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Fancy Fruits by Dispergo Vaping

Feeling fruity? Well Dispergo Vaping can help you scratch that itch with their new Fancy Fruits range

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Feeling fruity? Well Dispergo Vaping can help you scratch that itch with their new Fancy Fruits range, a gourmet selection of tantalising flavours made from the very finest varieties of fruit from around the world. I do love good fruit e-liquids and I have to admit that I might have dribbled a little bit when I first read the tasting notes. Knowing how good Dispergo Vaping are at these kinds of recipes, I already knew I was going to be in for a treat, and I wasn’t disappointed.

These are 100ml shortfills with space for your nic shots, so you end up with 120ml of delicious juice. They are all 70VG/30PG so are more suited to direct to lung vaping although I tend to go for a looser mouth to lung without any issues. They all definitely worked well at lower ohms/higher power set ups to get every last nuance of flavour and trust me, you are going to want to taste every last drop.


As for the presentation, these look very classy with an almost Edwardian look to the branding and design. Each bottle is cleverly colour coded to highlight the individual flavours. Dispergo Vaping are always on point with their branding, and the Fancy Fruits range follows suit.


Albion Strawberry with Pink Grapefruit


Albion Strawberry with Pink Grapefruit 100ml is a fruity blend of albion strawberries bursting with sweetness, balanced with a sharp pink grapefruit”


Albion strawberries are a relatively new hybrid variety which are known for their long fruiting season, perfect shape, and sweet flavour, and that definitely comes over in this e-liquid as this is a juicy and authentic flavour with a sharp twist as the grapefruit cuts in. The grapefruit is very clean and acts as a great counterbalance for the sweetness of the strawberry. Strawberry is the dominant flavour though. This is a great combination which smells as good as it tastes.


Fancy Fruits Albion Strawberry with Pink Grapefruit


Alphonso Mango with Pineapple & Orange


Alphonso Mango with Pineapple & Orange 100ml by Fancy Fruits is a tropical delight with juicy Alphonso mango, exotic pineapple and smooth orange”


I love mangos but it is so hard to find good ones over here and then you have all the mess of trying to peel them to get to the good stuff without becoming a sticky mess, so I much prefer to vape it these days, it just saves so much aggro! Now mango and pineapple are already a classic combination, but the addition of orange gives this a welcome new depth as it brings out the best of both of the other flavours. It’s not often these days that my lad comes into the room when I am testing new liquids and comments on how nice things smell but this one stopped him in his tracks, so if you live with someone who moans about the smell of your vapour, this is definitely a good one to win them round with.


Fancy Fruits Alphonso Mango with Pineapple & Orange


Heritage Sour Raspberry with Acai & Blueberry


Heritage Sour Raspberry with Acai & Blueberry 100ml is a tangy blend of sour raspberry and juicy acai topped with sweet blueberries”


This really is a superfruit smoothie in e-liquid form! It is a sweet one though, almost a little too sweet for me and that is saying something. Although it contains a sour raspberry flavour, the blueberry is surprisingly bold and threatens to overpower things a little. I can’t say I’ve ever had acai berries other than mixed into smoothies, so I am not too sure what they bring to the mix. It is very rich and is packed full of berry flavour though so if you like mixed berry vapes and fancy going for a juice that does not shy away from your tastebuds, this may well be worth a try.


Fancy Fruits Heritage Sour Raspberry with Acai & Blueberry


Morello Cherry with Cranberry & Kumquat


Morello Cherry with Cranberry & Kumquat by Fancy Fruits is a blend of candied cherries, tart cranberries and golden oranges for a unique, delicious and fancy vape”


This was the one I was most excited about as I have been hoping Dispergo Vaping would finally give me the cherry vape nirvana that I’ve been searching for. Initially I was disappointed as I was getting a lot more sharp cranberry and almost sour kumquat. But then I changed my build and cranked up the power and things shifted dramatically letting the sweet delicate cherry some through. Once I dialled in my settings, this really shone. The cherry is delightfully light and leaves an almost sherbetty sweetness on your tastebuds which is nicely accentuated by the tangier cranberry and kumquat. It took a bit more work to get this singing, but it was definitely worth the effort.


Fancy Fruits Morello Cherry with Cranberry & Kumquat


Purple Moreto Grape with Aloe Vera


Purple Moreto Grape with Aloe Vera by Fancy Fruits is a smooth yet sweet vape with vine ripened grape and soothing aloe vera”


Moreto grapes are a heritage grape from Portugal which are more known for their use in winemaking so I wasn’t too sure what to expect here but it turns out that this is a strong purple grape flavour which will bring happiness to any fan of that particular style, and I know lots of people love a good purple grape. The aloe vera doesn’t really bring much to the actual flavour but it works to add a fresh, clean note which generally lightens what could be quite a heavy recipe. It’s not something I could vape all day but as a treat juice, it worked very well.


Fancy Fruits Purple Moreto Grape with Aloe Vera


Final Thoughts


I had high hopes for the Fancy Fruits range as I already know how good Dispergo Vaping are at these kinds of e-liquids, and I was more than happy with the results. Each bottle was packed full of flavour and there were some very interesting twists which set them apart from other fruit shortfills. Once again, Dispergo Vaping have nailed this range proving that they are showing no signs of dropping in quality any time soon.


If you fancy giving these a try, you can pick them up direct from Dispergo Vaping for £14.99 or you can double up to get two for £25. As you would also expect, they are covered by the Dispergo Satisfaction Guarantee so if for any reason you are not completely happy with your purchase, you can send them back and swap them for something else instead.


Thanks as always to Dispergo Vaping for sending the Fancy Fruits range in for review.


Fancy Fruits by Dispergo Vaping range


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