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Frisco Vapor E-Liquids

Frisco Vapor are an American E-Liquid manufacturer who originally started in the Marina district of San Francisco in 2013. They pride themselves on using only the best ingredients sourced from within the USA and their juice contains no artificial or natural sweeteners and they use DDT free nicotine.

All of the flavours in their range are named after districts in San Francisco. The juice comes in glass dropper bottles with child proof caps and all warning information is clearly marked. Frisco E-Liquid can be purchased in 16.5ml or 30ml bottle sizes and is available in a variety of nicotine strengths: 12mg, 6mg, 3mg and 0mg.

The juice in this range has a variety of mix ratios but all of them have a higher VG content than PG so you can expect good vapour production. All juice was vaped in my Achilles II RDA using a 1.2ohm coil which was wicked with cotton bacon. My device of choice was the iPV4s.


The classic taste of the classic American breakfast treat in vape form. The taste of Fruity pebbles is twinned with rice crispy treats to create an imaginative and seriously tasty juice.

Mix Ratio PG/VG: 40:60

To be quite honest the description of this juice kind of put me off but when I actually got around to trying it I was pleasantly surprised.  There is definitely a sweet and fruity candy flavour but it is not overpowering or sickly. What is interesting is that there is a really nice buttery quality to the vape. Buttery candy, fruit cup cake is probably the best way I can describe this juice. I certainly don’t notice the syrup or the rice crispies but perhaps that’s just my taste buds or they are simply intended to compliment the mix as a whole. Either way it’s a pleasant vape and well worth trying! Cloud production was very typical of this mix ratio and the throat hit was extremely mild.


Presidio takes tobacco e-liquid to the next level. A custard filled pear backed with a creamy velvet tobacco. Delicious.

Mix Ratio PG/VG: 30:70

I really enjoy a tobacco vape but the ingredients in this particular juice sounded really weird and rather off putting but I did keep an open mind and when it came to vaping it I found it far nicer than I expected. The main flavour note is a medium strength American tobacco but it has a wonderful creamy quality due to the vanilla and custard. I wouldn’t say that you can immediately identify specific custard or vanilla notes since they tend to be in the background but the custard does tend come through at times. However you definitely do notice the sweet pear on the exhale often and it makes for a very enjoyable vape. 


The ingredients suggest this juice shouldn’t work at all but surprisingly it does and if you are a tobacco e-liquid vaper then this is well worth checking out! The flavours might sound strange but it makes this juice interesting and it certainly has plenty of variation which would make it a good all day vape. Vapour production was very typical of this mix ratio and the throat hit was mild.

The Rock

The newest creation from Frisco Vapor is here and is so good you'll never want to escape from its wonderful flavours. Formerly known as 'Frisco', The Rock is a sweet and succulent peach Earl Grey tea.

Mix Ratio PG/VG: 40:60

I don’t especially like Earl Grey tea due to the bergamot which I find too overpowering. However I found this juice to be surprisingly pleasant. The tea is distinct but not too potent in flavour and the bergamot is far more subtle than I expected. There is also a nice sweet peach flavour that works as a background note complimenting the overall mix. This wouldn’t be a juice that I could vape all day but it is still enjoyable in short sessions. Of course if you a serious Earl Grey fan then you will probably love it! Cloud production was typical of this mix ratio and I found the throat hit to be mild.


Ashbury E-liquid is a Creamy Acai Blueberry Chai that is lightly spiced to perfection. A truly decadent taste which combines intriguing flavours perfectly.


Mix Ratio PG/VG: 30:70

If you have read any of my other juice reviews you will know that I am not really a fan of blueberry although there have been one or two exceptions. Ashbury falls into that later category because it is really nice. The main ingredient is a lightly spiced Chai tea that is extremely reminiscent of the real thing. The blueberry is present but it seemed to be more of a background note which suited me nicely. The overall flavour is excellent and if you shut your eyes when vaping you could almost trick your brain into thinking you were drinking tea! This is definitely one of my favourites in this range. Vapour production was good but quite normal for this mix ratio and the throat hit was mild to medium.


A spearmint menthol flavour infused with various types of melons and berries. Refreshing inhales with fruity exhales.

Mix Ratio PG/VG: 40:60

This juice is exactly like the description and offers a very light spearmint menthol flavour combined with melons and berries. The flavours are very natural and this is a very straightforward and pleasant vape. I found vaping this to be very refreshing and I’m sure it would make a good all day vape! Cloud production was typical for this mix ratio. Throat hit was mild to medium due to the menthol.

Pure Eliquids


Marina e-liquid is a fantastic flavour blended expertly to closely resemble the famous Hi-Chew Strawberry candy.

Mix Ratio PG/VG: 40:60

I have never tried Hi-Chew strawberry candy so I can’t honestly say how accurate this juice is. To me it tastes a lot like Chewits sweets, the flavour is very pleasant and it makes for a creamy vape. Blended in with the strawberry are various tropical flavour notes but I found it hard to pick out exactly what they were although I do think there was definitely some pineapple in there. Overall this was a very nice vape and if you enjoy fruity mixes then this will definitely appeal! Cloud production was once again typical of this mix ratio and the throat hit was mild in 3mg strength.


Fillmore e-liquid is a unique flavour consisting of expertly blended peanut butter and banana tobacco. A truly mouth-watering juice.

Mix Ratio PG/VG: 40:60

We Vape

I’m sorry to say I was really not looking forward to this juice due to the ingredients in the mix. I don’t really enjoy banana vapes and I really hate peanut butter, throwing tobacco in as another ingredient just seemed like a recipe of disaster so I saved this juice till last.

It turned out my fears were totally unjustified because this didn’t actually taste like the description. The main flavour note is a mild American tobacco but it has a sweet quality to it probably due to the banana. I couldn’t honestly pick out any banana flavour notes at all and the peanut butter isn’t noticeable either but it is no doubt giving the juice a very creamy quality. On the whole it isn’t bad but to be honest there is nothing really to recommend or condemn about it. In my opinion if the tobacco was more distinct I might have enjoyed it more. It might be worth you trying if you fancy a more unusual mix!

The throat hit was mild to medium and vapour production was good but typical of this mix ratio.


This is a nice range of well-made E-Liquid with plenty of variety so do check them out if you like the sound of them!

Pricing is quite realistic for American E-Liquid and you can expect to pay about £8.99 for a 16.5ml bottle or £16.99 for a 30ml bottle.  These juices were sent in to us for review by Vape Superstore - POTV readers can get 15% off all of their items with the code POTV15!


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