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Festive Shortfills from Vapoholic

Vapoholic are getting the Christmas season started with a bang thanks to their Festive Special Shortfills, and we got to try them out!

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Ho Ho Ho! It’s the most magical time of the year, and what better way to treat your vaping loved ones (or yourself!) than giving the gift of yummy e-liquid! Well Vapoholic have risen to the occasion and have brought out a special range of festive flavours that will fill your lungs with Christmas cheer and spread joy to your tastebuds!

I love Christmas! Of course, the whole gift giving and receiving is wonderful, but what I really love is the food. As a total flavour fiend, the sheer delight of all the baked goodies and spiced treats is just heavenly, and I always completely overindulge. I must admit I’m already getting a bit sick of mince pies, and we still have just under a week to go! But all these seasonal flavours need Christmassy juices to fill my vape gear with, so I was very happy when Vapoholic asked if I’d do a review of their limited edition range.

There are four flavours to choose from, and they have selected a really nice variety to compliment the Christmas theme. They are all 70VG/30PG and you get 120ml of e-liquid regardless of which nicotine option you pick. Here there is another great choice on offer, from 0% to 6mg in either freebase (regular) nicotine or salts. Whichever strength you choose, the base e-liquid strength and amount are adjusted so you get a consistent vape no matter how many nic shots you need to reach your strength preference. Christmas can be a messy time too, but thanks to Vapoholic’s ingenious bottles, adding your nicotine is a mess free experience, just pop your bottles open, stick a nic shot on to the nozzle of the shortfill bottle and squeeze it straight in, no bother and no fuss. I can’t tell you how much I love this system, it just works so well.

(To make up 6mg, you add four nicshots, but three looked more balanced for the picture!)

Vapoholic Festive Special Shortfills nicshots

Hazelnut Cocoa

“This Hazelnut Cocoa Limited Edition Christmas flavour captures the flavour of the hazelnut-infused dark chocolate cocoa with every puff.”

Rich chocolate and roasted hazelnuts, what’s not to love? Well burnt coils for one, which was something I was a bit worried about here as chocolate flavours to have a tendency to gunk coils up faster than any other flavour. Thankfully the balance of flavour and coil life have been kept in check well here and it isn’t too much of an issue here. You may need to change your coils or cotton a little sooner than with other flavours, but it is worth it for the smooth chocolate goodness this e-liquid offers. It is one of the creamiest chocolate flavours I’ve tried and has no nasty aftertaste which is also common with chocolate flavours. The hazelnut is perfect too, just enough nuttiness to make the difference. With this Hazelnut Cocoa, Vapoholic are really spoiling us!

Vapoholic Festive Special Shortfills Hazelnut Cocoa

Candy Cane

“This Candy Cane Limited Edition Christmas flavour captures the essence of the refreshingly minty treat of Candy Canes.”

My kids used to love candy canes from Father Christmas, and I may or may not have had to sample some in advance, just to make sure they were of the highest quality of course! I like mint candy anyway so any excuse really. That balance of fresh mint and sweet candy is such a welcome change from all the heavy Christmas foods, and this e-liquid has replicated that brilliantly. It is a sweet mint but still manages to taste clean and refreshing. Even better, I don’t have to sit there with a toothpick after, trying to free those last bits of compressed sugar from my gnashers. If you like mint with a festive twist, you’ll love this one.

Vapoholic Festive Special Shortfills Candy Cane


“This Gingerbread Limited Edition Christmas flavour is packed to the brim with freshly baked, warm gingerbread cookies”

Riddle me this…I hate ginger, absolutely despise the stuff, but I love gingerbread! So I was a little wary with this one as it does smell quite, well, gingery. But I didn’t have any reason to worry as this tastes just like the gingerbread men I used to be given as a treat when I was little, proper stuff straight from the local bakery. It captures that chewy biscuit taste perfectly and then has the most delicate, fragrant taste of ginger; it is absolutely spot on.

Vapoholic Festive Special Shortfills Gingerbread

Irish Cream

“Each puff of this exclusive Irish Cream by Spirited reminds you of the Christmas stockings above a hot, crackling fire sipping on your favourite creamy liqueur drink”

Once the kids have trashed the house, all the food has been stuffed in, and everyone has collapsed in an exhausted but happy heap on the sofa, it is time for the grownups to have their fun and the proper booze to come out, so we are rounding up this review with a fitting finale…a decedent Irish Cream. Lush, thick, creamy heavenliness with a naughty splash of whiskey, it is very smooth and very sexy, and will be a perfect end to any celebration. Bottoms up!

Vapoholic Festive Special Shortfills Irish Cream

Final Thoughts

Vapoholic have really captured everything that is festive in this carefully curated selection of seasonal favourites. I would absolutely buy these for myself as I love to have a bit of a treat at Christmas, and these are all flavours that are perfect for a cool yule. They are also a great gift idea and I reckon most vapers would be delighted to find these in their stocking on Christmas morning. Even better, they are very attractively priced so if you are looking for a secret Santa gift, these would be a great option.

If you want to try these festive specials out, you can buy them exclusively from Vapoholic. They are priced between £8.99 and £10.99 depending on which nicotine option you choose, but the best value comes in the shape of the ultimate Christmas bundle, an ice cold bargain at £28.99 for the complete range! If only everything else at Christmas time was such good value for money!

Many thanks to Vapoholic for sending in the Festive Special shortfills in for review.

Vapoholic Festive Special Shortfills hand check

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