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Evil Cloud E-Liquids

Evil Cloud is a new range of juice with some very interesting flavours and a high VG content for excellent cloud production. Check out our review to find out just how evil (in a good way) these juices are!

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Evil Cloud E-Liquids

After months of baneful innovation and a sordid passion for all things evil, deep underground the clouds were born...   Evil Cloud was nefariously created to be the most evil e-liquid of all time. Despite being arisen from the darkest of depths, the four flavours available today are truly heavenly...   The only clouds we blow are Evil...

When something is described as the most evil juice ever it tends to set off alarm bells but please don't worry because in this particular case Evil Cloud is a new range of high VG juices with some very tasty flavours!

It does make you wonder though why not Nice Clouds or Happy Clouds? Well it’s because they’re probably made by some nefarious scientist and his shadowy minions in some secret underground lab. The end result being juices that put out tons of clouds designed to cover the UK in a blanket of sweet smelling vape fog. That might sound like an evil plan but you won’t hear any complaints from me! In fact I can think of things far more evil such as potential bans of e-cig advertisting and horrible 2ml non-refillable tanks designed by killjoys who want to spoil all our fun.

Moving on the juice comes in 30ml glass dropper bottles with child proof caps. All the typical information you might expect is featured on the label as are the warnings and “18+ only” logo. The label features a cartoon style cloud with a particular villainous expression on its face and the design is certainly eye catching. The bottles are dark too so you can tell it’s made by evil doers because they want you to vape this juice like mad and not realise you’ve almost used the entire bottle!

All juice in this range is mixed to 80VG/20PG and was sent to me in my preferred 6mg nicotine strength. The following nicotine strengths are available: 12mg, 6mg, 3mg and 0mg. I tried all of the juices in my Raptor RDA with a 0.5ohm dual coil build wicked with Cotton Bacon. My device of choice on this occasion was the iPV4s.

Yellow Belly

Yellow Belly by Evil Cloud is the richest and smoothest vanilla custard you've ever tasted.

Truly delicious and lovely custard is the best way to describe this e-liquid. It has a fantastic vanilla taste and this is definitely one of the best custards I have tried. The sweetness is just right and it is not at all sickly. The description is spot on because this is seriously smooth and has a wonderful rich quality that makes it highly enjoyable and I can see myself vaping this often! Throat hit is mild and vapour production was brilliant so this will certainly fog up your room.

Blush Formula

Blush Formula by Evil Cloud is a thick and creamy organic strawberry milk with cakey undertones.

While this might sound like a Revlon or Max Factor product your significant other uses it is in fact a very flavoursome strawberry milk shake. The strawberry is especially nice and I get the impression there is more than one variety in there which is noticeable on the exhale. The strawberry gives a mild tingling sensation in the mouth when you vape and it really is very pleasant and enjoyable. The milk is creamy and balanced very well with the strawberry. If you love your strawberry milkshake vapes then this is one to try! The cake is present and only really noticeable in the undertones but it does make the mix more unique and on some occasions this becomes more of a strawberry cake type of vape. This is a delicious juice that should appeal to a lot of people! On the whole I found the throat hit to be mainly mild but it does occasionally border on a medium hit. Like the previous juice there are a large amount of clouds produced.

Jungle Bake

Jungle Bake by Evil cloud is the most delicious oven baked vanilla cookie with infused pieces of sweet banana,

What we have here is a natural tasting banana mixed with vanilla cookie. Typically I don’t get on with banana vapes but I found this particular juice to be quite enjoyable. The banana does tend to dominate the mix and I didn’t really notice the cookie that much. I suspected that the vanilla was mellowing the extremely flavoursome banana a little because I think it would be a very potent juice without it. If you love banana vapes then you are really going to get on well with this juice. Throat hit with this juice seemed to be medium to strong. Cloud production was once again mental!


PBD by Evil Cloud is a heavily glazed ring donut smothered in creamy peanut butter

Oh no not peanut butter, how I loathe that stuff. Of course I know that many people actually like it so I remembered to keep an open mind when vaping this juice. In actual fact this was better than I expected. It seems to be more of the smooth variety of peanut butter and not the really strong smelling crunchy kind. Thankfully for me it doesn’t dominate the mix and is evenly balanced with the glazed doughnut taste. Personally I would have preferred the doughnut taste to come through a little better than it does but that’s likely due to my dislike of peanut butter and you shouldn’t use that as a guideline. This is just one of those juices that is mixed very well but doesn’t really suit my tastes. If you like the sound of the flavour then I am sure you will definitely enjoy it!

Throat hit with this one was mild and once again there was an awesome amount of vapour produced.


The Evil Juice range has a nice variety of flavours so there will certainly be something here that appeals! The juice is mixed well and the ingredients used taste very natural. The particular highlights for me were the Yellow Belly and Blush Formula. There is of course nothing wrong with the other two juices it’s simply a case that they don’t suit my tastes and if you really like those kind of flavours then you will find them most enjoyable! One thing is for sure due to the high VG content all of these juices really do put out lots of clouds.

Evil Juice is typically priced at £14.99 for a 30ml bottle which is reasonable. They can be purchased from Grey Haze and are currently on sale for £12.74 a bottle. In addition they can also be purchased as a complete bundle of all five flavours.

Many thanks to Grey Haze who kindly sent this juice to Planet of the Vapes for us to review.

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