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Element E-Liquids Dripper Series Part 2

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Element E-Liquids Dripper Series Part 2

Element E-Liquids are an American E-Liquid manufacturer based in Florida. Element believe in providing you the best quality of product possible and one look at their website will make you realise how keen they are to be very transparent regarding the ingredients and the quality of their juices.

Element E-Liquids strives to maintain the integrity and purity of American-made E-Liquid. With a broad range of unique blends and tasty basics as well as our Dripper series, Element has something for every vaper. We stand behind our brand and are constantly perfecting our formula to ensure that our customers are continually coming back for more.

We received the juice in 10ml sample bottles whereas the actual bottles can be purchased in 10ml PET bottles or 20ml glass dropper bottles. In addition the juice is available in 60ml bottle sizes but only for American customers. All of the bottles feature child proof top caps which will give parents peace of mind.

The labels are neatly done with all of the typical information shown including clear warnings. The juice is mixed to a ratio of 80VG/20PG so expect plenty of clouds. When purchasing you have a choice of three different strengths: 6mg, 3mg and 0mg.

  • American E-juice made to high quality standards.
  • Organically extracted nicotine from natural American tobacco leaves, not artificially created in a lab.
  • Diacetyl-free. Element guarantee you won’t find anything unpleasant in their juices.
  • 100% steeped so you can vape these juices immediately once you receive them.
  • Pharma USP Grade Ingredients. Sourced from the most trusted names in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • We stand by our quality manufacturing and hold our products to the highest American standards.

I tried out all of these juices in an Eden Mods Snapdragon RDA that is setup with a 0.8ohm dual coil wicked with Japanese cotton. Please note that while we did initially cover this range in a previous review at the time we only had half of the flavours available to us, now at long last we have had the opportunity to cover the rest of them.

Apple Acai

This juice is a delicious fusion of sweet apple and Acai berries. It works really well and you can certainly notice the distinction between the two ingredients. There isn’t really a great deal to say about other than to state that anyone who enjoys fruity vapes will find it very appealing and since it is quite a mild flavour it can be vaped all day long.

Personally I found the addition of the Acai berries made it far more interesting than a typical apple vape since it did vary somewhat as to which flavour I tended to get on the exhale. Vapour production as you would expect for high VG content juice was seriously good and I found the throat hit to be very mild in 3mg strength.

Pink Grapefruit

For the record I have never got on with grapefruit and it is not something I would ever choose to eat. Since I am not a huge fan of the flavour I appreciate that I am doing this juice something of a disservice but to be completely fair it does taste exactly like what it represents. It is very natural and realistic and certainly very well mixed with a very flavoursome amount of fruitiness, the only requirement is that you have to like grapefruit to get on with it which I sadly don’t and probably never will.

If grapefruit is something you happen to enjoy then you will love this! Vapour production was brilliant and the throat hit was mild to medium in 3mg strength.

Kiwi Redberry

The main flavour from this juice that you prominently get on the inhale is a distinct and very natural tasting red berry. It has a nice sweetness to it without being overly sweet and this is complimented nicely by an excellent Kiwi fruit flavour when you exhale.

This is a really pleasant juice that will certainly appeal to fruity vape fans and since the flavours are quite mild it would make for a good all day vape! Vapour production was very good and I found the throat hit to be very mild in 3mg strength.


Key Lime Cookie

This is a really tasty E-Liquid with the main flavour on the inhale being a zesty and mouth-watering key lime. This is followed by a slightly sugary cookie taste on the exhale that tastes remarkably enough just like the real thing. The lime does have some potency too it but not to the point where it seems overwhelming and to be honest I like the contrast between the flavoursome and distinct lime and the savoury and sweet cookie.

This is a great juice and can be happily vaped all day long! Vapour production was excellent and I found the throat hit to be medium in 3mg strength.


Sadly pomegranate is another one of those particular flavours that I really don’t get on with and it is somewhat unfortunate that this particular review features two things that don’t exactly float my boat. In my defence I think my list of vape hates is rather short in fact it consists of, pomegranate, grapefruit, peanut butter (except when well-disguised) and some varieties of banana vapes (the ones that taste like those awful banana foam sweets).  Anyway enough of my tangent and back to the review.

This juice offers a very natural and highly flavoursome pomegranate that is very distinct on the inhale and it has a nice amount of fruitiness. Even though I will never be a fan of pomegranate I must admit it is certainly better as a vape than as a fruit or as juice to drink.

Taste is highly subjective and I am sure there are loads of people out there that love pomegranate if so then this juice will certainly be something you want to try out. Vapour production was great with plenty of clouds fogging up my room. The throat hit in 3mg strength was mild.

Fresh Squeeze

In my vaping experience I have only ever found two juices that truly recreate the taste of pure orange juice so perfectly and one of them is this one by Element. Even when you open the bottle you are greeted by the incredible smell of fresh pure orange juice that you’ll be almost tempted to want to take a sip (please don’t).

Upon your first vape you will quickly appreciate just how amazing this E-Liquid is and it is so convincing that if you were to shut your eyes you could almost believe you were actually drinking pure orange juice from a glass. The only real negative of this superb juice is that if you have it you will want to vape it and believe me you will vape it often and before you know it you’ve run out. At this point another order is needed and you have to buy it in even larger quantities only to vape it too quickly again and once more the whole vicious cycle continues!

Seriously though if you love pure orange juice then you will do need this E-Liquid in your life so don’t continue reading this thinking about it, just get some ordered now!

Cloud production was top notch so you won’t be disappointed. The throat hit was mild to medium in 3mg strength.


While it is certainly just bad luck that I didn’t happen to like two of the flavours in this range but you do need to keep in mind that is mainly due to my personal preference. One thing I must stress about Element E-Liquids is that they are mixed exceptionally well! Cloud production was consistently excellent and due to the high VG content they all make for very smooth vapes.

With a large and varied range including the ones I covered in a previous review there is more than enough choice here for you to find something you will really love and even considering the very competitive prices of Element’s juice you can rest assured that you are paying for a high quality product.

Many thanks to Element E-Liquids who sent these juices to Planet of the Vapes for us to review. If you would like to purchase any of these juices you can get them directly from Element E-Liquids.

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