at the height of wimbledon season, and the flavour lingers beautifully after you have put your mod down. I love cheesecake flavours and this is one of the best.

Jack Rabbit Shortfills Strawberry Cheesecake

Final thoughts

As always, the guys at Jack Rabbit Vapes have absolutely nailed these, it really doesn’t get much better. The doughnut especially impressed me, but that was probably more due to my own scepticism.

Now you may think I am just a totally fan girl and that is colouring my opinion here, but they are so confident in their products that they offer a no quibble satisfaction guarantee so if you somehow don’t like them, you can choose a different flavour. They even pay for the postage. This is the first time I have ever come across this level of service, and it shows yet another aspect of their passion for their craft.

If you do want to jump in and try these, you can pick up 50ml for £13.99 (2 for £20), or 100ml for £20.

Thanks again to the great guys at Jack Rabbit Vapes for sending these over. I can’t wait to see what fabulous concoctions they come up with next!

Jack Rabbit Shortfills in the wild

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