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FRSTD E-Liquids

FRSTD is an all new American made premium E-Liquid range introduced to the UK by Grey Haze with three flavours in the range - Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Strawberry and Wild Berry.

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FRSTD E-Liquids

FRSTD is an all new American made premium E-Liquid range introduced to the UK by Grey Haze. At present there are only three flavours available but I am sure there will be more to come in the future.

The juice comes in 30ml glass dropper bottles that feature child proof top caps. The labels are smartly presented with all information and warnings clearly shown. FRST E-Liquid is mixed to a 60VG/40PG ratio so you will certainly get some pretty decent vapour production!

You can purchase FRSTD E-Liquid in several nicotine strengths: 6mg, 3mg and 0mg.

I tried this juice with three different setups, firstly in an Achilles II RDA with a 1.2ohm single coil, secondly in my Snapdragon RDA using a 0.8ohm single coil and finally in a Gemini RTA using a dual 0.5ohm Clapton Coil build. My device of choice was the IPV3-Li.

Brown Sugar Cinnamon

Experience your favourite Brown Sugar Cinnamon toasted pastry with FRSTD. Taste a delectable combination of brown sugar and cinnamon with every puff!

Since I tend to really enjoy cinnamon vapes I was really looking forward to trying this one. What you get with this juice is a fantastic combination of cinnamon with a hint of pasty on the inhale with a generous sprinkling of brown sugar on the exhale. I could happily vape this one all day long and I did because I really could not leave the bottle alone!

It was interesting to try this juice with different setups because it varied heavily. In the Achilles II I tended to get more of the cinnamon (which was no bad thing since I really like it) and in the Snapdragon I got slightly less cinnamon but far more of pastry taste and the brown sugar was very noticeable on the exhale. In the Gemini both the cinnamon and brown sugar were somewhat toned down and the pastry taste wasn’t noticeable at all but even so it was still a pleasant overall flavour and very enjoyable!

Vapour production was really good and I found the throat hit to be medium except in the Achilles II which resulted in a strong throat hit when using 6mg strength juice.


Experience your favourite Strawberry toaster pastry with FRSTD. Taste everything from the strawberry filling to the golden crust exterior, to the white icing no top.

This juice offers a really delicious and creamy strawberry vape! The strawberry flavour is mild to medium in strength and it did vary somewhat between setups being at its most potent in my Achilles II but as strawberry vapes go this was still a very enjoyable one. From time to time you do get hints of icing and pastry that were most noticeable on the exhale and this was most apparent when using my Snapdragon which delivered a good range of flavours. In the Gemini it was a good overall flavour with a nice amount of creaminess but the strawberry was far milder and I couldn’t pick out the pastry or icing.

Despite this being a 60VG/40PG mix it did put out plenty of vapour especially when using it in the Gemini. To be honest it seemed more like 70VG/30PG to me. Throat hit for the most part was mild to medium except when using it in my Achilles II (tends to boast throat hit of most juices) which resulted in a consistently medium throat hit.

Wild Berry

Experience your favourite Wild Berry toaster pastry with FRSTD. Taste everything from the triple berry filling, to the golden crust exterior, to the neon blue and purple icing on top!

This juice is quite unusual because I went into it expecting a typical berry flavour but what you get is variety of different berries that vary in sweetness. The berries certainly do have a very natural taste to them but due to the multiple combination it does take a little getting used to. Other noticeable flavours in the mix were a hint of crust pastry and a slightly sweet icing that tended to come through on the exhale.

Using this juice in the Achilles II I found the berry flavour dominated a little too much and it really was only at its best in the Snapdragon which struck a better balance or in the Gemini which resulted in the overall flavour being nicely toned down.

I would personally say it was my least favourite in this range (was still very enjoyable but I liked the other two flavours much more) but I did feel that it was mixed really well and if berry vapes are your thing then you will definitely enjoy it!

Once more vapour production was really good and the throat hit was typically medium in strength.


Despite there being only three flavours on offer this a seriously nice range of E-Liquid and I will certainly be ordering myself more of the Brown Sugar and Cinnamon because it was fantastic!

Many thanks to Grey Haze who kindly sent this E-Liquid to Planet of the Vapes for us to review.

If you would like to purchase any of these E-Liquids you can get them directly from Grey HazeRemember to use code POTV10 for 10% discount when placing your order.

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