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Glas Basix

Glas Vapor have grown into one of the leading names within the vaping industry, having begun by crafting some of the world's most well crafted and highly coveted mechanical mods. From there, they have also branched out into producing e-liquid, with the Glas Vapor E-Liquid range picking up numerous awards and becoming one of the most popular ranges in the industry.

Every batch of Glas liquid is mixed to the highest standards for consistency and quality of flavour using the best flavourings and ingredients they can source to create the finest e-liquids available on the market. Each one of their bespoke flavours have been crafted through a rigorous development process in order to birth truly unique flavour profiles. Great care and attention is placed on finding the best combination of ingredients to give you the best overall flavour.

The Glas Basix range is a new line up of E-Liquids from the Glas stable, developed for sale in European markets, and SMKD have the exclusive rights to stock and distribute this exciting new range of E-Liquids within the UK. Six brand new flavours have been developed for the Basix range, each one mixed to the extremely high standards set by Glas, and these are available in a 70/30 VG/PG ratio in 50ml short fill bottles. Let's have a look at what the Glas Basix range has to offer...

Sugar Cookie



Fresh from the oven, warm buttery cookie dough glazed with golden brown-sugar caramel, with a cinnamon & nutmeg twist...

In the past I have found that a lot of E-Liquids that have a similar flavour profile to Glas Basix Sugar Cookie are too heavy on the cinnamon, or too sweet, but Sugar Cookie is a polar opposite to this. The mix is absolutely divine, a smooth cookie dough base on the inhale with a thick caramel on top, and a cinnamon and light nutmeg on the exhale all combine for a truly special vape, this E-Liquid is that good you could close your eyes and imagine yourself indulging in a sweet sugar cookie itself!

Blueberry Cake


We Vape

Warm, velvety layers of rich vanilla cake, sweet butter cream, and fresh blueberries, drizzled in a sweet sugar glaze...

One of my favourite E-Liquids of all time is Poundcake from Glas, as I particularly enjoyed how Glas captured the cake feel and texture for that particular e-liquid. Glas have done it again here with Blueberry Cake, a dominant fluffy vanilla cake texture takes the lead here with a creamy background, much like the cake in a cream filling, with flavour notes of juicy blueberry and a sugary icing topping. Perfect for an after dinner treat!

Caribbean Passion


Like the intoxicating vibe of the islands, the perfect blend of mouthwatering pineapple, sweet strawberry, refreshing apples, & and a hint of apricot . . . it’s sheer tropical bliss...

Pure Eliquids

Caribbean Passion is a true exotic, summery vape that was sweet enough to put a big smile on my face! There is a lot of fruit present in this E-Liquid, but none of the flavour notes seem to get lost at any point. Whilst testing this out in different atomisers with varying builds and wattage settings, the flavour profile seemed to shift on me constantly, meaning that I was constantly getting a new, and delicious, experience out of it each and every time. One thing that did seem to be ever present however was the apricot aftertaste that I was left with, which was really enjoyable!

Fizzy Lemonade


A sweet and refreshing sparkling Lemonade poured over lemon-lime shaved ice with a carbonated twist that is sure to excite your senses. It’s citrus, it’s icy cold, but that crackly fresh soda pop ...

Pink Lemonade E-Liquids are ten a penny within the industry these days, however what the market has seemed to lack is a quality, straight forward traditional Lemonade E-Liquid. In my opinion Fizzy Lemonade from Glas Basix comes in and owns that corner of the market, as this E-Liquid provides a delicious taste of traditional Lemonade, right down to the fizz at the end! Glas really do show their mixing skill off here, as this E-Liquid is frighteningly close to the actual drink itself. I found it to be pretty much a spot on representation of Lemonade, and it is a hell of a refreshing vape!

The Electronic Cigarette Company

Creamy RY4 Butterscotch Reserve


RY4 meets Butterscotch Caramel drizzle. The perfect tobacco! Our first tobacco flavour, it's a rich, multi-layered experience, featuring an extraordinary butterscotch and caramel component that leads to a beautiful lingering finish, it's sure to warm the soul!

Tobacco based E-Liquids have long been my favourite genre of E-Liquid, and like many others RY4 based vapes helped to keep me off the cigarettes! I've tried many different RY4 based E-Liquids in my time, and Creamy RY4 Butterscotch Reserve is up there with my all time favourites. A woody, earthy tobacco is mixed with a thick caramel, and a dollop of butterscotch on the exhale which gives a thick mouth feel. This is easily an all day vape for me, and considering as it's the first tobacco E-Liquid from Glas Vapor I'd love to see more from them! Perhaps a Glas tobacco range might be in the pipeline, I for one would love to see that based on the quality of this E-Liquid!

Strawberry Gummy

Vape Club


Sweet but Sour, or Sour but Sweet... our Strawberry Gummy leaves your mouth watering for more with its perfect balance. A classic take on the iconic strawberry sour belt but with a gummy bear twist that will blow your taste buds away.... 

On the inhale I get plenty of candied strawberry flavour, which tastes just like a strawberry candy and isn't too overpowering or artificial tasting. Like the flavour profile states, it seems to shift from a strawberry gummy bear to a strawberry sour belt flavour, I personally found it to be more sweet than sour! If you have got a sweet tooth this E-Liquid will be right up your street, it is a top quality strawberry candy flavour!


Although Basix may be present in the name, there certainly isn't anything basic about this range of E-Liquids! All six of these are of absolute top quality, and I found these to be as good as anything Glas Vapor have put out before. The whole range just oozes quality, and the 70/30 VG/PG mix ratio works well in any type of atomiser, whilst providing smooth flavour, and plenty of vapour as well.

I've personally found two new all day vapes in the form of Creamy RY4 Butterscotch Tobacco and Sugar Cookie, but all six of the E-Liquids found here are truly outstanding in terms of the flavour experiences that they provide. They are all mixed to perfection, and taste just like how they are described in the flavour profiles, and how you would expect them to taste. This is a range that I would highly recommend to anyone, there's an E-Liquid here to suit pretty much anyone's tastes!

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Many thanks to Abdul from SMKD for sending in the Glas Basix range to review, these can be purchased from at the bargain price of £17.99 per bottle. Any wholesale enquiries can be directed to [email protected] or 01274 270303 - check out the full Glas Basix line here! 

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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