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Drip Beats E-Liquids

Drip Beats are an American E-Liquid manufacturer based in California. A really great range of juice with some interesting flavours on offer.

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Drip Beats E-Liquid

Drip Beats E-Juice - "Every Drip has a Beat" - was founded by two music enthusiasts who not only have a taste for music beats but a taste for e-juice as well. Their flavours consist of Faded, BPM, Echo, Roll, and Pitch! Since the recent huge increase of electronic cigarette users, they realized that the community is lacking more premium juice lines catered to those all day vapers. They tried over 200 combinations before coming up with these five delicious flavours.

Drip Beats are an American E-Liquid manufacturer based in California. They use only the best high quality USP certified ingredients. There are five flavours available in this range which we received for review. The juice comes in 15ml glass bottles that have child proof dropper tops. In addition the bottles are contained in small cardboard boxes. The labels are clear and feature all of the information you would expect including warnings.

All of the juices are mixed to a ratio of 70VG/30 PG. The juice is available in three nicotine strengths: 6mg, 3mg and 0mg. Due to the thickness of these liquids it is recommended you only use them in Sub Tanks or Drippers. I vaped all of these juices in a Mini Freakshow RDA that is fitted with a 1.0ohm coil which is wicked with Japanese cotton.


Dripbeats BPM has rich decadent pecans folded into creamy ice cream making is e liquid the experience of a lifetime.

BPM is a fabulous pecan based vape that I found really delicious! The pecan is very natural in taste and is the prevalent flavour in the mix. The ice cream is more of a background note and I can’t honestly say I noticed it that much but I did find the overall vape to be very smooth and creamy.

Vapour production was good but typical of the mix ratio. I found throat hit to be mild to medium.


Echo is a sweet Asian Goji berry that is rounded out with soft kiwi making this e-liquid a satisfying all day vape.

Echo is a highly enjoyable fruit based flavour. On the inhale you get the taste of sweet Goji berries. The test of Goji berry is a little unusual if you haven’t tried them before but rest assured it is very pleasant. The kiwi serves to tone down the Goji berry and is really only noticeable on the exhale. If you enjoy fruity vapes then this one is well worth trying!

Vapour production was good but typical of the ratio used. I found the throat hit to be medium.


Faded is a sweet blend of three milks in a caramelized flan with rich brown sugar for that satisfying smooth vape.

This juice is exactly like the description. As you inhale you can really pick out the different milk flavours which combined together make a flavoursome and delicious combination! On the exhale you notice the sweetness from the brown sugar lingering on your lips. In some ways this flavour is a lot like Crème Brulee and it would make a great all day vape for anyone who enjoys dessert type juices!

Vapour production was good and I found the throat hit to be mild.


Dripbeats Pitch, is a perfect balance of sweet lychee and cool watermelon e liquid for a great anytime vape.

This juice is a really delicious combination of lychee and watermelon. The lychee is the most prominent ingredient and very noticeable on the inhale. The watermelon serves as a background note and helps to tone down the lychee a little as well as add a nice cooling effect on the exhale.

While it is an unusual combination I have to admit I really enjoyed it! I think this would be ideal for anyone who enjoys watermelon vapes but would like something a little bit different.

Vapour production was good but once more very typical of the mix ratio used. I found the throat hit to be mainly medium but does border on strong if taking long inhales.


Roll is a layered e-liquid with apples rolled in creamy peanut butter baked into a tasty cinnamon roll.

As you know peanut butter vapes don’t typically float my boat but this one is really enjoyable. The main reason is probably because the peanut is not particularly distinct and to be honest I hardly noticed it. What you actually get with this juice is a fantastic apple cinnamon roll vape. Firstly on the inhale you get the delicious and natural apple flavour followed by the cinnamon roll on the exhale. If that sounds tasty believe me it is and in my opinion this an excellent flavour that you really should try!

Vapour production was good and I found the throat hit to be medium.


This is a really great range of juice with some interesting flavours on offer. I think whichever juice you choose to try you will definitely enjoy it!

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