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Element E-Liquids Tonix

Tonix - from the amazing Element E-liquid stable. We check out the range including the new Peppermint flavour which was released at The Vaper Expo in October.

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Element E-Liquids Tonix

Element is an American company that is based in Florida who also have a UK based distribution service for European customers.  The team at Elements have won many awards for their juices over the last couple of years.  We love seeing David and his team at all of the shows and this time they gave us the Tonix Range to review, including the new Peppermint flavour!

Element E-Liquids are very much focused on quality and transparency. All of their juice is produced to the strictest of standards and uses only Pharma USP Grade ingredients sourced from the most trusted names in the pharmaceutical industry. Their nicotine is organically extracted from natural American tobacco leaves and is not artificially created in a lab. Element state that their juice is 100% Diacetyl-free so you won’t find anything unpleasant in your E-Liquid.

The Tonix Range consists of six very different flavours that are based on traditional American recipes. The juice is mixed to 73% VG which does seem to be something of an odd number to choose making it 73VG/27PG.

The juice is available in 10ml, 30ml, 60ml and 100ml bottle sizes (varies when sold outside the USA). We received all six flavours in 10ml sample PET bottles. The larger bottles are made from glass and feature dropper top caps. All varieties of bottles feature child proof top caps. The labels are stylish and Element have gone for a vintage style with this range. All of the typical information is clearly shown including warnings.

I tried out of all these flavours in my Origen V3 RDA that is currently set up with a 0.8ohm dual vertical coil wicked with Japanese cotton.

American Apple Pie

Sweet cinnamon and crisp apples intermingle rendering a blend that is bold in flavour and heritage.

An all-time classic delight of delicious apple slices and sweet cinnamon infused with notes of flaky piecrust to create an unforgettable home cooked treat.

I have been to the United States twice in my life and on both occasions I did sample American Apple Pie and in my opinion this flavour is extremely close to recreating it in E-Liquid form. On the inhale you get quite a strong and crisp sweet apple that tastes very natural. You can also pick out a hint of cinnamon and there are also distinct pastry flavoured background notes. It is definitely a sweeter apple pie than say a British variety but it is highly enjoyable!

As you might expect from a high VG juice you do get plenty of vapour production. In 3mg strength I would say that the juice had a medium throat hit but since the apple is quite potent it may border on a strong hit for some people.

Blood Orange

Bright bursts of citrus and naturally sweet blood orange blend.

Inspired by the soft breezes of the Mediterranean, this citrus splendour captures the vibrant and colourful flavours of both Spain and Italy. Slices of sweet blood orange immersed in its own naturally sweet juice, is the perfect refreshment for a hot summer day.

With its blend of Mediterranean oranges and lemons this has quite a distinct flavour. The orange is not overly sweet and certainly not as noticeable as say Element’s excellent Fresh Squeeze E-Liquid. The citrus flavour is much more potent and as such this tends to subdue the orange somewhat. If you are a fan of Italian and Spanish style oranges and lemons then this might be something you want to try but personally I found I only really enjoyed it for short sessions and I certainly didn’t feel that I could vape it all day long.

As always taste is subjective and that is certainly true of this particular flavour but in fairness it is mixed to the superb high standard that you can expect from Element although on this occasion it simply isn’t my thing. Vapour production was excellent and the juice had a medium to strong throat hit in 3mg strength.

Cherry Almond

Bright and lively cherries with subtle notes of sweet candied almonds.

An enchanting rich blend of roasted candied almonds with lively sweet cherries delicately intertwine with soft creamy notes. A perfectly smooth treat you so richly deserve.

Since I happen to enjoy cherry and almond vapes I was looking forward to this one but it did turn out to be a little different to what I expected.

On the inhale you get a slightly mild sweet cherry taste. The candied almond tends to come through mainly on the exhale and then it tends to linger in the mouth as an aftertaste. While I certainly enjoyed it I would ideally have preferred the cherry to be somewhat stronger.

It is a very smooth E-Liquid and I never felt the flavours were overpowering. Providing you like both of the ingredients it would probably be ideal as an all-day vape! Vapour production was seriously good and I found the throat hit to be mainly mild in 3mg strength.

Tangy Tart

A daring rendition of sweet and tart certain to knock your taste buds out.

Satisfy your inner tangy lover with our full-bodied blend of fruity confections. Loaded with lip smacking flavours, this infusion swirls sweet and tart together delivering a sensory treat as unique as you.

This juice is very much a jam like flavour that has both a sweet and a tart quality to it. I found myself really enjoying the variation in the flavour and it gave me the impression that several homemade jams have been combined together to achieve this. As jam E-Liquids go this is a good one and well worth trying out!

The juice put out plenty of vapour so you won’t be disappointed in that department. The throat hit was medium in 3mg strength.

PB & Blueberry Jam

Luxuriously creamy and undeniably dreamy union of peanut butter and jam.

This romantic duo of rich peanut butter mingling with the oh-so sweet blueberry jam is destined to leave your taste buds asking for more.

As I have mentioned once before only absolute sadists combine peanut butter with jam but in fairness I reserved judgement until I tried it. I guess you could say that prolonged exposure to these strange concoctions means I have become a sadist too because I found that I actually liked this one. In all seriousness what you get with this particular flavour is a very natural and sweet tasting blueberry jam that is really quite delicious. The peanut butter that I typically loathe is used sparingly and actually works mainly in the background. Once or twice you might get a slight hint of peanut but it is never obtrusive and actually surprisingly enough does compliment the juice because if the blueberry was just used on its own it would probably be far too sweet.

I actually found this juice really growing on me the more I vaped it and I really liked the way it varied between sweet and savoury, so strangely enough it would make a very good all day vape and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t typically like peanut butter and jam/jelly flavours. Vapour production was seriously good and I found the throat hit to be mild in 3mg strength.


So now on to the new juice in this range - so new that it lacks a description on Element’s site! What this particular juice offers is an excellent and strong peppermint taste that while not the face freezing variety is still ice-cold. It certainly makes for a great remedy when you have a cold because it really does help to clear the sinuses.

Personally I found this to be a superb minty E-Liquid and I could happily vape this all day long! Once more like all of the other juices in this range this one puts out plenty of clouds. Due to the very potent mint the throat hit was strong in 3mg strength.


One things for sure considering the juices on offer here they certainly don’t lack in variety of flavours which means there will definitely be something that will appeal to you. All of the juice is mixed well, has superb cloud production and the flavours all of the flavours are very natural in terms of taste. Standout favourites for me were the American Apple Pie, the Peppermint and oddly enough the Peanut Butter and Jam.

If you are tempted to try any of these juices out you can find them at many reputable eliquid vendors such as Vape Club. Many thanks to Element E-Liquids who kindly sent these juices to Planet of the Vapes for us to review!

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