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Fizzle Drips by Dispergo Vaping

It may be a heatwave outside but Dispergo Vaping are bringing the refreshments with the new Fizzle Drips range!

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It’s a scorcher outside today and, by all accounts, it is only going to get hotter. It is the kind of weather that makes you want to do as little as possible apart from maybe emptying the freezer and trying to sleep in it. But that isn’t really possible or practical, so the next best thing is to just chill out with a good vape and a nice cold drink, and thankfully Dispergo Vaping have just the e-liquids with their new Fizzle Drips range of shortfills.


Fizzle Drips consists of five fruity but fizzy flavours which have a little extra sparkle which sets them apart from the pack. I’ve tried other fizzy flavours from various brands in the past and on the whole, they have left me pretty underwhelmed, so I was curious to see if Dispergo could work their magic and pull this off….spoiler alert….they nailed it!


Presentation is always on point, every juice line Dispergo create always have their own distinct and highly stylised look, and Fizzle Drips is no different. If I had to describe it, I would say it looks bold and sparkly which would totally make sense given that they are carbonated drink flavours! I am also happy to see that the PG/VG ratios are included on the labels (70VG/30PG), along with the ingredients and a nicshot mixing guide.


So, what makes it fizz? Well, that is where things get interesting. It isn’t like opening a can of fizzy pop, more of an elegant sparkling sensation. It is light and refreshing without any irritation, which was another concern. If you inhale it on to your tongue before taking it down to your lungs, you get more of the feel, and it really works well. I don’t know what additives have been used but I think it may be a combination of some secret ingredient and some complimentary flavourings. Whatever it is, it is a clever illusion.


So that is the basics out of the way, now let’s get this party started!

Fizzle Drips by Dispergo Vaping range


Cherry & Strawberry Fizz


“Fizzle Drip’s Cherry & Strawberry Fizz is a bubbly blend of juicy, ripe cherries and fresh, succulent strawberries”


If you are looking for realistic fruit flavours, look somewhere else as this is much more of a sweet syrup, like a high-end cordial, which makes it perfect for this range. Whilst it is quite rich, it isn’t sickly at all which makes it very easy to vape, and it is also surprisingly coil friendly too. The two main flavours are perfectly balanced with both coming through equally, and they really complement each other beautifully.

Fizzle Drips by Dispergo Vaping Cherry & Strawberry Fizz


Grape Soda


“Fizzle Drip’s Grape Soda is a delicious grape medley, consisting of sweet white grapes balanced with rich, red grapes blended with fizz to really make it pop”


The description makes it sound more nuanced than it is, but in reality, this is your classic American grape soda. If you love American candy and drinks, you will love this, it is so spot on that Welch’s could have written the recipe! I have to admit that I am more of a root beer girl myself, but I know there are lots of purple grape lovers out in vape world so this one will be a hot seller.

Fizzle Drips by Dispergo Vaping Grape Soda


Green Energy


“Fizzle Drip’s Green Energy is a sweet blend of limes, citrus, melon well everything that’s in the nations favourite green energy drink!”


I am still not 100% what green energy drink is, I assume it is the stuff that comes in the big black cans with the green W on the label, but I don’t really do energy drinks so I can’t tell you if it is or not. But I can still tell if it is nice or not, and this definitely falls in to the first category. It has the signature syrupy richness, but this time it has a strong citrus twist. I wouldn’t have guessed it contained melon but that does explain the mellow sweetness that holds things together. This is another great all day vape.

Fizzle Drips by Dispergo Vaping Green Energy


Peach Fizz


“Fizzle Drip’s Peach Fizz is a simply marvellous soda flavour, with the freshest, plumpest peaches blended with bubbly fizz”


Now I have to be honest here, I really am not that big on peach e-liquids but I will turn off my personal preferences and make sure my reviewer hat stays firmly in place. This is very much a candy peach, think Haribo on steroids with a fizzy twist. It is thick and full bodied, and you get a good hit of that smooth richness that is a signature of the range. If peach is your thing, you should definitely give this a try.

Fizzle Drips by Dispergo Vaping Peach Fizz


Pomegranate Lemonade


“Fizzle Drip’s Pomegranate Lemonade is a cloudy delight of sweet pomegranates blended with zesty lemonade”


One thing I have learnt from reviewing Dispergo Vaping ranges is that they do like to mix things up and they love to throw in the odd curve ball, and this time round it is pomegranate lemonade. Pomegranate is a strange one at the best of times, I mean can anyone really describe the taste of the fruit? We always used to have a pomegranate every year when they came into season, my dad always used to really look forward to it, so I am very familiar with them, but still if pushed I think the best I can come up with is sweet and bitty. Seriously, they are blooming hard work for the amount of edible fruit you get, but that doesn’t put me off at all. But I don’t really need to try to describe them as this juice captures it nicely. It is light, refreshing, and fruity with a mellow citrus tang. I don’t know how, but it just works, and who can ask for anything more?

Fizzle Drips by Dispergo Vaping Pomegranate Lemonade


Final Thoughts


Once again, Dispergo Vaping have pushed things to another level and have created a really interesting new line. I really didn’t expect that much in the fizz department, so I was pleasantly surprised by how well this works, it really does give the illusion of carbonated beverages. Not only does the base work well, but it has also been paired with some really interesting flavours which make this a pretty essential range, especially if you are looking for something a bit different. On top of all this good stuff, the Fizzle Drips range is a bit of a bargain at £13 for 100ml or £20 for two bottles.


Finally, as with all the Dispergo Vaping, the Fizzle Drips range is covered by the most excellent Satisfaction Guarantee so if for any reason you are not completely happy with your choice, you can swap them out for something else, completely free of charge! Many thanks once again to Dispergo for sending the Fizzle Drips range in for review.

Fizzle Drips by Dispergo Vaping Full selection

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