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FRYD E-Liquids

FRYD E-Liquids are an American E-Liquid manufacturer based in Los Angeles. As the name suggests, this range of juices are based on fried dessert flavours!

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FRYD E-Liquids

FRYD E-Liquids are an American E-Liquid manufacturer based in Los Angeles. At present their range consists of two juices.

The juice comes in 30ml glass bottles with child proof dropper caps. The labels are smartly done but strangely don’t actually feature the name of the juice and the only way you can distinguish between them is by the image on the label. All typical information is clearly shown, as are warnings.

FRYD E-Liquid is available in a variety of nicotine strengths: 12mg, 6mg, 3mg and 0mg. I vaped both of these juices in a Hellfire Raptor RDA that has a dual coil build wicked with Japanese cotton.

Fried Banana

Deep fried golden banana slices with butterscotch. Sweet banana, buttery cream and crunchy graham cracker notes.

As you might know I don’t typically like banana but this particular flavour surprised me. My first impression wasn’t great since the smell from the bottle was very off-putting and reminded me a lot of those artificial banana flavoured sweets but when I actually vaped it the taste was very natural and enjoyable.

It was certainly a little weird initially because the juice has this slightly sweet fried banana quality that takes some getting used to but as I continued to vape it the flavour really started to grow on me. Personally I found that this juice in many ways reminded me of eating a bowl of bananas and custard. There is also a buttery quality to the mix but I didn’t really associate with butterscotch because it mainly works in the background adding interest to the flavour and never really stands out. Once in a while you can also pick out the graham cracker flavour notes as you exhale.

In my opinion this is a really good flavour and does take a little getting used but give it time and you’ll be hooked!

Vapour production was excellent but quite typical of 80VG juice. Throat hit in 3mg strength is mainly mild but does occasionally border on medium.

Fried Cookies and Cream

Deep fried cookies and cream treats with rich chocolate and sweet filling.

With this juice you mainly get a delicious cookie and cream flavour with a hint of chocolate. A further addition to the mix is a very strong fried flavour, much more so than the Fried Banana E-Liquid. Personally I felt this fried taste dominated the mix way too much reducing my enjoyment of the other ingreditents and I think it will vary heavily amongst users as to whether you enjoy it or not.  

The cookie and cream ingredients you can pick out are really good as is the chocolate but the heavy fried taste was simply not for me and while it worked well with the banana flavoured juice and actually complimented it I felt it was overpowered when used in this mix. Taste varies a great deal and if you are into things like deep fried Mars bars/Cadbury's Cream Eggs it may even be something you will relish! This juice is quite likely an aquired taste perhaps for the vaper who wants something altogether different and unusual.

Vapour production as you would expect was excellent with plenty of clouds being produced. 


In my opinion the Fried Banana was an excellent juice and I was expecting to be equally impressed by the Fried Cookies and Cream despite it having some good qualities it wan't really my sort of thing but since we all have different tastes I am sure some people will love it! Do check out these juices for yourself if you like the sound of them - they are available from E-liquids UK here FRYD E-Liquid - POTV readers can get 10% off using the code POTV!

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