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Disposable Vape Juice Salts

Vape Heaven deliver a killer blow to disposable vapes with their fantastic Disposable Vape Juice e-liquid range. Si tries the nic salts versions

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Supplied by Vape Heaven UK for review
£4.99 each or 3 for £10

Disposable Vape Juice 10ml Nic Salts range

Very much on trend at the moment are disposable style e-liquids, I for one am very happy about this as I had been crying out for them ever since trying disposables a couple of years ago, there’s something about them that makes them far more flavoursome than normal nic salts, that something is mostly down to very sweet and intense flavouring that would usually kill coils, but recently hardware manufacturers have caught up and modern coils and pods can handle them.

I found Edwin’s (foundling) story very familiar apart from I didn’t have the sense to start a company to solve the problem, his story is worth as quick read:

Disposable Vape Juice 10ml Nic Salts boxed

There are currently eight flavours available which are a selection of the most popular disposables, so you should be familiar with what they should taste like. At the moment they are only available in 20mg which suits me fine as personally I find that 10mg or less just doesn’t give me that nic hit you get from 20mg.

Disposable Vape Juice 10ml Nic Salts drip

The bottles come in their own individual good quality boxes with bright and bold artwork, the 10ml bottles are also nice and I like the colour schemes which are intuitive to the actual flavours, as in you can grab a bottle and don’t need your reading glasses to know which flavour it is.

Disposable Vape Juice 10ml Nic Salts labels

As mentioned earlier; the latest hardware and pods have evolved to be able to handle these types of e-liquids as long as you follow my personal golden rule: 0.6 - 0.8 ohms pods and coils are a safer option, and ‘mesh’ will give you that disposable like vape.

I am going to go one further with advice for making the most out of these e-liquids, buy a VooPoo Doric 20SE with a pack of 0.7ohm pods, it uses the same pods as the Doric Q but it looks, feels and vapes much better.
https://www.theelectroniccigarette.co.uk/voopoo-doric-20-se (£12.99)
https://www.theelectroniccigarette.co.uk/voopoo-ito-pods (£4.99)

VooPoo also do a 1.0ohm mesh pod that comes included in the SE kit which can also handle them and will be closer to a disposable but the coil doesn’t last as long as the 0.7ohm, either way THIS is my No1 hardware recommendation to use with these e-liquids.

Even in the most expensive scenario of just the Doric SE for £12.99 and one bottle of £4.99 e-liquid, you will get the equivalent to 5 x 2ml disposables for under £18, (£3.60 per 2ml), and once you have the hardware then it gets much cheaper so if you’re frugal, the cost per 2ml comes down to around £1.00 (based on 2 x 0.7ohm pods for £4.99 and 3 x 10ml bottles for £10 divided by 15).

Disposable Vape Juice 10ml Nic Salts full flavour

The eight flavours are a good selection as they cover the most popular disposables:

  • Blue Bull
  • Cherry Ice
  • Kiwi, Passionfruit & Guava
  • Mixed Berry Lemonade
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Red Apple Ice
  • Strawberry Burst
  • Watermelon Ice

Enough of all that, time to get down to the nitty-gritty, the flavour testing. Can you guess what hardware I used?

Disposable Vape Juice 10ml Nic Salts with VooPoo Doric SE

I split them into two rounds, I only had four pods for the eight flavours but I made sure the old flavour cleared through before judging the new one.

Disposable Vape Juice 10ml Nic Salts round 1

Pink Lemonade

"A delicious drink in vape form, Pink Lemonade is a mouth-watering blend of sweet, juicy berries and tangy, zesty lemonade"

Kicking off with one of my favourites, I had never heard of ‘pink lemonade’ until I tried a disposable but it works so well as a vape flavour. It’s clearly a ‘lemonade’ as the lemon is dominant but the added berries and cool kick make it so much nicer. Vape Heaven have nailed this one and off to a great start!

Watermelon Ice

"Watermelon would be sweet and refreshing enough on its own, but with a layer of cool ice, this e-liquid delivers a rush of juicy refreshment that’s hard to beat and wants you coming back for more"

I had my fingers crossed for this one as it is 100% my cup of tea, but I have tried so many that over-sweetened it and make it too sickly. I found it a bit too sweet but the ‘ice’ kick actually balanced it out well, it was more like a melon chewy sweet if that makes sense? Either way, I did enjoy this one. My quest for a less sweet Melonade continues though (does ‘melonade’ actually exist?).

Kiwi Passionfruit Guava

"Kiwi Passionfruit & Guava – The subtle Kiwi and Guava blended perfectly with mouth-watering Passionfruit – Enjoy a mix of heavenly tropical fruits"

Another one that’s right up my street, I love exotic fruit mixes and I love THIS one, they have got the balance of the three fruits absolutely spot on. You can pick each one out throughout the draw and aftertaste, it isn’t too sweet and I would say it’s in the Goldilocks-zone where it is just right which makes it a good ADV (All Day Vape).

I would go one further; it beats any disposable I’ve tried.

Cherry Ice

"Cherry Ice delivers a cherry vape sensation with a nice hint of ice, ideal for anyone who loves a cherry flavour but wants an extra icy feel!"

Cherry is a tough one to get right, too sweet and it gets sickly, too sour and it just doesn’t taste right. Vape Heaven have come up with an interesting recipe, it is almost a cherry cola but more cherry-ey. The ice element is quite strong on this one which results in a long lasting fresh cherry aftertaste, overall I liked this one as a treat rather than an ADV.

Disposable Vape Juice 10ml Nic Salts round 2

Strawberry Ice

"Strawberry Burst is a sweet and refreshing taste, Sweet juicy strawberries perfect for a summer’s day"

I was pleasantly surprised with this one, I have never found a strawberry disposable I liked, they just over-do it and make it too strong and sickly, but Vape Heaven have done it again with this recipe. It’s clearly strawberry but toned down with the ice kick which gives a really nice aftertaste, it also made it a surprising ADV.

Red Apple Ice

"This Red Apple Ice is a deliciously sweet and refreshing blend of juicy red apples with a hint of ice. The red apple is a crisp, fresh and juicy as if picked straight from the tree with a subtle icy touch that makes this flavour utterly refreshing and moreish"

I’m going to quote their description here: “utterly refreshing and moreish” as it is spot on, the apple is another one they have balance well, it is not too sweet and with a subtle ice kick which makes it one of the best apple e-liquids I have ever tasted and a clear ADV – nice job! 

Blue Bull

"Combines your favourite energy drink with delicious mixed fruits to become a flavour to satisfy your mouth and energise your body"

Energy drinks work well in disposa’bulls’ and I was expecting a blueberry tone to this one, I was wrong and I’m happy to be so. I would have called it ‘Berry Bull’ as it has more of a mixed berry tone but clearly with a ‘red bull’ base. If you like energy drink in disposables then this one is a no-brainer as it’s up there with the best and I loved the berry hint, no bull-shit ;)

Mixed Berry Lemonade

"This combination of freshly squeezed lemonade with a scoop of mixed berries has been pressed into e-liquid to present this burst of flavour. With such a robust and refreshing blend who could say no?"

“Who could say no?” I was dying to accept their challenge, but I found this one refreshingly different to any disposable I’ve tried, a bit like a Vimto crossed with pink lemonade but not as obvious. It was difficult to pick out any individual flavours which to its credit is why it works as it is such a smooth blend of fruits, and that lemonade main tone carries it through to a moreish aftertaste, definitely an ADV.

But back to “Who could say no?” and I am going to say NO (if you wanted to take this one from me).

Disposable Vape Juice 10ml Nic Salts winners!

So that’s the eight flavours covered. I have to be honest, I was kind of sulky that there weren’t more to try as I was really enjoying all of them. Up until now Elf Liq had been the best disposable e-liquids I had tried but I would say these beat them. The main reason is that they have kept the sweetness balance right, they are all sweet but not sickly sweet, and there were only a couple I wouldn’t choose as an ADV but none of them I wouldn’t rebuy.

Disposable Vape Juice 10ml Nic Salts waste free


The Vape Heaven ‘Disposable Vape Juice’ range are just superb, pairing these up with the Doric 20SE and 0.7ohm pods will result in a much better vape than any actual disposables will give you. The environmental benefits aside, they will save you a small fortune too.

£4.99 each or 3 for £10
(just get the ‘3 for 10’ £3.33333333333….. for 10ml is a bargain)

https://www.theelectroniccigarette.co.uk/voopoo-doric-20-se (£12.99)
https://www.theelectroniccigarette.co.uk/voopoo-ito-pods (£4.99)

Disposable Vape Juice 10ml Nic Salts disposable killer kit

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