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Extreme Vapour by Elite Lab

Extreme Vapour is a range of four fruit based E-Liquids, that promise to provide shocking flavour- hopefully in a good way!

Developed and produced in Poland by Elite Lab, the range currently features four E-Liquids in Twisted Fruits, Grapy Fusion, Crystal Lime and Melted Mango which are all manufactured in-house from the highest quality ingredients.

Extreme Vapour is mixed to a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, and they are currently available in 20ml, 50ml and 100ml zero nicotine shortfill bottles, compatible with a nicotine shot of your choice.

Twisted Fruits

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Delicious green mango followed by exotic fruits...

A sour, unripe mango flavour representing the green mango is the first flavour that I notice, and it's quite a nice and refreshing change from some of the overly sweet and sharp mango flavours that I have tried in the past. It's very well balanced, and blends in nicely with the other flavours.

There's also an undertone of pineapple and what tastes like guava, adding to the exotic vibe of the green mango. Flavour delivery I found to be very smooth, with no noticeable throat hit to speak of.

Grapy Fusion

Delicious sweet and juicy grape...

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Grapy Fusion is a straightforward blast of sweet grape, with a very sweet and sour finish to it! Ive found that quite a few grape E-Liquids I have tried in the past can taste quite sharp and artificial, but not so here- it's a well balanced E-Liquid that delivers smooth and authentic tasting flavour.

Crystal Lime

Delicious lime followed by smooth and juicy lemon...

I half expected Crystal Lime to be another Sprite inspired E-Liquid, like many others out there with the same profile, however I was left pleasantly surprised by this E-Liquid.

There's a sweet and tangy lime with a background of crisp lemon, and a sour note to finish. As with the other Extreme Vapour E-Liquids, flavour delivery was very smooth with no throat hit to speak of.

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Melted Mango

Delicious fresh mango...

As I've mentioned plenty of times recently, I do love a good mango E-Liquid and I'm always happy when I receive a new one to review!

Melted Mango is a full flavoured, Mango E-Liquid vape that boasts an authentic taste to it, making for quite the refreshing E-Liquid! This is an E-Liquid I definitely did enjoy vaping, and one I would happily vape again in the future!


I couldn't help but feel that these E-Liquids had a real 'Malaysian feel' about them, packed with plenty of lip smackingly sweet flavour! They are no slouch when it comes to vapour either, with plenty of clouds to be found here!


Whereas a lot of the Malaysian E-Liquids that I have vaped can be quite harsh on your coils, I found the Extreme Vapour range wasn't as harsh. There was very little gunk and sweetener build up even after vaping these intensively!

If you are a fan of very sweet and fruity E-Liquids, that have very intense flavour profiles to them, then these will definitely appeal to your tastes!

Many thanks to Elite Lab for sending the Extreme Vapour range in for review! If you are interested in purchasing these products or are interested in wholesale for your vape shop then please contact Elite Labs here - http://extremevapour.co.uk/. Elite Lab have also provided nine sets of the full range to give away, to be in with a chance of winning then click here!

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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