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Fresh Juice Company E-Liquids

Vape Fresh Juice Company are an American E-Liquid manufacturer based in Orlando, Florida. At present there are currently three juices in their range - blueberry cake doughnut, sweet tea and a vanilla bean ice cream mix with caramel, whipped cream, marshmallow and praline pecan.

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Fresh Juice Company E-Liquids

Vape Fresh Juice Company are an American E-Liquid manufacturer based in Orlando, Florida. At present there are currently three juices available with no doubt more to come in the future.

The juice comes in a large 60ml squeezable plastic bottle with child proof screw on top caps. Each bottle also comes with a screw on plastic nozzle. The bottles are also well protected inside a cardboard presentation box. The labels are bright and eye-catching and show all the information you would expect including warnings. All of the juice in this range is mixed to 80VG/20PG so you are guaranteed excellent cloud production!

The juice is available in several nicotine strengths: 6mg, 3mg and 0mg. I tried out all three flavours in a 13 Heavens 9 Hells RDA using a 0.8ohm dual coil build that was wicked with Japanese Cotton. My device of choice was the iPV-4s.

The Max

This classic morning favourite. An old fashioned blueberry cake doughnut loaded with sweetened blueberries and showered in a sugary glaze will have you wanting to lick your fingers it is so perfect! Just like a warm fresh Saturday morning treat. This one is addictive! A must try for the dessert or bakery vaper!

This one will definitely keep doughnut flavour vape fans happy because on the inhale you get an extremely good cake and doughnut flavour that is blended with sweet blueberries. The ingredients used in this juice make for a very tasty vape and the blueberry especially comes across as very natural and realistic. All of the flavours balanced really well and I didn’t feel any individual ingredient dominated the mix. You really do get that sugary glazed taste that you associate with doughnuts on the exhale and it does make you want to go back for more!

Vapour production was excellent and I would say the throat hit was medium in 6mg strength.

The G.O.A.T.

Just like a big jug of sweet tea on a Texas hot summer day, our Southern sweet tea recipe brings you this refreshing all-time favourite. With fresh sun brewed tea leaves and just the right amount of sugar, this will easily become an all-day vape! Sweet, tangy and oh so good!

This is quite an interesting juice and to an extent does taste quite a lot like tea but not the typical British ones you may be used to. Make no mistake this tea is some weird American variant and it does not have that high quality you associate with well established brands such as Tetley or Yorkshire Tea (totally kidding). Seriously though this tea is actually rather nice once you get used to the unique taste and with the right amount of heat the flavour is quite convincing and realistic! There is a hint of milk in the mix but it does taste a little unusual and I suspect it is some strange E-liquid concentrate equivalent of goat’s milk which would definitely explain the name of this juice (probably not but the thought amused me).

There is also a good amount of sugar in the mix which comes through nicely on the exhale with the sweetness lingering on your lips. I also found that there was an ever so slight tangy taste that came across on occasion. At the end of the day if you happen to really enjoy tea then this might be worth a try because the mix itself is suitably different to many others out there.

Vapour production was excellent as you would expect from this mix ratio. Throat hit was very good and was medium in strength.

Clean Cream

Another Southern favourite, our vanilla bean ice cream with ribbons of golden caramel, topped with whipped cream, fluffy marshmallow sauce and praline pecan pieces will keep you coming back for more of this sublimely decadent dessert! Sweet, rich and creamy heaven in a bottle.

What you get with this juice is a very pleasant dessert flavour. On the inhale you get whipped cream and marshmallow with a good amount of caramel. The ingredients used are especially tasty and seemed very natural. Once in a while you can pick out the praline pecan which adds a nice amount of variation to this juice. Initially I thought it might be a bit too sweet for an all-day vape but then I found myself refilling my dripper several times in a row which proves that I really did enjoy it!

If you are fan of dessert flavours then this one is definitely worth checking out! Vapour production was once more excellent and the throat hit was mild to medium in 6mg strength.


A very good range of E-Liquids with excellent cloud production and some nice variety in flavours. While I didn’t enjoy the tea flavoured juice (personal taste) that much I do appreciate that was very well mixed but Clean Cream and The Max are both juices that I would happily vape again!

If you would like to purchase any of the juices reviewed here you can get them from Grey Haze.

Special mention must be made of the price which is a very reasonable £19.99 per 60ml bottle. Considering the typical prices of American made E-Liquid that does represent pretty good value for money!

Many thanks to Grey Haze who sent these juices to Planet of the Vapes for us to review.

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