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If you haven’t heard of Suicide Bunny, where have you been?! Responsible for arguably the most well-known and talked about e-liquid in the world, Mother’s Milk, as well as the Kings Crown range, Suicide Bunny’s founder Pip certainly doesn’t rest on her laurels and live off past glories. Always looking to be one of the key innovators in the E-Liquid world, Pip has recently released the Suicide Bunny Cloud Company range in response to growing clamour amongst cloud chasers for high VG versions of Pip’s extremely highly regarded eliquids.

The story goes (from that Pip was asked by cloud chasers to sponsor their team at a local cloud competition, happy and honoured to oblige Pip wanted to create something special for their competition - the perfect blend of maximum vegetable glycerin (VG) and flavour. Pip poured her creative talents into the blend for that competition as well. With each batch Pip endeavoured to create a liquid that would deliver fuller-bodied clouds, greater heat endurance and new, complex flavours.

The Cloud Company range was provided in a max VG blend, in 3 mg nicotine strength.

Be warned if you are considering purchasing the Cloud Company juices, these are max VG so are highly recommended for use in Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDA’s) as most tank atomisers will not wick the Cloud Company juices correctly. If you do not use RDA’s then I would highly recommend taking a look at the Suicide Bunny or Kings Crown range to get your fix of Pip’s delicious creations!

Pure Eliquids

Cloud Company - Arise

“Birthed from the fan-favourite Mothers Milk, Arise is a pleasant twist on the original to maximise smoothness and VG content”

Make no bones about it, Arise is sure to draw big comparisons to Mothers Milk and rightly so as to me, this is the max VG version of Mothers Milk with a couple of tweaks to the recipe, which arguably improve the blend. Mother’s Milk has a huge cult following, arguably the biggest cult following out of any e-liquid in the world, and Arise is sure to draw a cult following of its own amongst the cloud chasing fraternity. Incredible smoothness, and the flavour lingers on the tongue long after, which I felt lacked in the original Mothers Milk.

Arise is cream overload, but a pleasant one at that. Backed up with a hint of custard and rich biscuit in the background, with sweet strawberry being the most prominent flavour carried by the cream, Arise is outstanding and cloud chasing juice par excellence.

If you are a Mothers Milk fanatic and were wishing for the same flavour but with bigger clouds, then Arise will definitely be right up your street. For me, I actually prefer this to Mothers Milk as it has the extra creaminess at high wattage that I felt the original Mothers Milk was lacking in. Pip has I believe, improved on Mothers Milk massively by increasing the VG blend and turning up the creaminess factor.

Cloud Company - Revel

“An interesting, flavour morphing liquid- prepare to meet your new All Day Vape. Every inhale brings a new experience- hints of sweet cereal with fresh berries and cream one time; and a beautiful mix of berries and citrus in the next. This is a perfectly balanced, complex liquid that will keep you guessing”.

We Vape

Any cereal based juice is going to draw comparison to Looper by ANML, considered by many (and myself) to be the standard bearer when it comes to cereal based vapes. Revel works slightly differently to Looper however- rather than the initial citrus and cereal hit I get on inhaling Looper followed by the berries and creamy milk, I get the berries and creamy milk more prominent first here followed by the citrus and cereal rising to prominence afterwards. I can actually detect the citrus and cereal in the background on the inhale too, offering a very rounded experience, it is incredibly moreish and I can’t help diving into more of this creamy sweet goodness.

The high VG mix massively improves the cereal vape experience, as it lends to the smoothness whilst still allowing for maximum flavour delivery, and it makes Revel an extremely well rounded vape as for me not one single flavour is more prominent for long over the others in this delectable cereal blend.

Stunning stuff from Pip, Revel is my pick of the Cloud Company range and one I am permanently adding to my personal e liquid range. The only issue I have with Revel is that it tends to disappear far too quickly for me when I crack open a bottle…

Cloud Company - Sky

“This blend of savoury, lemon cookie served with rich sweet creams, layered to provide a smooth experience”

Sky contains a flavour blend like no other I have tried, at first I did not like it as the flavour overwhelmed me. I actually lowered the wattage slightly down to 40 watts, changed my RDA from a Mutation X V4 to more of a flavour RDA in the Freakshow Mini, and the complexity of Sky really hit home to me...


It’s definitely a different cookie vape to any I have had before. Rather than a sweet cookie taste it definitely is more savoury, with different cream flavours carrying the lemon and cookie blend. The lemon offers a luscious twang to the juice, which is almost counteracted by the cream, this reminded me slightly of a meringue in taste. It’s a hell of a dessert vape, really fantastic work/

Sky still throws out the clouds, but to use this exclusively as a cloud chasing juice would be a waste, as you would be missing out on a fantastically complex juice.

Cloud Company - Billow

“Reminiscent of a coconut crème cake drizzled with sweet, salted caramel. Billow provides the smooth, rich flavour that Suicide Bunny have always been known for”

Coconut vapes are few and far between which is a real shame as I am a huge fan of them, I have tried some fantastic ones before but availability seems slim for me. Thank god I found Billow, which gives me that coconut smoothness I crave along with the huge clouds I desire. This is the first time I have experienced salted caramel in a vape and it’s a hugely welcome addition, adding a crazy twist to the coconut cake that just works exceedingly well no matter what power I put through. Lowering the power seems to make the coconut cake come to the fore, raising it brings forth the salted caramel, but at no point are either of these flavours lost. Your tastebuds may wonder at first at this assault of excellent flavour they come under, but will soon settle in and enjoy the excellent ride provided by Billow. Top stuff.

One tip, and take it from me, don’t put Billow in the Billow RTA. It won’t wick. I tried. Keep it to your RDA’s as it would be a shame to waste this excellent creation!



Cloud Company by Suicide Bunny is a cloud chasers dream, high VG juice giving off stupendous cloud production with none of the flavour lost for a high VG blend. The clouds produced when vaping Cloud Company juices are absolutely dense and massive, flavour is still rich and excellent. As expected owing to the massively high standards set by previous Suicide Bunny releases, top marks are awarded all round here. In my opinion even the bottle designs are the best out of the Suicide Bunny range, I absolutely love the styling here.

These are sure to sell by the bucketload, carrying the Suicide Bunny branding the Cloud Company range is always destined to do well, and rest assured- these also carry the quality that Suicide Bunny are renowned for. Despite being such high VG, all of the Cloud Company line is rich and full of flavour, clean tasting, layered and complex whilst retaining an excellent smoothness to satisfy your tastebuds during dripping sessions. Fantastic work Pip!

Thanks to the team at Vape Club for sending these amazing eliquids over to us for review, they are available to buy on their website at £16.99 for 30ml:

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 Dave Junglist
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