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Fantasi Shortfills by Vapoholic

Vapoholic have been making top quality E-liquids for quite some time and have built up a solid reputation for their great products and top notch service. So when the opportunity to review their Fantasi range came up, we couldn't say no!

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Vapoholic have been making top quality E-liquids for quite some time and have built up a solid reputation for their great products and top notch service. I can vouch for this as I have been a customer of theirs in the past and they have never let me down. They asked if we would be interested in reviewing some of their juice lines and they have very kindly sent in the Fantasi range to kick things off.

All of their juices are made here in the UK, Manchester to be precise, in their own dedicated facility. They passionately believe in bringing the best quality straight to you, the vaper. This means they only sell direct to the customer which cuts out the middle man and helps to keep the price down although they do offer a wholesale service so you may get lucky and find them stocked in your local independent vape shop. 

The Fantasi range are loosely based on popular fizzy drink flavours, so if you are looking for authentic fruits these may not be for you. But if you like in your face, sweet juices that deliver flavour by the bucket load, then you should definitely give these a try. 

I was sent the 50ml shortfill versions, but they also offer 100ml shortfills as well as 60ml, 100ml or 120ml in either 3mg or 6mg for those who don’t want to fanny about with adding nic shots themselves. It is nice to see so many options on offer. They are all 70VG/30PG so will be fine in most tanks or pods too, offering the perfect mix of flavour and clouds. Whilst the bottles are a dark plastic, they are still transparent enough for you to see how much juice you have left. The lids are a little tight though so if you value your fingernails, you might want to use a lid removing tool to get in to add your shots. The branding is bright and vibrant and also hints at what these flavours are all about. As you would expect, they have all the relevant warnings and info clearly printed.

Fantasi Grape

Our juicy Grape E Liquid captures the essence of the exotic grape soda pop in a sweet and fruity e-juice. A satisfying dose of cooling gives you the feeling of sipping a cold can of refreshing grape soda. Grape E Liquid is a sparkling alternative to the usual grape vape juice

This is definitely purple grape, strong and vibrant with a great depth. It seems to combine all the best elements of grape soda along with the richness of purple grape juice. It is thick and rich and coats your mouth in a blanket of juicy goodness. I find grape can go off the boil quickly but my tastebuds didn’t get bored with this one at all and the flavour stayed strong throughout. It is also a flavour that I often see people asking about as there are so many that are not that great. Look no further as this ticks all the right boxes! On top of the great flavour, there is also the slightest hint of freshness which adds to the soda taste and works really well

Fantasi Shortfills by Vapoholic Grape

Fantasi Mango

When it comes to refreshing tropical fruit soda, mango is the king and our UK-made Fantasi Mango vape juice captures all its sweet, exotic goodness!

I love mango juice, it is up there with my favourite flavours so I was very excited to see how this one compared. Sadly, for me it wasn’t quite up to the standards of the rest of the brand. It is quite a dry, almost under ripe mango. It was more authentic to the fruit than I expected, but it was more like a supermarket mango that you buy to ripen at home but by the time it feels soft enough, the flesh has become woody and the juiciness has missed the boat. That isn’t to say it is bad, not by a long way, and believe me when I say I’ve had enough truly awful mango e-liquids to know. It just isn’t quite as good as some of the others in the range.

Fantasi Shortfills by Vapoholic Mango

Fantasi Apple

Our version of the Fantasi Apple E Liquid mimics the popular soft drink with sparkling perfection! The Vapoholic take on Apple E Liquid starts with a refreshingly crisp and authentic apple base. We then add some sweetness, a touch of sparkle and some cooling to capture that feeling of sipping on a deliciously fizzy can of pop!

When I was a nipper, the height of sophistication was appletiser, it was a fizzy drink that felt grown up and you could pretend you were sipping champagne whilst the grown ups were busy getting tidily on the real stuff. This e-liquid took me right back then and I love it when a juice sparks some long distant memory like that. It is stronger than the aforementioned drink though, it bursts at the seams with appley goodness. It is crisp, fresh and sweet and never dulls like so many apple e-liquids do. I like apple flavours but often the smell is better than the taste. As soon as you crack the lid on this one, you know what you are getting. This is a top tier apple that truly delivers.

Fantasi Shortfills by Vapoholic Apple

Fantasi Lemonade

We’ve painstakingly tweaked the recipe of our UK-made Fantasi Lemonade E Liquid to give you the best tasting lemonade e-juice ever! To create our Lemonade E Liquid, our mixologists took fresh, zesty lemons and just the right amount of sweetness. This is followed by a touch of sparkle and a breath of coolness to turn this vape juice into something special!

Ooh this is good! Many lemonade e-liquids manage to turn in to rather weak, flat, watery lemon flavours that are just filled with disappointment. So I guess I wasn’t expecting too much here. It’s always the ones that you have the lowest expectations that have the power to surprise you the most and that was definitely the case here. It has the perfect balance of tart, fresh lemon which bursts at the seams with a syrupy sweetness. It is just the perfect lemonade, no other way to describe it. The only thing missing is the sunshine as this is about as good as it gets on a hot, sunny day.

Fantasi Shortfills by Vapoholic Lemonade

Fantasi Orange

Our Orange E Liquid is loaded with juicy oranges, carefully sweetened to mimic the taste of the popular soft drink. Some sparkle and touch of refreshing cooling give you the feeling of cracking open a cold can of fruity orange pop!

They certainly aren’t wrong when they say it is loaded with oranges, this is a full bodied, juicy mouthful, once again mixing in a citrus bite with a nice level of sweetness. The sugary hit gives it an almost sherbety feel, almost like a mix of the orange part of a sherbet dibdab and a good handful of orange tictacs (which happen to be my favourite flavour too). The cooling fizz seems to work particularly well with both this and the lemonade, giving both juices a really pleasant lift and an unexpected depth. This is another easy all day vape for me.

Fantasi Shortfills by Vapoholic Orange

Final thoughts

This is a very strong lineup which delivers exactly what it promises. None are overly complex or are trying to give a new twist on the classics which often ends up ruining things, no these are just great flavours which do exactly what they are meant to and no more. Often I find juice makers try to be too clever and often forget what they were trying to achieve in the first, but the Fantasi range stays on brief and absolutely nails it.

If all that wasn’t enough, these are a bargain price too. They range from 99p to £10.99. That is a whole lot of flavour at a really impressive price, so you’ve got to ask yourself if you can afford not to try these juices! To sweeten the deal even more, check out our deals page to get a cracking 20% off you order at Vapoholic.

Fantasi Shortfills by Vapoholic range

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