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House of Liquid is an award-winning manufacturer of ‘premium’ eliquid and their El Toro tobacco range is widely regarded as the best pure tobacco liquid you can buy, and has become hugely popular since they were first launched, garnering a large hardcore following amongst tobacco enthusiasts. Using a natural extraction process in order to obtain the flavour for their juices, along with the purest VG, PG and nicotine, which results in one of the most realistic vaping experiences around.

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Introduction to the House of Liquid

House of Liquid is an award-winning manufacturer of ‘premium’ eliquid and their El Toro tobacco range is widely regarded as the best pure tobacco liquid you can buy, and has become hugely popular since they were first launched, garnering a large hardcore following amongst tobacco enthusiasts. House of Liquid use a natural extraction process in order to obtain the flavour for their juices, along with the purest VG, PG and nicotine, which results in one of the most realistic vaping experiences around. The El Toro range comprises exquisite tobacco flavours sourced from Cuba and around the world, extracted organically using a traditional ‘cold’ steeping method, claimed to be the most gentle and natural way to extract the flavour and aroma from the tobacco leaves, followed by a two stage, 5 Micron, filtering process before finally being blended in-house. The Premium Organic range was developed to appeal to vapers who do not like tobacco liquid, again created using a natural flavour extraction process from the best organic extracts available to provide an unparalled realistic flavour representation. No artificial colours, flavourings, sugars or sweeteners are added. Each eLiquid House of Liquid produce is rigorously tested and sampled by the vaping community before going on sale, and the feedback they get from the vaping community for their work is nothing short of phenomenal.

Their eLiquid is manufactured by Concept Liquid and sold through the House of Liquid brand. House of Liquid are committed to only using Natural Certified Organic to enhance their liquids, they work towards ensuring that all tobaccos used for their steeping process are naturally cultivated and pesticide free, and they stand against any form of child labour in the cultivation and production of the tobaccos they use.

Under ‘Company Info’ on the House of Liquid website they say the following about themselves-

House of Liquid is an exclusive international Club offering the finest nicotine liquids in the world at down to earth prices. Our members enjoy superior customer service and free fast, secured and insured shipping worldwide.

Join our Club today to taste fabulous eLiquids and free samples with all orders.

All of the selection of juices from the El Toro range was provided in 5mg nicotine, with a 50/50 PG/VG mix ratio. You can purchase these liquids from www.houseofliquid.com in nicotine strengths of 0mg, 5mg, 10mg, 15mg, 20mg and 25mg. They are all ready to vape on arrival and no extra steeping is required.

Premium Organic Green Apple

Exceptional Green Apple gentle taste with wonderful aromas that would make you smile. As good as to eat it. Simply delicious and purely organic.

Real tart, ripe, ultra-realistic green apple flavour on the inhale that seems to become more intense on the exhale, with an ever so slight throat hit. It is unbelievably crisp and as per the description, just like eating the real thing. This is the closest you are going to get to eating the real thing, it’s mouth-wateringly good. The liquid itself is incredibly crystal clear, which is a result of the pure ingredients used in the manufacturing of the liquid- it is almost like water in my tanks!

Premium Organic Frozen Orange

The most delicious and natural organic extract shaken with gentle menthol and touch of magic.

I found it to be more of a zesty orange, more in line with orange peel, than orange segments themselves. It is very intense on the inhale, resulting in a ‘zingy’ throat hit at the back of your throat, and the cooling agent used on the exhale almost refreshes your palate ready for the next puff. A very finely balanced juice, the zesty orange flavour takes centre stage on the inhale and the cooling agent doesn’t intrude on this at all. It’s very unique, and almost reminiscent of a sorbet but with the addition of menthol.

Premium Organic Range Caramel & Cream

Deliciously creamy and slightly sweet, this is possibly the best caramel you would ever try.

I fully agree with the description provided by House of Liquid. This is the best caramel vape I have ever tried, this is caramel eliquid at its absolute finest. Caramel & Cream is very subtle, the caramel inhale blends into a creamy exhale seamlessly, almost without you noticing it at all. Throat hit is minimal with Caramel & Cream and this is perfect for this juice, any stronger throat hit would ruin the creamy sensation experienced with this juice. Incredibly moreish, you will find yourself draining the bottle in no time at all.

To sum it up, absolutely sublime.

Premium Organic Range Cinnamon Cookies

A rich and luxurious taste for Cinnamon lovers! Naturally spiced and slightly sweet with amazing aroma and full bodied taste.

It’s a very complex layered juice, you get an intense cinnamon and spices flavour on the inhale, on the exhale cookie biscuit flavour is the most predominant flavour with cinnamon lingering in the background. This is one that stays on your tongue for a long time after! Throat hit is fairly strong and I believe this comes from the natural cinnamon flavour and spices added. I have been a long term lover of this juice and it is one I can never get tired of.

My personal favourite from the Premium Organic range.

El Toro Cigarillos Naturales

The first authentic and original El Toro. Possibly the No1 tobacco liquid worldwide, it has naturally become the milestone for all tobacco liquids to be compared against. Cigarillos is made with selected Cuban tobacco leaves of superb quality and aroma, blended in house. The variety is distinctive for its earthy and nutty undertones. It requires approximately 30 days from start to finish and it is filtered to 5 Micron. Once complete it offers significant throat hit but it is mostly praised for its amazing satisfaction.

The original El Toro juice. I have a bit of history with Cigarillos Naturales, this was my first introduction quite a while back now into tobacco vapes after previously resisting them, and I have become a convert purely thanks to the quality of El Toro Cigarillos. To me, it is reminiscent of Café Crème cigars, which I was very fond of treating myself to when I was a smoker. For a newcomer to the El Toro range, or even for a newcomer to tobacco vapes, this is the juice I would be recommending you try first.

El Toro Cigarllos Naturales offers a really smooth tobacco experience, and as per the description the earthy and nutty undertones are present thoughout. In terms of the smoothness, it really is exceptionally smooth for a tobacco vape on both the inhale and exhale, and the tobacco flavour is never overpowering. I almost get a vanilla undertone on the inhale but this may just be the smoothness of the vape. Throat hit is strong, as per a real cigarillo, but for me this isn’t as strong as most of the others in the El Toro range, it’s something you will adapt to quite quickly, and ex-cigar/pipe smokers would take this in their stride. If you are looking to replicate the taste of a real cigarillo, then this is the liquid you want to be choosing. It’s a hell of an achievement, and a standard bearer for tobacco vapes within the industry.

El Toro Puros

Natural, raw and strong to the extreme. If you are looking for the original Cuban cigar taste this is the real deal. Natural essence of Cuban tobacco leaves carefully selected and destined to become the core of the cigar that produces the distinctive taste and aromas of the Puros. Great vapour production and a vicious throat kick just like the real thing. Suitable only for those few remaining cigar lovers.

Puros is a very authentic replication of a real Cuban cigar taste. Sniffing the bottle once opened is almost like running your nose along a cigar. In terms of taste, it’s very woody and nutty, hitting the back of your throat hard on the inhale and lingering on your tongue on the exhale. It’s cracking stuff. It also kicks out the biggest clouds out of any of the juices in the El Toro range in my opinion, possibly the biggest clouds I have experienced for a 50/50 juice. HOL claim that this is the closest you will get to a real Cuban cigar, in my opinion it gets very close to the real taste but is bested only by El Toro Guevara for me in terms of replicating a cigar taste. Throat hit is very strong with Puros, as per what you would expect from a true Cuban cigar, it really does give you one hell of a kick, tread carefully if you are a beginner to raw tobacco vapes!

Puros is the ADV of many a tobacco lover, personally for me I am and always have been a huge fan of Puros, it is bested only by Perique in my opinion, however I tend to purchase Puros more and use Perique as an occasional treat, as my builds tend to last longer vaping Puros than Perique, it’s a lot more easier on your coils.

El Toro Guevara

Simply the most hard-core Liquid Tobacco of the El Toro range. A seriously extraordinary vape with the most authentic aromas and satisfaction of a South American hand-rolled cigar. Make no mistake, this is liquid smoke at its best. A dark and strong blend of Havana Prime leaf with Nicaraguan Aged Seco steeped for several days are giving this liquid the most exquisite and realistic dark cigar taste and aroma.

If you closed your eyes you could imagine yourself vaping a prime Cuban cigar. Make no mistake about it, this is dark, rich and full bodied, with an awesome throat hit to boot. It’s a very strong flavour, very heavy and one that stays with you for a long time. At the same time, I find it completely unputdownable. It’s real, raw tobacco at its finest. It’s my evening vape of choice. Vapour production is seriously impressive too. In my opinion, El Toro Guevara is the Cohiba Esplendidos of tobacco vapes, an exceptional tobacco juice to be savoured. Magical stuff.

El Toro Perique - King of Vapes

Perique is an exceptional tobacco variety that comes exclusively from the Saint James Parish in Louisiana. There are fewer than 16 acres of land with this crop that remain in cultivation each year. The Perique leaves are kept under pressure using oak blocks with screw jacks and maturing for no less than a year in nearly airless conditions packed into hickory whiskey barrels. The Perique is considered the ‘truffle’ of pipe tobaccos and it is known for its strong, dark taste with powerful fruity and spiced aromas.

Perique is raw, unleashed tobacco. House of Liquid say that the pure tobacco taste found here would tend to overwhelm a novice vaper, and I tend to agree with them here, this is definitely the strongest, fullest tobacco flavour from the range. It’s very strong and powerful, in your face, with the trademark El Toro throat hit turned up to 10. It’s a really earthy tobacco taste, with spices and almost a very light hint of fruit in the background. The spice really hits your taste buds hard on the inhale and almost ramps up the already strong throat hit. Ex pipe smokers would have an absolute field day vaping Perique. It’s a really complex juice, and I am still discovering new flavours and layers to this juice as I change the levels of power used and my builds. Incredible work from the House of Liquid team, this really is the King of Tobacco Vapes.

One thing to note, this is a very aggressive coil killer, due to the extraction process and tobacco leaves used in making Perique you will not only be rewicking often but I found myself having to put a whole new build in regularly. This is an unfortunate byproduct of the natural steeping process, the natural sugars produced do attack your builds and it cannot be helped. I would highly recommend vaping Perique in a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). This is my pick of the El Toro range, and the only thing that prevents me from having it as an all day vape is the fast degradation of coils and wicks when using it.

El Toro Virginia Prime

Enjoy the classic American Virginia taste in this liquid tobacco made with naturally cultivated and Certified Organic Canadian (Virginia Prime) tobacco leaves of superior quality.

The taste and aromas are exquisite while the blonde and light nature of this extraordinary tobacco leaf makes this juice the perfect all day vape.

Virginia Prime was the juice that tasted the closest to a real smoke for me, albeit an extremely clean one. It’s pretty much like a fresh packet of Golden Virginia, but without the chemicals added, so taste wise it is the closest to a ‘pure’ hand rolled smoke I have ever tried. Virginia Prime is definitely one for the ex-roll up smokers in my opinion, if you have been craving the taste of a roll-up then Virginia Prime will satisfy that craving. In my eyes Virginia Prime is the smoothest tasting tobacco liquid out of all of the El Toro range, the throat hit is arguably the lightest and for that reason this would arguably be your choice of an all day vape from the El Toro range. I have myself previously on more than one occasion spent a whole day vaping Virginia Prime and it never got too overpowering for me, unlike a lot of other tobacco liquids out there.

The naturally occurring sugars contained within Virginia Prime will quite aggressively degrade your coils and wicks (though in my opinion, not to the level of Perique or Puros Dark), so this is definitely best served up in a dripper!

El Toro Puros Dark

Made using the same authentic Havana blend tobaccos as the original Puros. Added a splash of organic chocolate, coffee, and our full mastery.

Following the tradition of El Toro, House of Liquid have created another authentic liquid tobacco. Make no mistake, the Puros Dark is a pure tobacco liquid with the chocolate and coffee tones simply enhancing the dryness of the raw tobacco. As you open it a gentle and very pleasant authentic tobacco aroma will drive your thoughts to dry tobacco leaves and old fashioned tobacconists. It is pure and raw, with bags of character and can be used all day and night. Its dryness make it the perfect companion for food, alcohol and fine coffees.

Puros Dark is a superb tobacco liquid that just like the rest of its El Toro siblings is very close to the real experience and highly sophisticated taste far apart from the overpowering fully synthetic, flavouring made liquids on the market.

This is El Toro Puros with coffee and chocolate thrown into the mix. It tastes very similar to Puros, the signature Puros tobacco flavour is instantly recognizable. The coffee and chocolate as per any liquid House of Liquid produce have been replicated to perfection, and are easily identifiable on both the inhale and exhale along with a very subtle sweetness enhancing the experience. The coffee is almost a nutty coffee, and the chocolate is sweet however as mentioned that sweetness is very subtle. Throat hit and vapour production are both on par with the original Puros, however it’s a little more of a heavier vape than Puros for me and that would be down to the addition of the coffee and chocolate.

Just like Perique, I found this to be another coil killer, and for that reason I would highly recommend vaping Puros Dark in a RDA. You will be rewicking your atty at least once a day if you vape Puros Dark heavily!

El Toro Eden

This is an addition to the review from VapeMaster.

Have you ever dreamt of an exotic tobacco with exquisite aromas of natural apples? The El Toro Eden is moving the boundaries of tobacco/fruit to a different level. Pure Cuban tobaccos blended with organic apple for an unparalleled freshness, and a hint of spiced undertone. Strong and simply extraordinary.

I have to state that I totally love this e-liquid. I first tried it at the Harrogate Expo and while it was incredibly pleasant in a tank it doesn't compare to how amazing it tastes in a dripper. Eden is a expertly blended combination of El Toro's Cigarillos with a delicious natural apple. On the initial inhale you get a very smooth taste of Cuban tobacco with it's trademark nutty undertones but on the exhale you get this exquisite taste of fresh apple. The apple is so crisp tasting you could be almost fooled into believing you are eating one. As stated in the description there is a slight hint of mild spice in there but it is is very subtle and only serves to enhance a already outstanding e-liquid.

I am already a fan of Cigarillo's but the combination of flavours in Eden is true genius. I like to vary my El Toro vaping routine and tend to vape Cigarillo's in the morning, Eden in the afternoon and Puros in the evening.

Unlike dw1986 I actually find Cigarillo's to be a mild throat hit and I would say Eden is the same for me. Throat hit is very subjective between individuals much like flavours so just because I find it mild someone else may find it medium or strong.


House of Liquid’s Organic Range is a testament to excellence in ‘flavoured’ juices and the natural flavour extraction processed used to create these flavours provides you with one of the most realistic flavour experiences you will ever try. The premium organic range also contains the cleanest tasting liquids I have ever experienced, it is hard to put into words really just how clean these liquids are. House of Liquid make a bold statement that they use only the purest VG, PG and Nicotine and I really do believe them, as there is not even the merest hint of a chemical taste in the background, just pure, clean, realistic flavour. The Premium Organic range is the ideal accompaniment to the raw El Toro range, the perfect dessert to round of the sumptuous main course that is El Toro. House of Liquid is weaving some real magic with the premium organic range and it is something I have come back to on more than one occasion to re order. Cinnamon Cookies and Caramel & Cream are particular favourites of mine!

The El Toro range is real, raw, pure tobacco at its finest. I can say that I have never tried a ‘pure’ tobacco based juice that even gets close to the quality found within the House of Liquid El Toro Range. It just oozes class. Yes, they are not cheap, but you definitely get what you pay for here, absolute top class juice, akin to a fine whisky, something to savour and relish. This is the tobacco connoisseurs go to E-Liquid range.

If you are a tobacco fan and you haven’t tried the El Toro range then go out and do it now. Right now! In fact, even if you aren’t and are curious about tobacco juices, there is no better introduction to them than the El Toro range, El Toro Cigarillos was my introduction into ‘pure’ tobacco juices, after previously avoiding them, and I have never looked back. Throat hit is outstanding on all of the El Toro range, but not unpleasant to the tobacco enthusiast, pretty much inline with a real cigar, and there is dense cloud production in my RDA’s. Little tip, when vaping any of the El Toro range, use an RDA to get the very best out of these sublime juices, I feel that the excellence of these is wasted in a tank. For me, vaping wise, there isn’t much that beats kicking back in an evening and dripping some El Toro.

You will see amongst the vaping fraternity online that House of Liquid have a hardcore, loyal fanbase and this is for good reason - it seems every single juice they put out just oozes class and quality. House of Liquid are meticulous in their approach and commitment to quality, from the tiny details such as providing the liquid in a Metallised PET sealed bag to protect it from sunlight (complete with product brochure and handy wipe), to providing the liquid in a Food Grade certified PET dark bottle to protect the nicotine in the liquid from being degraded by sunlight and UV radiation, and finally the much larger and extremely important details such as the previously mentioned ‘cold’ steeping method of extracting the pure flavour essence from the tobacco leaves to provide the best possible flavour, and those tobacco leaves that the flavour has been extracted from are among the most exclusive, sought after tobacco leaves on the planet. I do not know of any other vendor that goes to the lengths that House of Liquid do in order to produce their eliquid. You really feel like you are purchasing an exclusive, luxurious item whenever you purchase from House of Liquid.

I myself have been a long-time fan of House of Liquid and this review was my opportunity to put into words and pay tribute to just how much I love the range. Ignore the price, love the quality and immense vaping experience the House of Liquid range provides. They really are the best of the best.

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