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Firehouse Vape

Firehouse Vape are a newly established UK E-Liquid brand, located in Darwen, Lancashire. They have the aim of producing the best possible tasting E-Liquid, manufactured from the best available ingredients.

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Firehouse Vape are a newly established UK E-Liquid brand, located in Darwen, Lancashire. They have the aim of producing the best possible tasting E-Liquid, manufactured from the best available ingredients.

Mark, the managing director of Firehouse Vape is a former firefighter, and he wanted to produce an interesting brand based around firefighting themes, hence the name ‘Firehouse Vape’. They are a family run business focused on producing a quality product with a fantastic customer experience, and are very passionate about producing the best quality E-Liquid. 

Firehouse Vape E-Liquids are manufactured from Pharma grade ingredients, which are all toxicologically assessed and independently to tested ensure there are no nasty chemicals, and their E-Liquids are manufactured within an ISO Class 7 clean room.

The Firehouse Vape range is available in 50ml short fill chubby gorilla bottles, which you can easily add a nicotine shot to if you so desire. A sample pack is also available, featuring the whole range in zero nicotine 10ml bottles, allowing you to try them out before you purchase a larger shortfill bottle.

Blue Watch

Blue Watch are smooth operators, fighting fires with ease. But even they aren't as smooth as this flavour! You are "Cordially" invited to try this unique fruit explosion bursting with red and blue fruits to create the ultimate cordial flavour from way back when...

The flavour description is spot on with Blue Watch, this is definitely a very smooth E-Liquid indeed! When I open the bottle I get smell just like a really good fruit cordial. It’s full of fruity, berry scents that made my mouth water!  I mainly get blackcurrant as the predominant flavour note in this E-Liquid, with a slightly cool aftertaste giving me the feel of an ice cold glass of fruit drink.  This is a really refreshing vape and is a well mixed juice, the slightly cool end note is just right.

Green Watch

Green Watch are prepared for everything, leaving nothing to chance. Just like in the development of this flavour we have left no stone unturned to provide you with the ultimate taste sensation! This tropical fruit mix with a watermelon hit is the perfect cocktail of flavours which will leave you wanting more!

Fruit mixes can be a bit hit and miss at times, it easy for a novice mixer to grab a few random fruit concentrates and call it a tropical mix.  An over bearing one in the mix or flavours that don't just sit well together are fairly common.  On this juice I pick up on grapefruit and pineapple on the inhale, and there’s also a strong burst of watermelon present too. These flavours do blend together very well and it certainly does deliver an exotic E-Liquid that is both sweet and smooth, and it’s packed with plenty of tasty, authentic fruit flavour!

Red Watch

Red Watch are a mischievous bunch, a real handful, but always get the job done! Just like this action packed retro strawberry flavour with a fizzy after taste to take you back to your childhood with this tuck shop favourite...

Red Watch has a very thick and candied strawberry flavour, which coats the inside of my mouth with a sticky, sweet like texture. I’m not picking up on any fizz, however I do get a very sugary and sweet finish which is very pleasant indeed!

White Watch

White Watch fear nothing, they are brave, committed and ice cool! We named this flavour after them and consider it is the hero of all flavours. A secret Fruity sensation with a cool menthol exhale to make any mouth water. So cool, you could extinguish a fire with your icy breath!

White Watch features a real robust strong menthol punch, with a fruity berry undertone. If you like a really strong menthol then this juice is definitely worth checking out.  Like most heavy menthol juices, I found it to be a great palate cleanser - definitely a good candidate for an effective vapers tongue cure given how strong the menthol kick is! Personally I do like a strong menthol, nothing like a good ice cold kick to the taste buds now and again! I found that I could vape this all day in MTL and sub ohm set ups.

Old Smoke

An "Old Smoke" is an old hand at firefighting, nothing phases them, they are far too set in their ways to try anything new! The Old Smoke wouldn't entertain any other flavour than Tobacco! We made this classic tobacco flavour to honour this hardy character. The smokey texture will fill you with confidence as you fight on through the blaze.

Old Smoke almost reminds me of an early RY4 styled vape, I find it to be a light and smooth tobacco with what tastes like a creamy caramel undertone. This is an extremely smooth vape and it's the kind of flavour that I can go back to time and time again! This is a vape that serves as a great introduction for those looking to get into tobacco flavoured eliquids or those wanting something to get away from cigarettes and isn't taken by sweet or dessert juices.


The Probationer is the new guy on the Station, keen to please and enthusiastic, but will he turn yellow when he sees real flames??? This is why we fashioned this flavour around a distinctive sweet yellow custard flavour with a vanilla burst to set your taste-buds alight!

Probationer is a straightforward, straight up vanilla custard flavour, and it's one that's been done very well indeed. It is really creamy and smooth, with plenty of thick custard flavouring and a delicious vanilla undertone. If you have read many of my reviews you will know that I am a big fan of custard E-Liquids I really enjoyed vaping my way through this one!  If you are looking for a new short fill juice to add to your rotation or just want to try another custard this is worth a go.


I’ve been impressed with the Firehouse Vape range, the flavours are all mixed very well and are true to their respective flavour descriptions, and I can safely say that I really enjoyed vaping each and every one of these tasty E-Liquids. While there’s nothing out of the ordinary here in terms of flavour profiles, they are well mixed and tasty and I would definitely vape them again. These E-Liquids are all classic flavour recipes that are presented really well indeed!

Many thanks to Firehouse Vape for sending their range in for review, you can purchase them from here. Firehouse Vape have also kindly given us two lots of their range in 50ml short fills to give away, if you would like to be in with a chance of winning them visit our competition page here!

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