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IVG Beyond E-liquid Shortfills

IVG have sent us the Beyond range of 100ml shortfills to review which promise to "Blow your mind"! Read on to see if they succeed...

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I always get excited when I read that a juice line will be “Beyond your expectations” and will “blow your mind”, but that is what the Beyond range from IVG promises to do. Now I can be a hard task master so I will be the judge of how successful they are in fulfilling these bold claims! IVG were kind enough to send over the full range for me to try out so let’s see how they stack up…

First the basics, the presentation! This line looks a bit different from the usual rather loud IVG branding with clear bottles and semitranslucent labels which show exactly what fruity flavours to expect. I really like the design; it is clean and simple but has a quiet elegance to it. I’m not sure how well they would stand up on a vape shop juice shelf though, but in my home stash, they look great. The 100ml bottles are firm but have a reassuring squeeze to them so are really nice when it comes to filling your tank, easily controllable and accurate.

I did notice that the labels have a warning that some of these contain furaneol, lime oil or orange oil which may cause skin reactions. Now orange oil and lime oil are pretty self-explanatory, but I had to check out furaneol and it seems it is an additive which gives a sweet, caramelised flavour and is readily available as a vape enhancer. I would hazard a guess that these are more commonly used in e-liquid than you may think and IVG wouldn’t have been able to get them through the required testing if they weren’t safe to vape, but well done to IVG for being 100% transparent with their ingredients. If you are sensitive though, you might want to use with caution, but I didn’t notice any issues and I can be a little sensitive sometimes.

These are all 70VG/30PG and I found they worked well in a wide variety of tanks and pods. As ever, there is space for your nic shots which are included in the price so you should be good to go.

At last we get to the fun bit, the flavours. Now I did find they were a bit of a mixed bag. There were a couple which didn’t work so well for me and one that really surprised me, but in a good way. After that mini spoiler, let's get in there!

IVG Beyond E-Liquid Shortfills pyramid

Mangoberry Magic

Mangoberry Magic - For this magic trick we have blended mango with sweet strawberries, then cooled the mixture off with refreshing honeydew melon leaving you asking how did they do it!”

The mango is very good here, fresh and realistic. It is more on the just ripe, slightly green side rather than the dripping down your chin style, but it is unmistakeably mango. I didn’t get a huge amount of strawberry, just a hint of a slightly earthy sweet berry, and the melon is very mellow too. It is very easy to vape though and is a refreshing take on a mango juice.

IVG Beyond E-Liquid Shortfills Mangoberry Magic

Kiwi Passion Kick

Kiwi Passion Kick - Get your summer sun kick with this kiwi and passion fruit combination, merged together with berries so fresh it’s as if you picked them yourself!”

This is right up my alley. The passionfruit is sweet and exotic and has great depth to it. The kiwi is surprisingly strong and very slightly bitter which helps to balance the sweetness of the passionfruit. It is a great combination and works really well. It is one of those juices where the different flavours work on different levels so sometimes you get the sweetness more prominently and other times the kiwi does its thing more. I found the passionfruit normally came through initially and at the end of the vape.

IVG Beyond E-Liquid Shortfills Kiwi Passion Kick

Sour Melon Surge

Sour Melon Surge - A combination of honeydew and ripe watermelon with a surge of sour lime to kick this flavour into the beyond!”

This was so close but just fell at the last hurdle. The melons are great, very distinct and you can easily pick out which is which. But the lime is just a bit too sour in my opinion and clashed with the sweet, juicy melon flavours. If it was dialled back a bit, I think this would work much better, but as it stands at the moment, this is one of the weaker flavours in the line-up.

Dragonberry Blend

Dragonberry Blend - Experience the breath of a dragon with this powerful blend of sweet dragonberries, succulent strawberries blended together with a finish of fresh blackcurrants! A flavour of legend.”

I have mixed feelings about this flavour. Once again, the strawberry was very subtle to the point of not really bringing much to the party. The dragon fruit and blackcurrant, on the other hand, are strong but not uncomplimentary. I think it is a little over flavoured though and it isn’t something I could vape too much of. It is great for waking up your tastebuds though!

IVG Beyond E-Liquid Shortfills Dragonberry Blend

Berry Melonade Blitz

Berry Melonade Blitz - Venture into the great beyond with this fusion of sweet blackcurrants and mouth-watering watermelons, delivered with a tang of freshly squeezed lemons. its taking off!”

It is not often that I really have difficulty finding something positive to say about a juice, but I am struggling with this one. It is way too strong, the lemon is far too much and is bitter but not in a nice way. It completely overpowers everything else, and I was left with an unpleasant floral yet sharp taste in my mouth. Sorry IVG, but this really doesn’t work for me at all.

IVG Beyond E-Liquid Shortfills Berry Melonade Blitz

Cherry Apple Crush

Cherry Apple Crush - This flavour delivers a crushing blow of both red and green apples, finished off with a sweet blackcurrant vest and a cherry kick that will have you coming back for more!”

Now in my intro, I said there was one that really surprised me, but that is a bit of an understatement. IVG have absolutely nailed this one and I now have a new favourite cherry flavour. The sweet crisp apple and the rich succulent cherry is just about as good as it gets, and I was blown away. It is very slightly reminiscent of the cherry in a well-known cold lozenge, but I love that style. There is nothing chemically or nasty here and I could happily add this to my regular juice rotation. This is a beauty!

IVG Beyond E-Liquid Shortfills Cherry Apple Crush

Final thoughts

The Beyond 100ml shortfill range is a good but not without its weak spots. Taste is very personal though so what doesn’t work for me may be just what you’ve been looking for, juice reviews are very much subjective unlike hardware reviews where things work or they don’t. But the Cherry Apple Crush more than makes up for any of the not so great areas, it really did go way beyond my expectations and then some.

All these shortfills can be ordered directly from IVG and are priced at a very reasonable £14.99 for 100ml or you can pick up 2 bottles for £25 inclusive of nic shots. Many thanks to IVG for sending these over to us.

IVG Beyond E-Liquid Shortfills full line up

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